2 responses to “A grim letter from a Wise Sloth fan

  • Fred

    I was just thinking about something like this last night and tossed and turned. I eventually got out a calculator and started doing some figures.

    In this country there are approximately 400 million legal citizens. Lets assume just 800,000 of them share our feelings and want to just leave the country and start over. Lets assume we can convince 800,000 people to donate just $50.00 per month. That comes out to 40 million dollars per month or 480 million dollars per year.

    The state of Michigan is 143 Billion in Debt. If we could force Michigan into default and take the state off the union’s hands for a discounted price that we could have paid off in 10 years, we could secede from the rest of the Union and start over with a more proven system based on logic and common sense instead of emotions and irrational fears and then turn the Country of Michigan into one of the most advanced and productive nations in the world.

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