Media for Smart People

Learn. Grow. Thrive.



TV Series

Internet Shorts– (Disclaimer-I don’t know who produced these, and I can’t fact-check all the information in them. Approach these videos with an extra dose of skepticism.)
Psuedo Intellectual Tripe- These will not make you smarter. They will make you feel smarter without nourishing your intellect. Avoid them or approach them with brutal skepticism.)
Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Books?- These books are demonized in the Western World (some of them for good reason). As a result, they are useful to challenge your conventional upbringing by looking at the world from the point of view of your culture’s enemies. Seeing the world from extreme perspectives will help you center your perspective and will help you understand how other people think. If nothing else, if you’re going to make enemies out of people who think differently than you then you may as well at least be informed about what it is they think.

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4 responses to “Media for Smart People

  • Ivan

    I like this may be you could include news sources not necessarily television. Thank you.


  • goodreader

    mr. wise sloth,i think you may write something about how money is created and about who prints that money… “It is well enough that people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning”.
    I deeply enjoy your blog and it really set me as i hope on the right path to fulfilling life´s purpose.
    Keep on the good work.


  • DepressionTube

    And what is your excuse for not putting Robert Greene on this list? >:0


    • wise sloth

      I hadn’t read Robert Greene when you first posted this comment. Now I have, and his formula for success is to manipulate, undermine and exploit anyone and everyone as sociopathically as possible. He genuinely seems to want to help his readers achieve success, but his recipe for individual success is a recipe for a dystopian society.


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