Two Feminist Ladies #1

Yesterday I read an essay by a radical feminist whose blog I’m subscribed to because she makes a lot of lucid observations on society. However, in her latest post she said she believes the majority of men in America want Donald Trump to become president because he embodies the pathological hatred and disrespect towards women that all men feel, which makes him the ideal candidate to lead our never ending quest to ensure every aspect of society is designed to oppress and degrade women.

A claim that ludicrous doesn’t warrant a response, but I had to vent, because using white men as a scapegoat is becoming a pet peeve of mine. It’s as insulting as it is unproductive. Reading this latest hate letter, it occurred to me that the arguments radical feminists use against white men is strikingly similar to those used by Fox News hosts to create the liberal straw man they blame the world’s problems on.

The only thing Fox News will ever accomplish by demonizing the liberal straw man they invented is dividing the American public. The only thing radical feminists will ever accomplish by demonizing the white devil straw man they invented is discrediting the feminist movement, and that’s not good for anybody.

Several years ago I made a series of 3-panel comic strips about two conservative ladies who discuss Fox News talking points in a way that reveals the absurdity behind the rhetoric. Since the format applies equally well to radical feminists’ talking points, I re-purposed the comic into another dark mirror to show what their rhetoric makes them look like to the men they seem to be trying to incite violence against:

















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One response to “Two Feminist Ladies #1

  • Ginger Sisco Cook

    I believer there is room in the world for both schools of thought and expression of the feminist and the social trend toward discrimination toward white males. Since I am actively involved in the art world which is for the most part controlled by rich white males who make donations to purchase art in museums and who purchase art through galleries.I feel the pain of women who are trying to break that glass ceiling. The blame toward high powered males with money to influence is a true fact and not a whine that has to be considered when trying to place art in the realm of museums and high-end art galleries.

    I have three children who are not so rich men with blond hair and beautiful Caucasian skin. They, as you well know, are experiencing reverse discrimination with the influx of a willing Hispanic labor force in the southwestern United States and enforced anti-discrimination laws that make it harder for whites to find jobs in a depressed market in Texas.

    My question is, ‘why is a female labeled as a radical feminist if she is pointing out what females have had to endure since the beginning of time?’

    I think it will be interesting to see what label is applied to those males who begin pushing back against society saying “I am not the cause of all your problems. I have these problems of my own.” In the art world, I am trying to find instances of white male artists who are taking a stand and expressing their frustration in their work.

    Your comic strips of the Two Conservative Ladies is certainly a step in this direction.


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