How Donald Trump changed my understanding of American politics

For years I’ve been growing more and more convinced America doesn’t have fair and free presidential elections. I believed Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election since 2012. So Donald Trump’s victory made me reconsider all my assumptions about how America’s government works. It also inspired people who don’t follow politics to ask themselves, what the hell is going on in Washington? I’ll offer my new theory, but first I need to explain my original one and how I came to it.

The only president in American history who wasn’t a member of the two-party political system was George Washington, because they designed the election system to favor them by creating the Electoral College, Gerrymandering, superdelegates, voter registration laws, campaign finance laws, nomination requirements and mutually-beneficial agreements with the major media outlets.

The end result is career politicians have to play ball with the RNC and DNC in order to become president. Since all these deals happen behind closed doors, the public doesn’t know who exactly politicians have to impress, or what they have to do, to earn the presidential nomination.

I don’t know the answers to those questions, but I do know Hillary Clinton moved to New York in 2001 to become a senator to set herself up to run for president. In 2012 she lost to Barack Obama in the DNC presidential primaries, and John McCain ran such a poor campaign, it looked like he threw the race. Then Hillary got promoted to Secretary of State until she ran for president again in 2016. She got caught cheating in the primaries while she was under investigation by the FBI, who let her off the hook way too easy.

Everything pointed to the conclusion she was being set up to win. I didn’t think the RNC and DNC were even going to count the votes in the 2016 presidential election. They were just going to announce some numbers and tell us who their preconceived winner was.

I understand this is a huge conspiracy theory, and I feel guilty for putting so much stock in it, because I’m an extremely skeptical person. That’s why I’ve never blamed any specific individuals for leading this shadow government that seems to be pulling the strings.

I’ve researched and considered all the popular conspiracy theories about who’s running the world: The Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, Free Masons, Reptilians, etc. Millions of people believe in these theories, because they’re based on grains of truth, but the blanks are filled in with speculation and falsehoods. Plus, they still leave unanswered questions.

There are thousands of years of historical records proving various groups of powerful people have been influencing the world’s most powerful governments, and that’s not crazy. It’s just how society works. People get together and do stuff.

Someone is the most powerful person in the world. That would be true no matter what. Likewise, there’s one good old boy network with the most influence, but each of the world’s super powers have their own networks, and many parts of the world are power vacuums.

The world is not one single ship with one captain. It’s an ocean full of ships, and America just happens to be the largest right now. We know there are various semi-secret societies wielding power in America’s government, but the fact that there are multiple good old boy networks slapping the steering wheel, points to the conclusion there isn’t one supreme ruler.

Occam’s Razor says, “The simplest solution is usually the correct one,” and the easiest way to explain American politics would be to blame a single entity for running everything. However, Hanzlon’s Razor says, “Never attribute to evil, that which can be attributed to stupidity.”

The war in Iraq led me to suspect Hanzlon’s Razor may be more useful than Occam’s in explaining America’s behavior. It was obviously orchestrated. So there must have been some kind of plan behind it, but the entire fiasco was so disorganized and short-sighted, it couldn’t possibly be part of a solid master plan created by geniuses.

The only thing the war accomplished was making companies with lobbyists richer. It was a smash and grab for American taxpayer dollars and Iraqi oil. That’s not a master plan. It’s just a bunch of greedy monkeys slapping a steering wheel.

If you look at how the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, Food and Drug Administration, and every other major organization in the American government have sold out the American people, it looks like there’s a master plan to screw the population, but every piece of legislation that whittled away the integrity of these agencies was signed by politicians who received money from companies who benefited from them. There are a million money trails, all leading to rich people in different business sectors. This isn’t a centrally orchestrated strategy. It’s a public auction.

If Hillary Clinton would have won the 2016 presidential election, I would have taken that as confirmation there really is a group with god-like control over the system, because the FBI and DNC were obviously working together to pave the way for her. I would be more confused why she lost, except James Comey, the head of the FBI, and the person who publicly absolved her of breaking the law during the primaries, stabbed her in the back right before the general election by reopening her case and announcing the FBI would endorse Trump, which the FBI doesn’t do. Obviously, Trump compromised Comey somehow, which means Comey isn’t part of a grand conspiracy. He’s just for sale like the rest of the government, and Trump outbid Clinton.

I can believe a master genius would choose Hillary to be his puppet, but not Trump. You could even see the sadness in the faces of every politician at Trump’s acceptance speech; they were just as shell shocked as the rest of the world. The fact that he won means the general election wasn’t rigged, even if the DNC primaries were.

The only explanation for Trump’s victory, is the system is a rudderless cluster fuck. Since Trump is such a wealthy cluster fuck of a human being, the system was practically designed to let people like him sidestep through the cracks into office.

As depressing as that is, it gives me more hope than the alternative. There’s a popular saying in the U.S. military, “You can’t fix stupid,” but ISIS has taught us it’s more impossible to fix evil. At least this scenario gives Americans something we can resolve without a violent revolution, and it tells us exactly what we need to demand. If the root of the problem is money in politics, then all we need to demand is corruption reform.

Americans have known for years that money in politics is a major problem, but Donald Trump conclusively proved it’s the entirety of the problem. Hopefully, the worse Trump makes America, the more people will focus their protests, riots, letters to politicians and internet chatter on taking money out of politics. We just need to find a better strategy than the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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2 responses to “How Donald Trump changed my understanding of American politics

  • SmokieT

    Rudderless cluster fuck seems to sum things up. I have a feeling that the rudderless cluster fuck gets some assistance every so often and I knew shortly after Obama’s second win that the Republicans would win 2016 election. Trump was the wildcard that had me doubting my prediction though. I have a feeling if the super delegate trick hadn’t taken Sanders out of the race making way for Hillary, the RNC would have used a similar trick to take Trump out. Both parties having an ace in the hole to place a chosen one in power would have been much harder for people to ignore. As out of control as Trump is, a Trump victory would be more manageable than pulling the super delegate trigger.

    My basis for believing we were going to have a republican president no matter who won the primary is simple. The Christian religion makes up a large portion of the US population. The Republican party keeps a lot of the Christian hot button issues on it’s platform so much of the Christian vote goes to the right. 8 years of Obama left the Christian population feeling pretty beat up. Gay marriage was too much for them to handle and they were ready to elect anything the right put on the ticket. Outside of the political arena, many Christians would write him off and condemn him to hell because of his lifestyle. Since he is now the leader of the most powerful nation and basically the most powerful person in the world, they accept him as a hero. Any Republican would have pacified them without taking any action on their hot button issues. Looking back, Reagan, Bush, Bush and Bush verbally condemned abortion and did nothing about it. The wall to the south was a topic but not an action. Trumps commitment to take actions on all his campaign promises means some Americans will lose basic human rights and even more will lose much of the freedom that America promises to all and lives will be lost right here at home.

    It’s a scary though but how far backwards will things go fior “America to be great again” I see the pipeline project in North Dakota proves his version of American greatness goes back to a time when the original inhabitants of this land were simply pushed out of the way. The original route of the pipeline had it flowing pretty close to the capital city of Bismark, ND but they feared that a future leak would contaminate the cities water supply so the route was changed. The Sioux people who are protesting the pipeline for the same reason are considered crazy. I’m from the neighboring state of Minnesota so our weather conditions are quite similar and it has been cold as fuck and in these sub-zero conditions, high pressure water cannons are used against the protestors. The charge for peaceful protest is civil disobedience. The fact is, pipelines fail every so often. Other areas of the country were ground water was contaminated are faced with higher cancer and death rates due to the contamination but the Sioux are condemned for being concerned about their future water supply. At the end of the day it all boils down to the flow of money. The one thing I felt Obama did right was stopping construction on the pipeline until further environmental studies were done. I guess jobs and money are more important than lives and clean drinking water.

    By the way, nice post. A little different perspective than the mainstream concept of pick one or the other and bicker the other half for four years while all you have is taken away without realizing it.


  • Kat

    Not at all looking forward to a Trump presidency or GOP control of our country because they have proven time and time again they do not know how to govern.

    I know HRC was an establishment candidate, but I do not believe all the evil about the Clintons. Everybody cannot be in collusion with her criminality, if all that’s said is true. I agree with you that you “can’t fix stupid” when it comes to party politics. Have you ever volunteered for one? Man. Tolerated about a year of it before I re-registered as an independent.

    Trump belongs to the international elite. He represents a power shift that will shake up on a level we mere mortals have little insight into. Russia and Israel will come out on top in my opinion. Who will be the losers? The working class–the very folks who put Trump in power.

    I am not a political party hack–change needed to happen. I just wanted it to be us, not them. Until people can unite on this, the wealthy will continue to rob us all blind. We are nothing more than slaves to their rigged system.

    Blinders came off for me in 2000. This election changed nothing; just another power and money grab at our expense. Ick.


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