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Tweets by The Wise Sloth #5


Faith takes courage until it requires ignoring evidence. Then it takes cowardice, dishonesty and delusion.

Most of Guns N’ Roses’ songs are love songs. They’re basically a louder version of Tailor Swift.

Science answers “what” using evidence. Philosophy answers “why” using logic. Religion answers “what” and “why” with faith in ancient mythology

I predict in five years, every movie scene will be filmed in orange and teal lights.

Focus on what you’re doing, not what you want. You climb a mountain by taking steps, not by obsessively staring at the peak.

Your life won’t improve until you improve your thoughts.

If you’re ever feeling bad, try thinking of something good.

You won’t find peace outside of you until you find peace inside of you.

I challenge any Christian to read Exodus and Leviticus ten times, and then say, “I see no evidence of mythology or primitive culture here.”


Someone should print a Bible with all the fucked up parts in red. Then you can give it to Christians and say, “Sell me on anything in red.”

Charging the shit out of anyone who misses a payment on a debt, wouldn’t happen in any place faintly resembling Utopia.

Your value is set by how much love you give, not by how much you recieve.

If you’re a Christian, and haven’t given everything to the poor, I assume you either don’t know what the Bible says or you lack conviction.


My only problem with fast food chains is they use slave labor to sell poison to the public and markup the cost as high as the market allows.

America would be better off if every news anchor was a licensed psychologist, instead of a surreal-acting sensationalist.

You’d think the pickier you are, the sweeter life will be, but the less picky you are, the less difficult life will be.

Floating islands could solve extreme poverty, refugee crises and pollution 

I’m not saying this is deep. I just couldn’t not share it:

I knew an inmate who refused to work in the prison sweat shop. When asked why. He said, “If I wanted to be a slave, I wouldn’t have sold drugs”

Any president who doesn’t talk about the fact that state-sanctioned slavery going on in U.S. prisons, is a complete failure at their job.

This is how I feel when people thank me for my military service: 

How solve extreme poverty and every refugee crises

The low, low prices at your favorite store were brought to you by the slaves who made the products, not the generosity of the store owners.

I hate it when you watch a video on Youtube, and afterwards you think, “Fuck. That’s what you just did with that time in your life.”

I want to leave snarky replies to Trump’s tweets, but I assume my name will automatically be put on Trump’s terrorist watch list #trumptweet

Responsibility is doing what you need before doing what you want.

There are 2 kinds of people: ones who treat others well because they care and ones who treat others bad because they only care about theirself.

When the politician you’ve been dogmatically defending has the lowest approval rating in history, it’s time to consider you might be wrong.

Trump’s campaign slogan should have been, “The disaster America needs.”

Failing is practicing, and practicing is succeeding.

No politician is “for women’s rights” as long as it’s illegal for women to take their shirt off.

The more afraid a population is, the more conservative it’ll behave. The more hopeful a population feels, the more progressive it’ll behave.

Should transsexuals be allowed in the military? A politically agnostic veteran’s perspective


“Every man is a creature of the age in which he lives, and few are able to raise themselves above the ideas of the time.”

Doctors and football coaches disagree with the following statement: It is never a good idea to bang your head against anything.

If you don’t read the comments on Trump’s Twitter feed, you should. Hope he does. I couldn’t imagine how it feels to get called out so bad.

The larger the group of people you blame the world’s problems on, the more likely you’re just an intellectually lazy bigot.

Walking in big American cities is dangerous. If the cops don’t get you, the criminals will.

Outline of the plot to Star Wars: A New Hope

If anything should be illegal, charging interest on interest should be right after murder and rape.

Do you think about how many lives you could save with $1million, right before you spend $1million on a car, toy or experience for yourself?

If you can afford a $200 million home, all of your employees better have pensions, or you’re definitely going to Hell after you die.


Every time you try to sound smart, you just sound like you’re trying to sound smart, which smart people know smart people don’t do.

If welfare isn’t working in your country, it doesn’t mean welfare is evil. It means your government’s bureaucracy is broken and needs fixing.

If we can’t redistribute the rich’s wealth to the poor, let’s at least redistribute the taxes poor people pay to services that help them.

If people keep stereotyping you as the worst member of your group, don’t try to fix your accusers. Raise up the broken members of your group.


There’s a time and a place to bitch about the dangers of illegal immigration. In summer, when Jose is landscaping your lawn, is not the time.

If someone says workers should be paid/treated better, it doesn’t mean they’re Communist. Communism and workers rights aren’t mutually exclusive.

Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor: A cautionary tale 


By expressing yourself, you create yourself.

If you cash a lottery ticket and use the winnings to buy cigarettes in lieu of payment, that’s a metaphor for your level of hope in life.

The people I know who have been depressed the longest, tend to have spent the least amount of time actively engaging themselves in treatment.


If you haven’t worked towards your goal today, then having fun and playing games isn’t rewarding yourself. It’s how you’re failing.

Twitter would work better if you could tag your Tweets with hashtags the same way blogs do, separate from the text. #twitter #tweet #hashtag

Like how businesses do random drug screenings on employees, governments should do random corruption and war crimes screening on politicians.

Since America is jailing people for doing things that hurt them, it should criminalize fanatical patriotism and making excuses for politicians.


Since America is jailing people for doing things that hurt them, they should make it illegal not to learn something new every day.

Social issues can’t be solved if the only people talking about them and offering solutions, are the most radical members of each side.

If you’re enrolled in a liberal arts college and can afford to protest, you’re in the top 10% of most privileged people in the world.

The more worried you are what labels other people use, the more likely you’re too privileged to know the war the rich are waging on the poor.

America needs to mourn the deaths of all those who can’t afford overpriced healthcare as much as they mourn the latest celebrity to die.

You deserve the money you earn, but ask yourself, “How many lives can I save?” You’re evil if you decide to spend it on just pampering yourself.

If Christians got their morals from the Bible, they wouldn’t make excuses to disregard the archaic rules in the Bible they don’t believe.

Radical feminists most likely to angrily demand more empowered female leads in movies, are most likely to play the victim card in real life.


Plot outline of Back to the Future

Plot outline of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

Plot outline of Jurassic Park

Plot outline of Bladerunner

How bosses are literally like dictators

Billionaires won’t save you and Socialism won’t kill you


“Man is not affected by events, but by the view he takes of them.” Epictetus

The poor need a new economic system more than Bill Gates or Warren Buffet need $70 billion.

Science and religion fill different needs. Science fills the need for hard facts. Religion fills the need for intellectually lazy mythology.

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