I don’t want to live in a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian Utopia

Watching months of speeches from Republican presidential candidates has made me feel like I”m taking crazy pills. The Republican party acts like it’s their birth right to get to tell everyone how to live. The Democratic party says it’ll protect everyone from that, but they already overplayed (and lost) the “Hope” and “Change” card. They’re not going to change anything except the tactics police use to attack drum circles. As grim as that is, I’m more worried about Libertarians.

If you’re a Libertarian, and you have a lot of Libertarian friends, listen to me. Chill the fuck out, and tell your friends to chill the fuck out. It has never worked out well in the past when a political figure has gotten a fanatical personality cult following. Ever. But I digress.

I don’t want to live in Paulville, Romneyville or Obamaville, and I feel like I shouldn’t have to. It may not be important how I feel, but there are millions of human beings living in the United States who don’t want to live in Paulville, Romneyville or Obamaville either, and there are even more human beings outside of America who wish they had some say in  who in their neighbors are.

What are we doing here, people? Why does anyone get to choose which apocalypse they want to inflict on everyone else who isn’t just like them? And where has fighting between ideologies gotten us? To the brink of apocalypse. Nobody is going to get their utopia if we have to keep fighting over who’s utopia everyone else has to live in.

Things are only going to get worse as long as the political dialogue is controlled by semi-literate circus clowns put on stage by public relations firms to give whitewashed speeches reaffirming hillbilly cultural taboos. You should know that by now. How many times does the  government have to prove it’s  too corrupt, incompetent and tied down in bureaucracy to have a real conversation before everyone accepts that fact and starts asking who really is smart, sane and uncompromised enough to have a real conversation about the world’s problems?

We need the smartest people on the planet to sit down and have a long, long meeting about the social contract. I’ll breath a huge sigh of relief the day a news reporter informs me that an indefinite T.E.D. conference/Occupy Wall Street camp is being held in a field in Woodstock.

Until then I’ll continue to dream about floating away on a sustainable floating island.

One response to “I don’t want to live in a Republican, Democrat or Libertarian Utopia

  • Donit

    Ever read Eric Hoffer?

    It explains a lot.

    The reason its not going to get better is people want a sense of identity.
    They want to be considered smart, intelligent, decent standing and what not without real effort and without accomplishing any thing just by mere association alone.

    People want to be “atheists” so they can be “smart” just by agreeing with a political stance.

    If you cant figure out how thats wrong, well its the equivalent standing in the parking lot of Harvard for five years and expecting to be considered alumina and handed a degree.

    People believe in the Bible because they don’t want to be responsible for their actions and claim their inadequacy and things gone wrong as “Gods will” or want to “borrow” authority from God. Some how an ineffectual squirt can say the most asinine things and it can seem “most profound” if they say “God said” yet some how cant stand on their own. Its the equivalent of “Daddy says so”

    People get into new age because so they can think they improve the world just by existing and thinking happy thoughts

    They want this stuff so they can lose themselves into the crowd, the masses , to “belong”.


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