Why Americans shouldn’t accept Trump as president

The election system is corrupt.

In a fair and free election, the presidential candidates would be selected from the general population, but America’s system only allows the DNC and RNC to nominate candidates from within their good old boy network, leaving voters to pick between the lesser of two evils.

To make the system even less representative, the entire voting population is divided into 50 arbitrary groups and forced to register with one of the ruling political parties. When people vote, they don’t actually vote for the president. They vote for a member of the Electoral College to hopefully vote for their party’s representative.

During the presidential primaries, voters who register with the DNC had to compete with super delegates to determine who the DNC’s presidential candidate would be. Super delegates are former politicians who get to cast special votes equal to several hundred thousand regular votes, which is a blatant form of corruption meant to water down regular people’s ability to influence the result of the presidential primary election.

Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have beat Bernie Sanders without the help of super delegates, and Donald Trump wouldn’t have beat Hillary Clinton without the help of the Electoral College. So the regular voters choices were dismissed multiple times through the course of the election process. In the end, they didn’t get to pick who they wanted to run for president. The American people shouldn’t honor any presidential candidate who is selected for them using this convoluted system.

Hillary Clinton should have been disqualified.

In order for a presidential candidate’s victory to be legitimate, he/she must run against a legitimate candidate, and Hillary Clinton should have been disqualified before the final vote for several reasons.

In 2016, whistle blowers revealed the DNC colluded with Hillary Clinton to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign despite the fact that Sanders was more popular with the voting public. Plus, investigators found evidence of voter fraud in several states that helped Clinton beat Sanders. For these reasons alone, she should have been disqualified.

Clinton’s private charity, The Clinton Foundation, was found guilty of fraud and accepting money from foreign investors who Clinton has political and economic ties too. This creates a conflict of interest that would have prevented her from representing the will of the people.

She was also under investigation for illegally operating an unsecure top secret E-mail server in her private residence. The FBI found her guilty of wrongdoing but not criminal activity, but the American people deserve candidates who aren’t currently under investigation by the FBI. The fact that she wasn’t punished for breaking the rules, just illustrates that people with enough political power are above the law.

Anyone who says Clinton’s E-mail scandal got blown out of proportion, probably never had a top secret security clearance. I had a top secret (SCI/SSBI) security clearance for seven years, because I configured, installed, networked and administered classified E-mail servers for the U.S. Air Force. In the intelligence community, the words “top secret” mean “zero tolerance.” Mishandling any classified material is tantamount to selling secrets to the enemy. If anyone else did what Clinton did, they would be sent to military prison, and at the very least, lose their security clearance. Since I would have been disqualified from running for president if I’d mishandled classified information the way she did, then she should have lost her opportunity as well.

Even without all that, Clinton has been caught lying to the public countless times and holding private meetings with rich and powerful investors who make fortunes fleecing the poor. Leaked documents revealed her telling these investors to have a public and a private persona. Even though this isn’t illegal, it proves she lacks the integrity to hold a security clearance or represent the American people.

Before Trump is allowed to take office, he should have to compete against a legitimate candidate. As it stands, he may as well have run against a cardboard cutout of Lord Voldermort.

Trump should have been disqualified.

Donald Trump should also be disqualified because of his character. I guarantee he wouldn’t be able to pass the same polygraph tests Edward Snowden took to get his top secret security clearance, because he swindled customers using unethical business practices, bribed politicians, exploited legal loopholes for personal gain, had sex with married women and admitted to being unable to stop himself from committing sexual assault. These behaviors aren’t excusable. They’d disqualify him from working at Kunia and should bar him from working at The White House as well.

Trump’s behavior is abnormal to the point of qualifying him as clinically insane. He’s a pathological liar with no moral compass. Instead of swearing him in as president, we should be hosting a new election and requiring candidates to pass a rigorous psychological screening, lie detector test and competency exam.

Some voters should have been disqualified.

Objective statistics show the majority of Trump’s supporters are senile or uneducated. The whole point of the Electoral College is supposedly to prevent fools from electing fools, and that system failed in 2016.

As un-American as barring individuals from voting may seem, we already do it to felons and anyone without the right ID card. The 2016 election proved we need to have a serious conversation about requiring voters to meet higher benchmarks to qualify for the right to vote. It might serve the country best if we required citizens to earn the right by serving in the military or Peace Corp… but only after we stop brainwashing military recruits.

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One response to “Why Americans shouldn’t accept Trump as president

  • Fred

    The DNC has nobody but themselves to blame for their loss. Just about any other candidate would had won, but nooooooo…they had to have Hillary. However, even if Hillary had won, I don’t think I would had felt as heart broken as I do about Trump’s win.

    As bad as Hillary is, Trump is a horrendous insult. The thought of this vile deranged a$$hole right now being protected by the Secret Service and riding around in the Presidential Motorcade literally make me sick to my stomach. America has set a new very low standard for the highest office of the land and that just breaks my heart. Will we ever recover from this? Is this the end of the United States? I have no doubt that some of his base would gladly come in here and laugh about that, because they don’t care. All they care is that they won, as if this was the super bowl or something and they now have bragging rights.

    The Electorate College was originally established for a reason, to keep people like Trump out of the White House. In the face of all this controversy and evidence against Trump there has never been a better time in modern history for the Electorate College to do their job. If they still do not do the right thing by voting against Trump, I think we can safely conclude that there is no need for them in future elections, if they are just going to put their party first.

    I have mixed feeling about all this. On one hand I say stop Trump by any means possible. Pressure the Electorate College to vote against him. On the other hand I say give him all the rope he needs to hang himself and the GOP. I can see the GOP losing a lot of seats in two years, but with that second scenario, in four years will it be too late to turn things back around to a more positive direction? I am afraid it will be.

    To the Trump supporters; You won. Congratulations, but remember something; only 47% of registered voters turned out for this election and only 23% of them voted for Trump. You may have won, but you are not the majority. You are just a notch above a fringe group and those of you spreading your messages of intolerance do not represent most of the people.

    You voted for Trump because you are scared and you needed to stand behind the loudest, angriest bully to feel safe. Now you are trying to convince yourselves that you did the right thing while brushing off his many contradiction to what he promised you on the campaign trail. Then you ignore the controversies surrounding him, his cabinet picks and their connections to Russia.

    You are still angry and bashing liberals all over the internet. Why are you so angry and defensive after your huge win? I will tell you why. Because deep down you know you did something very stupid and the shame is overwhelming. You try to escape that shame, but everywhere you look you are being reminded of what you did and now you have to live with that.

    You claim you are for the Troops, so you voted for the man who belittled a P.O.W. You claim you are for family values, so you voted for the man who has been married 3 times and had multiple affairs. You say you are Patriots, so you approve of the Administration with ties to Russia. You say you want jobs brought back to America, so you voted for the man who has his merchandise made in China. You say Climate Change is not real, because its easier to dismiss things that are too complex for your understanding. You worry about illegal immigrants raping your women, but you voted for the man who brags about his vagina grabbing privileges. You say you want to protect Christianity, but you forget that Jesus was said to have spread a message of love, tolerance and inclusion.

    There are many more examples to show what a hypocrite you are, but it all boils down to this; you are a scared coward and that is the primary reason you voted for Trump. He is the school yard bully and you are the lackeys who stand behind him and point and laugh at his victim, because it makes you feel powerful, until one day you realize that bully was just using you for his own gain and you mean nothing to him as he turns on you without warning.

    Think about all that carefully Trump supporters. I know those of you reading this are going to get really defensive and want to lash out at me, but remember you feel that way because you know there is truth in my words and it hurts you. It is not too late to take a good hard look at yourselves and reclaim your dignity and the respect of your peers.

    You are right the country is a mess in many ways and we are not being represented as we should be, but Trump is not the answer. Lets admit to our mistakes, then come together and find some real solutions and in four years put up a qualified candidate who represents all of us. I hope we can all work together towards a positive direction soon.

    (Wise Sloth; sorry for hogging your Blog.)


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