This was your life: The Libertarian

This is the 26th comic in an ongoing series in which Loki and his supernatural friends taunt mortals. 


See who else Loki has taunted:

3 responses to “This was your life: The Libertarian

  • Fred

    Taking stabs at your fans now? Not cool. Your explanation as to why the Libertarian is not living in a utopia paradise is very vague.


    • wise sloth

      I’m sorry you felt attacked. I value your audience and your comments, Fred. I’ve been planning on doing this comic for a while. It’s nothing personal. I attack every point of view. My only agenda is exploring issues.


      • Fred

        Don’t worry I can take it. I just know I made that comment about the Libertarian party the other day, so I thought this was more than a coincidence. You gave me a platform to debate it though.

        First I want to make it clear that a lot of hate mongers have been jumping on the Libertarian band wagon lately as they mistakenly believe they are in the right place and I have been having a party setting them straight and sending them to the Donald Trump Circus where they belong.

        Now Libertarians do not believe in NO GOVERNMENT, but we do recognize that the government is an industry that takes care of itself rather than serve the people. The reason so many people are arrested and imprisoned for victim-less crimes is money. Every time someone is arrested someone in the government makes money.

        Now some people will argue that if we didn’t fine and charge people then the government would fall apart. Well that is the point. The government is too big that is can’t support itself unless it imposes ridiculous restrictions on everyone with ridiculous penalties. If it was downsized considerably it wouldn’t need to do that.

        Contrary common beliefs, Libertarians do not necessarily believe in legalizing drugs. What we do believe is that our tax money could be better spent on something more constructive than housing pot heads in prison. We also believe that by removing the criminal aspect of drugs it will take away the violence and illegal activity that comes with the drug industry, therefore creating a safer environment for all.

        Now of course we don’t want to see crack heads walking around everywhere, but you know we don’t want to see drunks walking or driving everywhere either. Just like for alcohol there would be strict laws and consequences for irresponsible use. (personally I would like to abolish both of these things, but the people apparently demand them, both legal and illegal substances.)

        Libertarians believe in equal treatment to all (yes even Muslims). We want an America where all people have the same opportunities. We visualize an America that shows respect to all regardless of our little differences.

        We want a government at all levels that serves the people of this country first. I know its hard to be specific when everyone is crying for something different, but I think a majority if not all of the nation can agree there are many aspects of the Government that are just not necessary and do not benefit anyone but the Government.

        Personally I think the Libertarian concept is not that far from your Monastery fantasy. Almost impossible to achieve in a world that relies so heavily on Government support, but still a beautiful dream that could very much work if everyone was on board.


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