Why would you not masturbate?

There’s no logical reason why masturbating would be bad in any way at all whatsoever. There’s no logical argument for why masturbating would even be icky or tacky. There’s nothing morally wrong or even morally questionable about masturbating. In fact, there’s a lot of good things to be said about masturbating.

The best thing about masturbating is that it’s physically and psychologically healthy. For some lonely men it’s the only exercise they get all day. It gets your heart rate up and circulates your blood while toning as many muscles as you’re willing to use. This little exercise is one of the world’s best stress relievers.  Relieving your anxieties by “rubbing one out” improves your psychological state, whereas if you hadn’t masturbated and were still stressed out your body would be physically suffering under the weight of your bad mood. Stress is a vicious cycle, but it can be treated by enjoying yourself.

There are a lot of people out there who understand this and don’t have any moral qualms about masturbating, but they just don’t do it very often. That doesn’t seem logical. If someone offered you a free massage every day for the rest of your life, you’d take them up on that offer and get your massages more often than not. Well? You can massage yourself, and when you massage your genitals, it feels a lot better than getting your back massaged. Next to sex and hard drugs, masturbating pretty much feels better than anything else you can do. That’s a seriously good time, and it’s free and almost always available.

But wait. There’s more. If you harness the power of your imagination and visualize having sex with someone while masturbating, you can teleport your mind into a dream world where you’re fucking the person of your dreams. Everyone wants to fuck the person of their dreams. If you could go to Total Recall and have memories of you fucking the person of your dreams implanted into your head, everyone would be doing it. But you don’t have to use scifi technology to alter your brain in order to have that experience. You can just imagine it. It works pretty well.

Regardless of how good your imagination is, you can always just look at porn, and that’s a wonderful thing. There’s no logical argument for why porn is bad. There’s no logical justification for naked bodies to be taboo. You’d have to take porn to an extreme excess before it has negative consequences.

Some people see porn as degrading, but I see it as a celebration of life. I think it’s nice to know that strangers are making a living by sharing their most intimate life experiences with the rest of the world to enjoy while they have a vulnerable, intimate moment with themselves. If you can’t see the beauty in people sharing themselves openly in their most vulnerable and personal life moments then you’re dead inside. I would go as far as to say that porn is a beautiful and profound art, and it would be a shameful waste if people didn’t appreciate it and masturbate to it.

You recognize beauty in the faces of the people you meet in real life. When you pass a sexually attractive person at the grocery store, you get turned on because your DNA is telling you to have sex with that person. But you can’t go around having sex with every supermodel you pass. However, you can watch the most wonderful, beautiful bodies in the world doing all the things most people will never have a chance to do. If you’re never going to get to have sex with a super model, then why pass up the next best thing? There are super models waiting to share themselves with you. Shangri La is waiting for you. There’s no cost/benefit analysis to be done here. There’s just an obvious truth: You should masturbate. If you can involve pornography and/or someone else, then so much the better.

You have time to masturbate every day, at least after you wake up or before you go to sleep, and it only takes a couple of minutes. If you live with a significant other, you can masturbate each other or masturbate together. If you don’t, then you’re just passing up an intimate bonding moment….for what? What else do you have to do that’s better than feeling cosmic bliss? You’re wasting your life just sitting there not masturbating. Seize the day, man, because it seems like letting your life pass you by unlived would be a huge slap in the face to the God who gave us this opportunity. If there isn’t a God, that’s all the more reason to get on with enjoying life.

This isn’t rocket surgery. If there’s nothing wrong with masturbating, and it’s great in so many ways, then why would you not masturbate? Just remember that any good thing taken too far becomes a bad thing.

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7 responses to “Why would you not masturbate?

  • Aplepie

    LOL “if you liked or hated this blog you will likely feel the same way about one of these” XD so true!


  • Nado

    To Guys:
    Sexual energy is a very powerful tool. It is the vital liquid that if you do not waste it but instead harness it you can project that same energy into sport events or creativity.

    To Gals:
    Sexual orgasms are powerful that after having an orgasm you become full of energy.

    To society:
    It makes you question why guys are honored for their sexual behavior and gals are looked down at and have to go through the walk of shame which ultimately discourages them from having a sexual experience and are labeled a slut if they do.

    Guys can stimulate the gals to orgasm without having to orgasm themselves. That vital fluid that is inside the males has the energy of giving birth to millions of little people if done on a petri dish from one fap alone.

    In conclusion guys are walking around like zombies and lethargic from over sexual stimulation and gals are walking the same way from lacking sexual stimulation.


  • Jd

    I disagree with the first comment, because before i had sex for the first time that’s all i did was masturbate when i was in the mood. Porn literally made it better, and it’s not degrading… Would you not want to have sex with one or more women at the same time while being video taped? Maybe you’re not kinky at all. Im 22, my sex drive is at an all time high and of course I don’t masturbate all the time like i used to like when I was a curious little virgin, But when i do, porn is involved, for the point of a more intense orgasm. It’s also literally educated me in a way and i can admit has made me better off sexually because i now know my interests and dislikes, and has taught me what not to do when having sex because we all know most porn videos is for angles for the viewer to see, not for the pleasure of the woman. However, looking into educational porn, putting what i learned to use in my life has caused most women to ask how the world i learned to do that certain thing (such as going down on a girl, which the article about that on this site helped also). So you can look at porn as a negative if you’re not trying to take mental notes. Everyone has their opinion, and to simplify mine , if you get to where you have the mindset of where you’ll screw anything that walks, go jack it bro, and let your head upstairs do the thinking, because we men know that we’ve all made stupid choices because a majority of us let our dick control our thought process. As far as masturbating in general… Yes, it does reduce your sex drive, but only temporarily. Are you going to want to fuck that girl laying beside you again immediately after you just cummed? I doubt it. So the theory of a reduced sex drive due to masturbation in my opinion is right to an extent.


  • MRobertHugo

    I have to agree with you: why would you not masturbate? It is a wonderful practice for so many reasons, some of which you have outlined here; however, I must respectfully disagree when it comes to porn. The vast majority of porn IS degrading, especially toward women, and has less to do with intimacy and more to do with “Pussies” getting fucked. That being said, I certainly believe masturbation is a positive activity and maybe even necessary part of self care.


    • A Houghster

      If porn is degrading to women, then why isn’t porn degrading to men too? Porn generally portrays men as people solely driven by sex. If anything, it casts men in an even worse light than women.

      Most people are very good at putting their thoughts into silos. For example, I can enjoy a good expensive meal while being fully aware there are people somewhere starving to death. I am sure most people are perfectly capable of watching a porn movie and then treating others around them with the utmost respect.

      Western countries have a liberal attitude to porn whereas some other countries do not. The most conservative ones tend to treat women differentially to men. Is the free availability of porn a sign that women are actually treated equally?


  • Fapped in Half.

    >why would you not masturbate?

    Without any religious nonsense, good reasons for abstaining from masturbation are the fact that it can lead to a reduced sex drive. This is excellent for rapists, because it means they are less likely to rape people, but everyone else should consider that your hands are not as soft as pussy. Wear and tear is happening every time you jerk it, so yes, there IS a cost/benefit analysis.

    Not saying that it’s not worth it, on occasion. I rubbed it myself, before I even rolled out of bed, but I’m surprised that non-religious arguments against masturbation are foreign to you.

    http://www.reddit.com/r/nofap has more information.


    • wise sloth

      I looked through the forum and watched the TED speech. There’s not much hard science behind the nofap philosophy, and it seems to advocate that since masturbating too much can be bad you shouldn’t masturbate at all. It’s running towards one extreme to get away from another. I think the nofap philosophy has room for improvement.


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