“Soldier of Love:” The first movie adapted from a blog

Three months ago I received an interesting Email from an eccentric, energetic, Pakistani-born, medical doctor, indie film director/producer, Hassan “Doc” Zee. He immigrated to America 17 years ago and has been living and working in San Francisco.


He told me how, in his job, he worked with dozens of wounded veterans who have PTSD. After hearing their stories, he realized how little the public understands PTSD and how much more isolated that makes veterans feel. He wanted add to the national dialogue and give another voice to the issue by making his fourth feature length film about a heartbroken veteran with PTSD.

To make sure his story would be authentic and accurate, he scoured the internet for veteran writers to consult with. Among others, he found me. After reading my essays about military issues, love, relationships and sexuality, he discovered I had already said a lot of the things he was trying to articulate. So he asked if I would be interested in co-writing a screenplay that incorporates some of the essays from The Wise Sloth, making this the first feature length movie adapted from a blog.

I agreed, and with the help of Jeff B. Wayne, writer/producer/actor from the award winning short-film group, Red Rook Films, we completed a script in three exhausting months and are ready to begin casting.

Doc Zee’s upcoming film, “Soldier of Love” is about a young, war scarred veteran named Luke who comes home after separating from the military to find his wife cheating on him. Feeling he has nothing left to live for, he buys a gun and plans to kill himself in the hotel room where he spent his honeymoon, but the suite is occupied by an exotic, high class escort named Miriam, who takes Luke under her wing and makes him rethink everything he knows about love, sex, purpose and redemption.

soldier of love

The story explores deep topics like PTSD, patriotism, religion and love. It makes equally bold forays into sexual morality, questioning sex laws and taboos. Some of the philosophy in “Soldier of Love” may offend some people, but it won’t be veterans. I believe they’ll be more likely show it to their loved ones to help them understand what they’re going through.

Indieblush magazine recently interviewed Doc Zee about “Soldier of Love.” You can read more about the movie and the mind of the Doc on page 34 of Indieblush’s May-June 2016 edition.

Doc Zee will be launching an Indiegogo fundraising campaign soon. I’ll be posting updates on the progress of funding and filming. You can follow Doc Zee on his website, Doc Zee Films or on Facebook. Follow “Soldier of Love” on Facebook.

One response to ““Soldier of Love:” The first movie adapted from a blog

  • Fred

    LMAO. I loved that last line from Luke.

    Very good, congratulations. this sounds like an honorable thing to participate in. Plus it sounds like an original and interesting piece of work. I hope to be able to watch it. I will look forward to your updates.


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