Let’s talk about young Americans’ sense of entitlement

Here’s why young Americans feel entitled. Every American child was raised on the idea of “The American Dream.” It was a carrot on a stick that the Baby Boomer generation dangled in front of Generation X their entire lives. The American Dream is a promise and a belief that every American will get to have a good life, a job they enjoy, a generous paycheck, affordable housing, affordable transportation and a secure retirement. It’s your two point five children eating apple pie in a house with a white picket fence. Every natural born American was promised that as their birthright.

Think I’m exageratting the promise the Baby Boomers handed down to Generation X? Look at Thanksigiving, it’s a uniquely American federal holiday. Thanksgiving is dedicated to gorging yourself on food and shouting to the heavens “Thank you God for letting me live in the most bountiful country on Earth!” This next part is Psychology 101. If you put a feast in front of a child every year of their life you will condition them to expect a feast every year of their life. And we reinforce the same lesson in other holidays. Christmas is the only federally recognized religious holiday, and it’s dedicated to over-consumption of consumer goods. It’s a holiday dedicated to spending money frivolously knowing that you live in such a prosperous nation that you can afford to do that and still be financially secure in your old age.

If you want to know why young Americans feel entitled to a good, fair life it’s because the Baby Boomers raised them to believe that. Any Baby Boomer who is surprised that young people expect to have a good life in America is batshiat insane.

Now that Generation X has been out of school and working for 10 years they’ve come to the grim realization that the American system isn’t designed to make all their wildest dreams come true. The system is designed to make all the wildest dreams of the 1% come true BY EXPLOITING EVERYONE ELSE. Far from getting any hand outs, the poor and middle class are getting taken advantage of at every corner, and they’re going to get swindled straight to the poor house. Period. That’s how the system works. Every year the idea that you can work hard and become rich becomes more and more of a myth. The world is dividing into two classes of people: those who own businesses and those who are exploited by their employers. If America continues in the same direction it’s going then in 100 years every businesses will be a sweat shop, and every worker will be a temp.

Generation X was okay with being exploited a little when they first entered the work force. They were raised on the mantra, “You have to learn to follow before you can learn to lead.” They were told that obedient workers were good workers. They were told they were lucky to have what little they did. They were told to be thankful. They were told they had to work to get rich, and Generation X accepted it all. So after they graduated they put their noses to the grindstone and worked longer hours for less pay than their parents’ generation, and they did so with minimal grumbling because they believed their parent’s generation when they told them it would all pay off in the long run.

But it has finally become undeniably obvious that it’s not going to pay off in the long run because America doesn’t view human beings as living creatures with cosmic value and God-given rights anymore. America views people as expendable business commodities at best and liabilities at worst. Now that Generation X has realized this they’re mad, and they’re demanding to be treated like human beings. They’ve never asked for a hand out, and they’re not asking now. They’re asking for a decent wage and a realistic opportunity. They’re asking to be treated with dignity. Since when did it become entitled to expect to be treated with fairness and dignity?

And if we really shouldn’t expect to be treated with dignity then how did business owners become entitled to take away their workers’ dignity? How did business owners become entitled to pay their workers as little as possible while working them as long as possible? How did business owners become entitled to charge their customers as much as possible for products that are made as cheaply as possible? How did business owners become entitled to destroy the environment? How did police officers become entitled to terrorize civilians? Why aren’t voters entitled to expect their politicians to act in their interest anymore? Why aren’t citizens entitled to an air tight explanation of why their country went to war?

Generation X, Y and the Millenials shouldn’t be ashamed of their sense of entitlement. The Baby Boomers should be ashamed of their failure as a generation up until now.

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