Life is an absurd, existential dilemma: part 1

Life is an absurd, existential dilemma. The meaning of life isn’t written on a stone tablet. There’s no way to verify it.  We don’t know what caused the Big Bang. There’s no way to know whether or not God exists. There’s no way to know if there’s a soul or an afterlife. There’s no way to know the true difference between right and wrong or if there even is one. Granted, we can devise brilliantly logical answers around each of these questions, but in the end they can only ever be theories because they can’t be empirically proven.

This is the reality you were born into, and the fact that we don’t have answers to these questions affects your life. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say it defines your life. Ask yourself, what are you doing with your life, and what are you planning on doing with the rest of it? Ask yourself those questions. Then take your answers and ask, why? When you answer that question, ask yourself why again. Keep asking yourself why until you can’t anymore. Your answers will define what you’re doing and what you will do with your short, irreplaceable, infinitely rare life.

Study your answers long and hard, because the more logical and premeditated they are the more purpose your life will have. Understand what I mean by “purpose” though. Forget about the philosophical question of the meaning of life for now. Put aside the question of why you exist and what you should be doing with your life from a cosmic perspective. What are you doing with your life? Regardless of whether or not you’re fulfilling the one true philosophical meaning of life, do you feel fulfilled on a personal level by what you’re doing ?

Actually, maybe we should back up for a minute. Why do you get out of bed in the morning? Why do you go on living? Is it because you’re working towards a goal that’s meaningful to you or are you just surviving out of habit or because you don’t want to die? Do you even have any personal goals are are you letting the tides of society determine how you spend your days?

Here’s why this matters. If you haven’t identified at least one goal that is meaningful to you and aren’t actively working on accomplishing it then you won’t feel fulfilled. You won’t feel like your life has meaning on a personal level. You might still believe on an intellectual level that life has value, but if you’re not doing what you value most then this should make you feel even greater existential despair since you’re then wasting the value of your life by not doing what you want to do.

In short, the question, “Why are we here?” is really asking two things: How did we get here, and what should we do now that we’re here? Unfortunately, we can’t answer either of those questions. However, you should still be accomplishing whatever goals you have chosen to find personally fulfilling, because by working on accomplishing those goals you will give your life a purpose that is real to you.

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