My vision for the future of education

In a perfect world every classroom would have two teachers, twelve students and 20 computers, but we don’t live in a perfect world. First world countries, let alone third world countries don’t have the resources to create the perfect class room. There are schools so poor they don’t even have teachers. Even the most well-funded school can fail their students if their administration is inept.

This is a big, because the quality of society is determined by the quality of the individuals living in it. Everyone’s actions affects everyone else in the long run. The more educated everyone is, the better things get. The less educated everyone is, the worse things get. There are billions of people alive right now living in poverty who could save themselves without receiving any other charity, if they just had unlimited access to education.

Humanity will never grow up until it offers every human being unlimited access to free education. It’s a moral imperative. And since the invention of the Internet, this goal has become very realistic to achieve. We’re just missing two things that can be created relatively easily:

1. A mainstream open source online school

There are already free online schools like The Khan Academy, but there needs to be a free online school that is as easy to add content to as YouTube. Once every conceivable course has been crowd-sourced, all anyone will need to get an education is a tablet and an internet connection.

2. Sustainable school buildings

If the perfect online school existed, you could home-school yourself through as many doctorates as you have time to complete. You could also build schools in which classrooms are replaced by cubicles. Students could come and learn what they want, when they want, at their own pace. This kind of school would  require very few resources to build and very little manpower to manage.

Again, it would be nice if these schools had teachers to help students, but they’re not necessary. In the poorest communities students have bigger problems than lack of teachers, like not having access to food, water or shelter.

If you can erect a building with cubicles, you can build a cistern onto that building that collects rain water. If you can build a cistern onto a building with cubicles, you can build rooms for people to sleep in. If you can build a school with living quarters and a cistern, you could build a really big cistern and then water crops with rain water. If you can grow your own food, then all the students will always have their basic needs met.

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