My theory on how to improve the nomination system for political candidates

Most of the political systems in the world are over-represented by the aristocracy, and within the aristocracy, there’s an over-representation of sociopaths. The current political system is designed so that only wealthy sociopaths have a chance at winning major seats in the government. The solution to this problem is not a third party. The solution is hundreds of millions of parties and unaffiliated individuals. The nomination process needs to be based on merit, not money and charisma.

There are a lot of reasons the world is being run by sociopathic aristocrats, but it really all begins with the political nomination system. That’s why I’ve come up with a 6 step nomination system that would do a better job at representing all of society more effectively. It will also do a better job at picking the most qualified candidates for political positions and not just the richest and most charismatic.

1. Allow anyone to apply for any political position.

2. In order for your application to be considered, you have to meet specific qualifications, which are slightly different for each political position. You will need a doctorate degree in political theory for most high ranking positions. Other prerequisites are experience in lower levels of politics, no conflicts of interest, no criminal record for things like fraud, etc.

3. Require every candidate to take a job qualification and aptitude test for their application to be accepted.

4. Once you’ve passed these three steps, you have to pass a security and mental health screening before being allowed to proceed. Each candidate will likely need to pay for these themselves.

5. However many people manage to get this far in the process will have to compete against their running mates in an “American Idol” or “The Apprentice” style show down. The public will be allowed to vote candidates out. There will be no campaigning and no campaign financing.

6. The voting process will be %100 transparent.

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