An Illustrated Explanation of Vets protesting in America

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The scenario: Police are lined up in front of a crowd of protesters. The police have their weapons aimed at the crowd. A unarmed man wearing an unbuttoned military uniform is standing between the police and the protesters.

Panel 1: A police officer shouts at the crowd, “I’m not telling you people again, you can’t be here if you don’t have a permit, and you can’t have a permit. So stop asking.”

Panel 2: The man in the military uniform says, “Everybody chill out. I got this. I’m an honorably discharged veteran. Me and my fellow troops have spent the last 10 years fighting to protect the freedoms of the American people.”

Panel 3: A police officer shoots the veteran in the head. There is blood, but the veteran is not dead. He’s only wounded.

Panel 4: The police officer who spoke earlier says, “Correction, you’ve been fighting for our freedoms.”

Panel 5: The veteran growls  and a little girl in the crowd of protesters asks, “What ever happened to ‘Support the Troops?'”

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