10 solutions that would solve most of America’s problems

1.Make corruption punishable as an act of treason.

Corruption is the highest form of treason. It just isn’t punished as such. By making it so we can seriously curtail the corruption that is eating away at America.

2.End the Federal Reserve.

There’s no reason to have someone else print the nation’s money and pay them interest for it when we could just print it ourselves. We could end one of our biggest sources of debt in one sensible move.

3. Nationalize the Banks

People are getting overcharged for their debt, and it’s destroying their lives. Bank reform isn’t going to work because the banks aren’t going to agree to make less money off the suffering of others. Even if bank reform did happen the banks would just use all their stolen money to bribe politicians to let them exploit people again. If the banks were nationalized we could set the interest rate for all borrowed money at 3%. Plus we could control who got loans so that people who can’t afford their loans aren’t tricked into taking loans they’re going to have to foreclose on.

Another benefit of nationalizing the banks is that all the interest made off of all the loans would go directly back to the government. So paying interest would be like paying yourself instead of letting it stagnating in the coffers of the wealthy.

4. Reduce funding to the military and increase funding to schools.

We don’t need a military as big as we have. In fact, we have to continually wage foreign wars to justify our standing military. This wastes money and kills people. Put that funding towards education and we can do a better job at solving every problem the military addresses. Furthermore, an educated population will be able to act reasonably and productively. They’ll get better jobs and drive innovation faster than a few highly paid military researchers could.

You could even combine #2, #3 and #4 and put the National Bank and the DOD under the DOE so that the DOE is the central hub of the government. That’s where our priorities should be anyway.

5. End lobbying and campaign finance.

Lobbying and campaign financing are streamlined legal bribery. The only people who would deny this are lobbyists and campaign financiers, and the reason they would deny this is because they know it’s true better than anyone. Our government simply cannot address the needs of the poor when it is prostrate to the funding of the wealthy.

6. Reform the political nomination process.


7. Pass the 28th Amendment.


Those 7 changes alone will return America to the glory it aspires to. The following points are necessary, but until the first 6 changes are made the next 3 would be hacking at the branches instead of the root of our problems.

8. Civil unions for all.

Marriage is an obsolete institution and a method of oppression against minorities. Replacing legal marriages with civil unions will give people more flexibility to live their lives in a way best suited to their changing circumstances. It would take a step towards making everyone equal. It would also remove a destructive illusion that our children are throwing away their potential chasing after.

9. Tax religious institutions.

The tax exempt laws is archaic and illogical. It also allows vast amounts of money to be wasted on opulent building projects and provides a tax haven for thieves. I’m not saying every religious leader is a thief, but I suspect you’d be horrified to find out how many religious institutions are insincere and only exist for profit. Taxing religious organizations would help fund public works that actually help people. More importantly though, it will reduce the stranglehold of ignorance that archaic mythologies have over America.

10.Improve workers’ rights.


However you felt about this post, you’ll probably feel the same way about these:

Police and the Law

Occupy Wall Street

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