Two Conservative Ladies: The Sketch Comedy Script

I’ve taken the scripts from all of my “Two Conservative Ladies” comics and put them into a single E-book. The purpose of presenting them in written form is so that they can be used as a script for a two-person play or a taped sketch comedy show. This script is creative common license. That means you can keep all the money you make from it, but so can anyone else. Attribution is appreciated but not necessary.

The jokes contained in this script mock absurdities and hypocrisies in modern American conservative culture. Some conservatives would take offence to these jokes and might even label them as hate speech, but they would be overreacting if they did. These jokes are satire based on precedent, and you can find more vitriolic speech on “Fox and Friends.”

This script also includes an open letter to conservative Americans that was originally posted here on The Wise Sloth website that further elaborates the purpose of these comics. In order to be even more even-handed, this script also contains an open letter to liberal Americans and an additional set of 50 jokes entitled “Two Positive Ladies” that attempts to identify common ground between conservatives and liberals.

Some of the jokes in this script deal with older events that might not be relevant anymore, but I fear that most of them will continue to be relevant decades from now.

Here is the link to download the script version of “Two Conservative Ladies:”

Two Conservative Ladies Script (hosted on Scribd)

Two Conservative Ladies Script (hosted on Google Docs)

Below are links to the original comics:

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