Religion 101: final exam

Something that really bugs me about religion is that each religion says their book is the word of God, but they also tend to agree that God is unknowable and the wisdom of man is foolishness. Ironically, all the books that claim to be the word of God were written by men and are probably the best example in the world of the foolishness of men.

Even if we assume there is a God, and even if we assume that God is technically unknowable, there are still some common sense conclusions that any layman can come to about what God is not and what God would not do. For example, even though we can’t prove it, we can all agree that God is not a flying spaghetti monster, and God did not release Thetans that live in our bodies which cause us grief .

Any Jew, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or Hindu can agree with that without even having to check their holy book because it’s common sense. Well, since we’ve established that common sense is a reliable tool to determine what God is and is not, then let’s put a few religions to the test and see how likely it is that they represent the true word of God or merely represent the foolishness of man. Click on the link below. I promise it’s not a spam or virus site.

Religion 101: Final Exam

However you felt about this post, you’ll probably feel the same way about these:

The Bible is mythology

Christianity is bad for you and society

Churches and Christian Culture

2 responses to “Religion 101: final exam

  • Anthony

    You have such an anger towards God that it’s almost unfathomable. I don’t know what happened to you in your fall from faith, but you fell hard. I can tell in your posts you’re angry with God. Did something happen in your life such as losing someone that left you asking why and that turned your love to hate? Was it how you grew up? You’re too stuck on wanting answers and hard facts when you should know by now some things just can’t be answered. I hope you find your way again. Wake up dude.


    • wise sloth

      The problem isn’t that I’m angry or lost. The problem is you believe in a primitive mythology that contradicts facts, and you’ve been indoctrinated to use any logical fallacy necessary to defend a toxic belief system that can’t stand up to common sense let alone rigorous criticism.


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