Table of Contents

 Chapter 1

Who is The Wise Sloth?

My Goals
My Life Stories (in chronological order)
My Art
My Books

Chapter 2

Saving the World 

Talk About Saving the World
Be Better People
 Build a Better World
Buy a Better World

Chapter 3

Sex, Dating, and Relationships

Sex positions and techniques
General Sex Advice
Dating Advice
Relationship Advice
Philosophy of Sexuality
My Tweets About Romance

Chapter 4


Growing up and Becoming You
Happiness and Peace
Drugs and Addiction
Achieving a Healthy Work/Life Balance
Leadership and Authority
My Tweets About Self-Help

Chapter 5


The Meaning of Life
How to Think Like a Genius
Knowledge and Learning
Biker Philosophy
My Tweets About Philosophy 

Chapter 6



The Bible is mythology
Christianity is Harmful to Society
Preaching, witnessing and arguing with Christians
Christian Culture
My Tweets About Religion
The Wise Sloth Topical Bible


Secular Living

Chapter 7

American Politics

Corruption and Election Reform
American Laws
Barack Obama
The 2016 Presidential Election
Donald Trump
My Tweets About Politics

Chapter 8

The U.S. Military and Police

Military Mind Control
Military Philosophy
Police Brutality
America is not the good guy

Chapter 9


Predatory Capitalism Creates Poverty
Socialism and Communism
The Life of the Rich
The Life of the Poor
Oppression in the Workplace
Success and Retirement
The Housing Market
Healthcare in America
The Stock Market
Fixing the Economy
My Tweets About Economics

Chapter 10


The Importance of Public Education
Flaws in the Public Education System
Improving Public Education

Chapter 11

Writing and Creativity

Screenwriting for Movies
Screenwriting for TV
Short Stories
Choose Your Own Adventure
Movie plot break downs
TV plot break downs
Free story prompts
Writing tips

Chapter 12


Illustrated Parables
This Was Your Life

Loki and a friend taunt the dead at the Pearly Gates to the Underworld

How America Works

Short, dark, surreal, articulate political comics

An Old Man From Jersey Explains Life

An old man sits on the steps to his apartment and explains life to an eight-year-old boy.

Occupy LOL Street

Thee LOL Cats join the Occupy LOL Street movement at Zucchini Park and find ways to address income inequality and corruption.

Two Conservative Ladies

A satirical take on conservative talking points

Two Feminist Ladies
  • Two feminist ladies #1, 2, 3
The Adventures of Monk and Punk: Journey to Entlantis

A homeless monk and an alcoholic punk team up to create a publishing house to raise money to build a floating monastery.


Chapter 13

American Pop Culture

General Pop Culture
Trending Topics
Movies, Music, and Television
Food and Drinks
Social Justice Warriors
Liberals and Conservatives
Baby Boomers and The Younger Generations
Racism and Xenophobia
Conspiracy Theories and Theorists
My Tweets About Pop Culture

Chapter 14


Tweets About Self-Help
Tweets About Romance
Tweets About Philosophy 
Tweets About Religion
Tweets About Politics
Tweets About Economics
Tweets About Pop Culture

Video Lists

3 responses to “Table of Contents

  • Jewish Utilitarian

    I agree with most of this but there’s a couple things that are problematic.
    1. Lust (sex without love) itself is toxic due to the fact that its simply just validation seeking to cope for the feeling of rejection and it not actually pleasureful.
    2. The atheistic model cannot account for the laws of physics being violated in the beginning.
    3. Authoritarianism is not necessarily bad as long as your are attempting to mitigate suffering and death.
    4. The Tanak is historically accurate and the earth is flat.
    5. The world is run by Jesuits who control freemasons, you seem to not go into depth about them.
    6. Being poor is bad due to the fact you have no power.


  • M

    How can I contact you? I have some important questions to ask. Please reply.


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