The Last Transcript: A psychological thriller about life after the zombie apocalypse

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I recently challenged myself to write an ultra low budget screenplay using the formula plot template I reverse engineered from studying popular movies, novels and sitcoms. I decided to base the plot around the zombie apocalypse, because it’s a genre that I’m very passionate about. In order to make the screenplay as cheap as possible I decided to use as few locations and special effects as possible. My biggest inspiration was the movie Tape, which was filmed entirely in a single hotel room. Instead of using a single hotel room with three characters I designed the plot around 8 characters, each trapped in their own safe house after the zombie apocalypse. The characters share a teleconference using an internet chat program like Skype.

By the time I finished the story I felt it would just as well as a work of written fiction as it would as a screenplay or theatrical play, and the problem with screenplays is that if a studio doesn’t buy it then nobody sees it. So I took out the camera notations from the script (except for at the beginning where they served a purpose) and left the dialogue in the form of a transcript of the character’s conversation. The end result is a creatively presented psychological thriller about life after the zombie apocalypse. To read the story and find out what happens, click the picture above or the link below:

Click here to read: The Last Transcript

P.S. If you’re a long time reader and this story sounds familiar it’s because I posted an unfinished draft of this document some time ago under the title, The Unfinished. The previous draft has been removed.

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