You reveal how stupid you are when you say, “LOL.”

I’ve said this before, and I’m going to keep saying it, “Ignorance is the root of all that kills.” All of our problems can be traced back to ignorance, and the big ignorant fuck ups in the world are built out of little ignorant fuck ups. Today I’d like to talk about one of the little fuck ups in society that’s becoming accepted as legitimate behavior and shifting the scope of acceptable behavior a step in the direction of stupid. It’s only a little step, but having taken that step it’s only a matter of time until we take the next step and the next step and the next step until we live in an idiocracy, which would never have been possible if we hadn’t taken that first step.

I’m talking about using the acronym, “LOL.” It’s equivalent to a valley girl using the word “like” 15 times in every sentence or gangstas intentionally mispronouncing and abbreviating words to make themselves sound more like they’re from the streets. Look around you. Only sheeple infected with mainstream pop culture say LOL. Smart people don’t say LOL. Professors don’t say LOL. Heads of State don’t say LOL. Stephen Hawking would never type “LOL” no matter how convenient it is. LOL is a tell-tale sign of stupidity, a motto, a badge, a label, a secret handshake.

I don’t care what arguments you tell yourself, me, or anyone else to justify typing/saying LOL. I don’t care if it’s your guilty pleasure. I don’t care if you’re joking. I don’t care if you think it’s harmless. I don’t care if you think I take life too seriously. The excuses people use to justify their lack of intellectual standards aren’t valid justifications; THEY’RE THE PROBLEM.

I’m not asking you whether or not LOL is stupid or justifiable. I’m telling you. LOL is stupid, and people who use it should be ashamed of their lack of intellectual standards.So please, stop lowering the intellectual standards of society, and stop embarrassing yourself. Stop saying LOL. And don’t hate me for telling you this. You needed to hear it. I’m trying to help you be a better person.

However you felt about this post, you may feel similarly about these:

3 responses to “You reveal how stupid you are when you say, “LOL.”

  • H.

    Pity there are only two comments here, as far as I can see.
    Jacqueline’s comment is one of the extremely rare comments that mirror exactly my own attitude to the acronym in question. (It’s too odious to write even as a reference.)

    Needless to say, I agree with the article itself. I may not agree completely with the TONE of it – but, in truth, it’s exactly the tone I use myself for this particular subject. :))


  • Jacqueline Hadley

    I really liked this article. For years I have thought the use of the acronym “LOL” was stupid too. My first thought was, “No one says LOL so why write it?” It seemed like all the people who wrote “LOL” also had other traits, such as not liking to read and being self-professed, non-intellectual people. One of the first signs that I should have never dated my last boyfriend was he texted “LOL” regularly. Since I was interested in my last boyfriend I decided to start using the term “LOL” too. So, in the year 2011 I wrote my first “LOL”. The guy turned out to be completely immature and lacking in brain cells. He couldn’t spell correctly and said he had trouble reading and comprehending things. We only dated for a few months until I realized he and I were not compatible on many levels and I knew it wasn’t “me” to be writing “LOL”. I’ve noticed when people write “LOL” they throw it out all the time, sometimes after each sentence. No one thinks things are funny that much! And you’re right. “LOL” is the same equivalence of saying “like” or “um” constantly. Since then, I have since returned back to talking like a normal, intelligent person. I couldn’t write “LOL” if someone paid me. And I’ve decided that I if any guy in the future writes “LOL”, even once, it’s an automatic deal-breaker.


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