3 Signs Christianity is Mythology

Mythology is defined: “a traditional or legendary story, usually concerning some being or hero or event, with or without a determinable basis of fact or a natural explanation, especially one that is concerned with deities or demigods and explains some practice, rite, or phenomenon of nature.”

1. The Bible is objectively, scientifically, historically inaccurate.

There are hundreds of scientifically and historically inaccurate statements in the Bible. The story of creation in Genesis contradicts science. The universe is not 6000 years old, and there was never a magic garden guarded by a flaming sword. Samson’s magical hair didn’t give him the strength to kill hundreds of people with the jawbone of a donkey. Jonah didn’t survive in the belly of a whale for 3 days. There have never been pillars of fire, parting oceans, water turning to blood, talking donkeys or snakes, fruit that gives you eternal life, supernaturally burning bushes, zombies or evil spirits. And prayer doesn’t work.

Some of these obviously mythological events can be written off as misinterpretations, metaphors or Yahweh working in mysterious ways, but the fact that fictitious events happen all the way through the Bible lends credence to the idea that the Bible on a whole is mythology. If you don’t believe this then ask yourself how absurd the Bible would have to be before you would agree that it’s a myth? If Yahweh literally had sex with Mary, would that smack of mythology to you? If the Bible said Yahweh invented rainbows the day after Jesus died, would that smack of mythology to you? If the Bible said a man lived in the belly of a talking donkey for forty days, would that smack of mythology to you? If the Bible said Jesus had a stand-off with another religion to see who could call down fire on the other on their opponent to prove who worshiped the one true god, would that smack of mythology to you?

Christians point to human sacrifices, talking animals, magic and scientifically inaccurate statements in other religions to prove they’re mythologies. Yet when Christianity does the exact same thing, they turn a blind eye. That’s called denial. By Christians’ own standards, Christianity is mythology.

2. Yahweh is the personification of the ancient Jew’s primitive values.

The Old Testament gives the creator of the universe two Jewish names: Yahweh and Elohim. And God is a male who doesn’t value women but does value winning land for His chosen people in bloody warfare. He wants us to kill disobedient children, own slaves, buy and sell wives, and stone people for having sex outside of the traditional Jewish mating rituals. According to Him, women can’t be touched when they’re on their period, because that makes them spiritually unclean. Men can’t cut their sideburns, but they have to cut off their foreskin. There is no way these attributes of God are anything but the projections of a primitive culture.

The Bible proves itself to be a manifestation of the writer’s pre-existing values again in the New Testament. Yahweh didn’t change his nature or his mind between the time of Abraham and Jesus. The Jewish culture evolved naturally over thousands of years until its nomadic, barbaric origins were incompatible with its new urban, culturally diverse values. Conveniently, a new hero appeared at that time and said Yahweh’s nature had changed to reflect the Jewish people’s new hopes and dreams for salvation from the Romans. And that hero was unsurprisingly born of a virgin on a day of astrological significance who went on to die and rise from the dead after three days… a common pattern in textbook mythology. And even though Jesus changed a lot of rules, he still approved of slavery. That’s not because the creator of the universe approves of slavery. That’s because the human beings who wrote the Bible approved of slavery.

3. Follow the blood trail to the truth.

Let’s back up a few thousand years and look at the rest of the story. The creation story in Genesis ends with one man and one woman (with zero bellybuttons) walking and talking with Yahweh in a magic garden where they’re tricked by a talking snake into eating a magic fruit that Yahweh put in front of them and told them not to eat. Then, when the man and woman fell for Yahweh and Satan’s two-man-con, Yahweh threw them out of the garden and left a magical flying, flaming sword to keep them from coming back into the garden. It stayed there until Yahweh got angry and flooded the world.  Plus, as an added insult to women, (and in classic misogynist mythology style) caused women to feel pain in childbirth as punishment for being duped by Satan.

As the years passed, Yahweh gave the cursed incestual descendants of Adam and Eve more and more primitive rules to follow, In order to atone for being cursed or breaking God’s rules people had to go to a massive temple that God literally lived in and kill an animal, which they could conveniently buy from the priest class for an extortionate fee. Sometimes these animals were burnt, and sometimes they were bled out over a stone altar. The more rules the Jews broke or the more favor they wanted with Yahweh, the more animals’ blood they had to spill.

Now, I challenge every Christian to stand in front of a room full of non-Christians and explain why Yahweh, the creator of the universe, needed blood sacrifices to make Him happy. Then explain how Christianity is more credible than all the other mythologies throughout history that we dismiss as mythology because their Gods required blood sacrifices to appease them.

However you felt about this post, you’ll probably feel the same way about these:

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21 responses to “3 Signs Christianity is Mythology

  • Anonymous

    Go google the story of the man who was swallowed whole by a sperm whale, then tell me that Jonah being swallowed by a whale isn’t possible…


  • 117722

    Jesus is the reason for the season HAHAHAHA Yeah Christmas he may be responsible for, what’s so beautiful about the world is there are so many more countries, so many more soulful beliefs about the universe and spiritual gods. How many you ask? I’m not a scientist so I admit I am not spiting facts at you. I see Christians dress their families up as Joseph, Mary, and Jesus for Halloween, What’s interesting is that the ethnicity they truly were, majority of us hate today.
    If the earth is living, everything living off the earth is living. There may be some advanced being judging us. Why do we all get so defensive and play off our emotions if the big picture is judgement? Seems like a easy bet to say we would make a few mistakes.
    Is road rage killing innocent people for no reason except to save 1~3 minutes an example of judgement we must withstand? We judge everything and everyone, we are all imperfect and should shut the fuck up ….. That’s what some of you are thinking right about now of me. I apologize if I made you feel wrong so you need to act defensively. Enjoy life! It’s not a safe bet to risk.


  • Moses



  • Caleb Lackey

    This post is very intriguing. The fact that it concentrates more on emotion than fact leads me to believe that you were hurt by “Christians” in the past. In any case, you seem to think Christianity is a myth, but condone “science” as the ultimate authority.

    Science is, by definition, the pursuit of knowledge. You mentioned that the earth is older than 6,000 years old. Can you prove that? Were you there when the world was formed? Here is another question for an atheist to ponder; how did the universe come into existence? It’s scientifically proven that something doesn’t come out of nothing, and yet you say that it does. How do you justify this? How did life come into existence? Which part of the first micro-organism evolved first? How would it have not died without all of its requirements?

    In all honesty, I,believe Christianity has a very strong foundation, and I can support that with logic. If a computer programmer programs software, is the software conscious of the programmers world? That is a real life example of an ultimate God.

    I am so sorry that someone has hurt you. I have been hurt by “Christians” myself. I am indeed a Christian; however I am not blind. I have studied worldviews for a very long time and Christianity has proved itself to be true.

    You forgot to mention Isaiah, which is basically a book that predicts Christ. If that isn’t enough, then look through Psalms, or pretty much any other book in the bible.

    I hope that this has helped clear some things up for you. God bless you, and I pray that you research what you believe. You may not, but I pray that God will urge you to. We are given freewill and there is no denying that (even if you don’t believe in God). I hope you use your freewill to research life.


    • Aurora Smith

      I call BULLSHIT on your comments. Condescending, sanctimonious, self-righteous. Ahhhhh. . .you’re a Christian.


    • Dee dee

      I love the debates here. Were you here when Jesus existed? Did you see GOD yourself? Has God ever shown himself to you? Do you believe in Santa Claus and the tooth fairy? No one knows how we got here. I guess making up stories about an all loving God putting us here is to keep people controlled. The bible just doesn’t make sense. It’s contradicting to itself.


      • Mike

        Dee dee, you are a fucking moron. You say that no one alive today was there back then therefore that means there is no god? You just contradicted yourself. You weren’t there also, so you have no right to say that there also wasn’t/was something there. And lots of people have seen God and/or Jesus for their selves, so that is disproved right there. You say it was made up stories but do you ever stop and think that those people could have written those stories from experience and what a god has told them? The bible was written in parts by many different people and in different time periods. All of those parts correlate with each other. The bible is actually proven to be accurate, you just need education and research.


  • Jasmine

    If you are not filled with the Holy Spirit then you would FEEL this way. Where’s is your proof all your stating is emotion. If you deny him before man he will deny you before his father. Have you ever opened up your bible and studied it? Or what is the real reason why you don’t believe in Christ, is it because of church hurt, you don’t FEEL like Elohim answered your prayers, your mom or dad didn’t love you or your heart was broken what? Do you believe all religion is a myth or just Christianity? Why is Christinanity the most hated religion? There is power in prayer so my brother I will pray for you.


    • Dr b de s

      People indoctrinated
      And unable to think
      Religion is created by L
      And who creates women
      And all the absurd beliefs
      Proven wrong over and over
      But still find adherents
      Why can’t we flush the excess
      Explore why myth dominates Creates more absurd myths?
      Animals don’t fall for this
      They walk away or refuse the illogic that humans fall for,
      Hook line and sinker
      R we less intelligent
      And r easy to misped?


  • Patrick

    Great post!!!! Christianity is a myth just like its a delusion!!! I am glad to be an atheist!!! Just think if Rome would have made Mithraism the religion of the Empire then everyone today would be Mithraist and I would still be an atheist! I love how Christians cry persecution whenever someone points out how silly it is to believe this stuff, Like the first person who posted you can live inside a whale, The Stomach Acid of a WHALE WOULD KILL YOU IN HOURS!!!!!! Or that an afterlife has been proven…. NOPE!! The best one is how he/she claims that Jesus never approved of slavery, I can PROVE that wrong with BIBLE VERSES!!! I love using their book against them, its great and easy to do!!! Excellent post!!! CHRISTIANITY IS A GIANT MYTH!!!! JUST LIKE ALL RELIGIONS!!!!


  • Anonymous

    I love the explanations of the Christians. Ultimately the contradictions are explained through ‘faith’ which is no explanation at all. The ancient Greeks too had faith in their gods and had just as absurd practices and tenants. How do you look at another and call what they do a crime while at the same time practicing the same thing by another name. Silliness and obviously self serving. Any religion used to enslave or strip power from others is simply that, a political tool. You honestly would either have to be a complete moron to believe this stuff or a brilliantly wicked person to impose it upon others. Remember other people wrote the holy books and all of the stories and rules therein. And if you are dumb enough to believe that people thousands of years ago, who had little concept of even basic hygiene, wrote absolute truth in these ‘holy’ books, then I’d like to offer to you the Brooklyn Bridge for sale. Just basic common sense would lead you to conclude that all religions of the world are myths. Created by people; people being the operable word; to cope and explain what they simply did not understand. You’ve killed each other for thousands of years over unproven ideology. I feel sorry for you. Your very perpetuation of these divisive and decidedly political beliefs is a big part of why humanity is failing. You’ve killed each other for the practices of another society at a completely different point of time. This is madness. This is stupidity en masse.


  • Verus

    What’s wrong (and stabs out most) with points of this entry:

    1: Saying that there was never a burning bush. More than likely, there was a bush some where at sometime that caught fire. Also, you can actually survive in the stomach of a whale or shark. Look it up sometime.

    2. I was going to say that swords were made in the Stone Age, but EVERYONE knows that, right? So, instead I’ll chose this: Jesus never went out and said he approved of slavery. In fact, one of the later books touch on slavery, siding against it. Also, the pronoun “He” is used to refer to people of unknown or ambiguous gender. The Bible never spoke about God’s penis, whether he had one or not.

    3. If you actually have to say that there is no physical evidence of an afterlife, then you are quite possibly the single worst person to write an argument against Christianity or any other belief. I’ve heard it all except this poorly written stance. Please go to a school and get an education. A REAL education.

    Overall grade: 37% (generous score)


  • Charmeia

    I appreciate your views, however it is worth mentioning that perhaps not everything in the Bible was MEANT to be scientifically accurate, particularly in the Old Testament; instead, it was meant to show God’s relationship with humans. People who lived way back then had limited scientific knowledge, so instead they had various stories to give them an idea of just how their relationship with God works. I personally do not believe in the accuracy of the Genesis story, and it is mentioned in Bibles (the ones I’ve looked at, anyways) that some of the Old Testament books were actually fictional, e.g. Esther and Job. The point of these books would NOT be a history lesson, but instead to show what humans are supposed to do to better their relationship with God.
    The Gospels are also not word-for-word correct, and are supposedly not even in chronological order at times. Each Gospel, using these aspects, has a different way of portraying Jesus: one emphasizes his humanity and therefore his connection with humans, and another emphasizes his divinity more. This is why there are four Gospels altogether, and also why they seem to contradict each other at times (again, they are not for historical/scientific accuracy, but for the “spiritual” accuracy, if you will). The other New Testament books are mostly letters written by actual people, and are therefore more historically accurate. (I do not know much about the others, so I personally do not know about their accuracy.)
    I admit that I only skimmed through this article, but I do have some other comments to make, if that is alright with you. As someone who has grown up studying these things first-hand, I think I have a right to say that some of the statements in this article are based on a somewhat poor knowledge of what some of these aspects of the Christian faith actually mean. I do not blame the writer, as there are many people (Christians included) that do not have a complete understanding of this religion (I don’t think anyone really does, tbh, which is why many people meditate on these things to understand them; this is why I think studying the Bible with a non-biast perspective is so important).
    For one, Jesus is not considered a demi-god (half-god/half-human), but fully God and fully human (I understand that it is a difficult concept to wrap one’s mind around, lol). There are three beings that make up God: God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit. They are three separate beings, but all three make up one God. In no way is it implied that God “had sex” with Mary. He basically placed Jesus in her womb and allowed him to grow up as a human, with human limitations (but still fully God).
    As for being created in God’s image, that doesn’t necessarily mean physically. We all know that with Christianity everybody has a soul, right? And that soul would eventually make it to heaven where we become one with God again. Therefore, would it not make sense that God would have made our souls in that image?
    Back to the Old Testament: after the fall (i.e. of Adam and Eve) everything that was perfect (God’s creations and His relationship with them) had fallen into disorder. Women, the crown jewels of creation, were made inferior to men, as one example (though this was changed after Jesus came; e.g. many, many of the first ministers of the early Church were women, as well as some of Jesus’ disciples that were not part of the Twelve). One can understand that after this there needed to be something to give a sort of order to their lives, and so these primitive peoples had primitive laws. This (not surprisingly) included animal sacrifice (as there was probably not much else they could do to please God other than giving up their best livestock) and unfairness toward women. Throughout all this were bloody battles and many other barbaric happenings that I can imagine God would have allowed, because these were, again, primitive people who did not yet have the idea that God was supposed to be their loving Father. When Jesus came along, because he was God’s son, he was the first to call God “Father” and encouraged everyone else to do so, too. He introduced the new laws of loving one’s neighbour and respecting women (as he showed by speaking with females on a personal level, which was a big no-no in those days).
    Throughout the Old Testament was the promise that a savior would come and take their place of punishment for sinning. That’s what Jesus did; instead of just casting all humans into hell for ruining everything that He created, it is said that God (the Father) sent God (the Son) to go through that ultimate sacrifice for humanity so that humanity didn’t have to do it themselves. To sum up, God became human so that, as a human, he could suffer their punishment for them (though we can supposedly still go to hell for consciously choosing not to do good).
    I know that I didn’t cover all the points, but I hope I clarified some things here. I’m not a complete expert, but this is what I learned from the experts of this religion. As I already mentioned, it is SO IMPORTANT to look at these things with an open mind. There are many things in the Bible that don’t make sense at first glance, but if one just thinks a little harder on them (and reads the footnotes on the bottom of the pages that give little clarifications here and there), one can understand it better.
    Again, the Bible is not for showing how things happen – that’s why we have science – but rather to show the why, i.e. humanity’s relationship with God. I personally believe that we descended from apes – who says God didn’t create us that way? 😉
    I hope everyone reading this has a great day, and I wish you good luck in your endeavors! 🙂


  • Clinton Darion Stack

    Yeah, it’s true that Christianity is also a myth. I will reblog this in my blog about mythologies, Mythword.

    Liked by 1 person

  • mary

    I grew up catholic and was really into the myth. It’s nice to read others perceptions on it. I don’t feel like the only one who is thinking logically. Thanks keep them coming.


  • MagicChris

    I have been reading your blog for several hours now, I would like to ask what your plan is for survival in the coming years?


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