Americans, you’re not represented in the 2012 presidential elections

Note: I fear that if you change the names at dates, everything I say here will apply to every presidential election in the foreseeable future.

Every election season you hear people say, “If you don’t vote you can’t complain.” Any time you complain about laws you don’t like people will tell you, “You live in a democracy. If you want to change things then vote or run for office.”

This brings us to the 2012 presidential elections. Mitt Romney is the Republican candidate, and Barak Obama is the Democratic candidate. Those are the only two candidates you get to choose from. A Libertarian might be on the ballot, but you don’t really get to choose him, because he’s not going to win. So choosing him is tantamount to choosing not to vote.

The Republican party doesn’t want Mitt Romney to represent them. He might have a few die-hard fans, but he’s a big city fat cat pandering to poor country voters. He doesn’t carry himself with confident poise like Barak Obama. He almost seems terrified to be running for president because he knows he’s not very good at lying on the spot and saying it confidently…like say, Newt Gingrich. And he’s a Mormon, which godless liberals might not judge him for, but the kind of Christians who wouldn’t vote for Obama because they believe he’s a Muslim believe Joseph Smith was just as much of a false prophet as Muhammad. For a lot of reasons, Republicans just don’t want Mitt Romney to be their president, and they really, really don’t want Barak Obama to be president. So they’re unrepresented in this presidential election.

At the same time, Barak Obama is running as the Democratic candidate for president, and while he has some die-hard fans, a lot of liberals don’t want another four years of Barack Obama doing everything they hated George Bush for doing. Obama-mania is over. He had his chance to change things, and he didn’t. He maintained the status quo to the point of standing by silently, consenting to police beating and arresting people for protesting for freedom, justice and representation in the various “Occupy” protests.

A lot of people who vote for Barak Obama in 2012 will be choosing him as the lesser of two evils even though they know neither candidate truly represents them, and a lot of conservative voters will be voting for Mitt Romney only because they perceive him as the lesser of two evils even though they know neither candidate truly represents them.

So in the 2012 election the conservative voter base doesn’t have a candidate that actually represents them…and neither does the liberal voter base. What Americans get to choose from are an old white guy who made a fortune in the financial sector squeezing the little guys and an old black guy whose campaign is funded by old white guys who made their fortunes in the financial sector squeezing the little guys. And both candidates are going to staff every government position in their power with old, rich people from the financial sector who made their fortunes squeezing the little guy. If that’s enough to scare you into voting Libertarian you’ll just elect an old white guy who wants to remove every safe guard that protects the poor from getting squeezed by the rich. So the 2012 presidential election is merely a charade where the American people get to choose who they want to represent the rich and open the gates for them to squeeze the little guy more.

At the time I’m writing this, the 2012 election isn’t for another 6 months, but I can already tell you who’s going to win representation in the White House. The rich are going to win representation, and the poor are going to be told that if they don’t like it they can change who represents the rich in the White House in 4 more years.

I can see how some people might not have seen this coming in the 2008 presidential election with everyone so excited that George Bush was gone and Obama-mania was sweeping the nation, but I don’t know how it could be any more obvious in 2012 that nobody who is running for office represents the American people. And the American people will never be represented in any presidential election as long as they only get to choose between who the Republican and Democratic parties nominate.

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One response to “Americans, you’re not represented in the 2012 presidential elections

  • 1 L Loyd

    You made me shake my head in recognition. I would say we disagree in many areas, but you have expressed the futility of U. S. elections. I don’t know what to do.


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