America is a PC, and Eurpoe is a Mac

In the American operating system there are 10 ways to do anything. This makes life a little confusing, but in the long run you can find the way that best suits you. If you ever have a problem there’s a loophole or a short cut a few clicks away. The operating system is also very easy to hack and manipulate. Again, this makes life pretty robust. You can do damn near anything in America. You just have to manipulate the system a little, which isn’t too hard to do. On the other hand, the opens up a galaxy of vulnerabilities. And over the years America has gotten severely fragmented, the system files have gotten corrupted, viruses have infected every program, and malware is rampantly raping the users. All in all, you can do whatever the fuck you want in America however you want to, but be prepared to scream your fucking head off when nothing you want to do ever works right and everything keeps crashing.

European style countries have one or two ways to do anything, and unless you’re a super hacker genius you can’t really get around that. At first this makes the system seem clunky and amatuer. However, once you master the ropes, which doesn’t take long since it’s a fairly intuitive system you don’t have to worry about much. Everything works as it should 99% of the time. And the services the system offers by default are much more robust than in America/Windows. However, the strength of the system is also its weakness. Yeah, working in the American system sucks, but there’s a lot to be said for being able to do god damned anything and rarely have to ask for permission. When you switch over to a Mac you really feel the impact of not being able to have as much freedom.

Both of these systems have their strengths and their weaknesses. Neither is truly better than the other…until you figure out what you want your operating system to do. Once you’ve decided that then one will be better for you.

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