Is god a lover or a fighter?

When I used to be a Christian, I struggled with the fact that The Bible seemed to portray God as having a split personality. Half the time He was angry and abusive, and half the time he was loving and forgiving. These are the characteristics of the two Gods I found in the Bible.


Angry God says humans are inherently disobedient and perverse. Every human has chosen to walk away from Angry God. Humans are like dogs that bite their master’s hand. Humans are filth in Angry God’s eyes and deserve to suffer for eternity, but Angry God will forgive us and accept us unconditionally as long as we believe and obey the following conditions:

1. You must believe in God’s existence.

2. You must not call God any other name except “God.”

3. You must honor and obey God’s spokesmen.*

  • We are all equal in God’s eyes except for His spokesmen, who are more equal.
  • The only humans who can know God’s will are His spokesmen.
  • God’s laws are perfect and unchanging. The only people who can change His laws are His spokesmen.
  • The only humans who have the authority to pass God’s judgment are His spokesmen.
  • You must never question God’s spokesmen.
  • You must give all your money to God’s spokesmen.
  • You must never harm anyone unless commanded by God’s spokesmen.

7. Pleasure is basically forbidden..

8. Suffering and subjugation is the highest form of worship.

9. You can get closer to God (but never all the way into His presence) through prayer and rituals.


According to other passages in The Bible, God is portrayed as a Loving Pacifist who just wants to be friends.

  • Humans are God’s children, and God loves Its children more than anything.
  • God created humans separate from It so that we may have free will, which gives meaning to our choices.
  • All humans were/are/will be created equal and have equal access to God.
  • There are no more mortal spokesmen for God.
  • The way to be good person is as follows:
    • 1. Have faith..
    • 2. Treat everyone like you love them..

That’s a huge flipflop in attitude for an infinite, all powerful being to have. The simplest explanation for how that’s possible is that the Yahweh isn’t the creator of the universe. Yahweh is a philosophy invented by ancient theocrats who were trying to figure out what rules to live by.

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