Pictures I drew over the years



4 responses to “Pictures I drew over the years

  • Ron

    Nice artworks! 🙂


  • Jack

    Gosh–wow—really fantastic art. Now, I’m no expert, but I think art itself and one’s reaction to it is very personal and how it relates to the viewer, the reactions that arise in the mind of the viewer upon viewing the art, is what makes art “art.”. The reaction I got seeing your art was profound and hard to describe, but I couldn’t help having the notion that there should be more of it. Not saying this to blow smoke, but from what I see above, it seems to me that your work has much in common with M.C. Escher (one of my favorite artists). Really hope to hear back from you–
    Borderline Out There


  • Wise Horse

    I really like your art. A few look eerily similar to some of the abstract drawings I’ve done. Judging by your subject matter, I take it you’ve explored subjects such as sacred geometry? The metaphoric/metaphysical relationship between the circle and the square was a intellectual playground for me awhile back. An Idea represented as a circle and its initial manifestation represented as a square. The more vertices added to a square, the closer it comes to being a circle without the possibility of ever becoming one. Striving for perfection knowing it can never attain it. Sounds a bit like evolution to me. Anyway, I’m an armchair philosopher myself and appreciate your writing. Keep it up!

    Wise Horse


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