0 thoughts on “Deep Thoughts by The Wise Sloth #15

  1. I gotta be honest. I lost a little bit of respect for with the Twilight macro. Why does reading a poorly written fiction book, make you a failure of a human being? It would be one thing to chide it’s morals or say it’s stupid, but to say that someone who, DIDN’T EVEN NECESSARILY LIKE IT, they simply fucking read it, is a failure? The irony isn’t bad enough coming from the man who advocates reading Mein Kampfe or the Satanic Bible, because they’re bad books that might have a scrap of truth in them, but this came RIGHT AFTER you said that you shouldn’t mock aspiring writers. What the fuck?

    That makes about as much sense as going up to Christians and saying “IF YOU DON’T STOP BELIEVING IN GOD, THEN FUCK YOU.”

    I really sincerely do not understand how you justify this. It’s kinda like the macro you did with Lord Of the Rings where you implied, that reading fiction, even good fiction, is a waste of time, but having a different preference for your time-wasting pleasures shouldn’t demand more severity just because you chose something that you don’t like.

    I know my opinion might be shit to you, since I did post a series of droning useless comments on a previous post that were [rightfully] deleted, but my argument, as you would say, should stand on it’s own.

      1. Twilight and Religion are bad. I am not arguing against this. I’m not saying they are good.

        I am saying that telling someone they are a failure for reading a book is roughly equivalent to yelling at Christians, and I really don’t know who is supposed to read that meme. What do you think is more likely? That it will arrive at one of the many millions of counter-culture “Justin Bieber’s a fag” guys who just hate whatever’s mainstream for the hell of it, and they’ll give a chuckle, having their counter-culture convictions re-established for no particular reason, or that a Twilight fanatic will read the macro and become enlightened despite the fact that the macro makes no case other than Premise 1: book is bad. “IF YOU DON’T STOP READING TWILIGHT, THEN FUCK YOU.”

        I am not a comedic genius, but I present superior macros that I have produced this morning, as a response to the first link.


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