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Portrait of Travis Haan

My name is Travis Haan, and I am either currently, or was at one point in my life, a Texan, an Airman, a movie projectionist, a Christian, a night student, a network administrator,  a network manager, a porn store clerk, a computer help desk technician, a migrant fruit picker, an agnostic, a Kiwi, married,  living in a trailer, drawing in a notebook, living in Europe, hiking and/or reading a book. For an in depth explanation of why I write The Wise Sloth, read this post:

My long term goal is to build a self-sustainable intellectual monastery where thinkers can live for free and focus on their life’s work. If you’re curious what that might look like, check out these posts:

Feel free to E-mail me and say, “Hi.” I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about any of the things I’ve written. If there’s a topic you’d like me to write a blog about, ask, and I’ll let you know what I can do.

Please read these blogs before sending me rude, angry messages about the things I’ve written:

If you send me an E-mail and don’t hear back from me after a week or two, check you spam filter. My response will be titled:”Re: [About/Contact] The Wise Sloth.”