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Watch Salman Khan’s Ted Talk: Let’s use video to reinvent Education

* The Wise Sloth is in no way affiliated with the Khan Academy. I just recognize the profound importance of free online education.

7 responses to “Donate

  • Ron

    I will donate to you $50 if you write about the evil of Islam. I was about to donate $50 but I see that you write bad stuffs about Christianity. I used to go to church too but the Christians in America is better than Islam. Have you read More Than a Carpenter? Islam is much more dangerous than Christianity, but I’m also an agnostic theist. So write a few articles on the evil of Islam then I will donate $50 to the your great writings on the military and sex. Here are two links to help you get started.


    • wise sloth

      I don’t write bad stuff about Christianity. I write true stuff about Christianity that Christians don’t want to hear. I haven’t read “More than a Carpenter,” but I have read “Misquoting Jesus,” which is a must read for anyone interested in the textual authenticity of the Bible. Yes, Islam is more dangerous than Christianity, which is saying a lot, considering how much harm Christianity has done in the world. Since Islam is so dangerous, I’m not going to invite Muslims to kill me by berating them. I’m already worried enough about Christians and American soldiers retaliating for pointing out their flaws. I did write this blog though:

      Islam needs an intervention


      • Ron

        Why fear Islam and Muslims when you’re anonymous on this website? David Wood post a lot of videos against Islam on YouTube for over 10 years and he fear no Islamic threats, and the guy is getting over $7,400 per month in monetory support (which include my $10/month). That’s enough money to live comfortable and spend your time making videos and giving speech nationwide.


        • wise sloth

          I’m not anonymous. My name is all over the place on my website, and I don’t make $7,400 per month from my website. I spend more on it than I make off it, but when I’m in a more secure situation I’ll speak less cautiously.


          • Anonymous

            I want to remain anonymous too online, but I will sent you $100 for all writings I’ve enjoyed (mostly the sex and military stuffs). David Wood is doing good for the USA and world by condemning Islam, which is 1,000x worse than the current Christian influence. He’s making a lot of money because a lot of people hate Islam and support the cause. He just need 849 patrons to pay him $7,472/month so he can do more anti-Islam videos and go on an anti-Islam speaking tour, but I will be your $1 Patron. The Christians just want to ban abortion and gay rights, but Islam want Sharia Laws like cutting off thieves’ hands, stoning for adultery and making lives harder for other religions (just look at Iran). I see your profile page, so is it better that you remain anonymous and not show your real name and face so you can rant more about anything (like Islam)?


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