Saddle sores (Biker Philosophy)

When you think about bikers you never imagine them crying. A lot of people assume that’s because they’re such cold, hard, even hateful human beings. And while that’s true in some cases that doesn’t represent the majority of bikers.

Being a real biker requires being a real man. And it takes a lot more than not crying to make you a man. Right up at the top of the list of things that make you a man is understanding what’s important in life and what’s not.

If you understand that then it becomes a virtue to cry when you gain or lose something of upmost importance in life. It shows you respect the value of the things you have and the things you don’t.

If you don’t understand what’s truly important you’ll end up crying anytime the road doesn’t give you the ride you wanted. Crying when trivial shit that doesn’t matter or you can’t change happens is a sure fire sign you’ve still got a lot of figuring out life to do before you’re grown up.

So a real man only cries about what’s important, and he only cries when he knows it’ll do any good. Not only that, but a real man makes sure the young riders in his club who he’s responsible for clearly understand what’s important in life and what’s not. And he won’t pity or oblige the young when they cry about their saddle sores. He’ll just smile and tell them the best cure for tears is to get back out on the road and let the wind dry em’.

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