A comic about Americans receiving hand outs

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Every panel shows the same picture of a wealthy business man and his son standing near an expensive Ferari sports car.

Father: “Congratulations on graduating from my Ivy League alma mater, son. After paying all your tuition and living expenses through school I bought you this Ferari for your graduation present.”

Son: “Wow. Thanks, Dad!”

Father: “Thank the tax payers. I bought ten of these with the bonus I got after the government gave my company all that bailout money.”

Son: “Let’s drive down to your office and show the car to your coworkers.”

Father: “We’ll have to do that another time. The streets to the office are blocked by vagrant protesters.”

Son: “What do the protesters want?”

Father: Oh, they’re just a bunch of spoiled kids looking for a hand out.”

Son: “They sound like a bunch of douche bags.”

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