The Rotten Apple Interactive Adventure Book

As an experiment in creative marketing and creative writing I wrote a choose your own adventure book about a hostel in New Zealand that helps backpackers find work in the local fruit industry. Below is the first page. Click on the cover image or the link at the bottom of the page to access the E-book for free and continue your adventure.

Important Note: If clicking the links takes you to the middle of a page instead of the top you can fix that by clicking the zoom button once or twice.


Click to take the Rotten Apple adventure

Click to take the Rotten Apple adventure

You wake up one day and realize you really, really want to live in another country for at least one year in your life, but you don’t have enough money to take a year off work much less go sightseeing in a foreign country. This really bums you out for a while, but you decide there has to be a way to live in another country for a while. So you do a few Google searches and find out that if you’re under 30 years old you can get a working holiday visa to New Zealand, and when you arrive in country you can work on fruit farms to earn money, which you can then use to travel around the North and South islands. Anytime you start running out of money you can just go to the nearest fruit farm and work for another month or two. And best part is that it’s not hard to find work, because there are working backpacker hostels in New Zealand that find seasonal fruit work for their guests. So as long as you can get to one of those hostels you can survive in New Zealand.

You get to thinking about it, and you decide this adventure is too feasible not to take.  So you go to the New Zealand immigration website and see if you’re eligible to work. You pass the test. So you create an account on the New Zealand immigration site and follow the instructions. You get a passport, pay a few fees, get a medical checkup, and a few months later you get your working holiday visa in the mail. While you’re waiting for that to get approved you go on a shopping spree to all the camping and traveling stores around town. You try out all the latest backpacks, meal kits and clothing designed for campers. Unfortunately you can’t afford it because you paid $1400 for your plane ticket to New Zealand. Luckily someone you know lets you borrow their old backpack and a few bobs and bits.

The day comes when your plane is leaving. You kiss your friends and family goodbye and get dropped off at the airport. You hand over all your earthly belongings at the baggage check and then give your dignity away at the security screening checkpoint. You make a quick run to the toilet and find your boarding gate with about six minutes to spare.

You spend the next bagillion hours flying through the air in a metal tube at close to the speed of sound. You watch a couple of predictable action movies and a sappy romance, eat a few surprisingly good precooked meals and fail to find a comfortable position to sit in for half a day.

Eventually the pilot puts the seatbelt sign on and announces to prepare for landing. The plane lands smoothly and taxis to its gate. As soon as the doors open everyone around you stampedes off the plane like it was on fire. When the trampling herd is gone you unbuckle your seatbelt and stroll off the plane.

As you’re exiting your plane you hear a group of girls in front of you speaking in a Kiwi accent. So you stop them and ask them how to get to The Rotten Apple Backpacker Hostel in Hastings. They tell you that you can take The Naked Bus or the Intercity Bus for pretty cheap. Your other option is to fly to Napier, which is right next to Hastings, and then take a short bus trip from the airport to Hastings.

Would you rather take the bus or fly?

Click here to access the E-book and continue your adventure.

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