Why I’m Not Voting For Trump

I don’t know everything Trump has said and done behind closed doors. So I can’t know his true character, but I do know that “no action is an island.” Everything anyone does is a part of a pattern of thoughts and behavior. If you drive horribly, I can accurately assume you make poor decisions in other important areas of life. If you disrespect waiters, I know you carry a sense of entitlement with you everywhere, and you mistreat other people you deem beneath you. I can even tell a lot about your lifestyle by the tilt of your posture. I’m not a super sleuth. We just all wear our secrets on our sleeves, making us very transparent if you bother to look.

Since I don’t know Trump personally, all I can do is look at his past behavior and draw conclusions, and he has paraded enough clues about himself to paint a clear picture of his character.

He’s definitely a liar.

We know for a fact that Donald Trump has told over 15,000 lies during his presidency. He even has a Wikipedia page dedicated to his habitual lying. Would you trust anyone else in the world after they told 15,000 lies? No. So if you still trust him, that tells me you have an ulterior motive for defending him, and you need to reevaluate why you keep putting faith in a pathological liar.

He’s a sexual predator.

During Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, he got busted bragging to a friend that if you’re a rich celebrity, women will let you do whatever you want to them, even grab them by the pussy. In the same clip, he also bragged about trying to get a married woman to have sex with him by buying her furniture. If anyone other candidate in history had said these things, they would have been out of the race by the end of the day, but Fox News and his voters defended these gaffes as innocent “locker room talk.”

Have you ever been in a locker room where people brag about harassing and bribing married women to have sex with them or being so famous they can get away with grabbing women by the pussy? These statements obviously came from the heart. Even if he doesn’t actually grab women by the pussy, he’s admitting abusing his power to get laid.

We know this outburst is a part of a larger pattern of sexual deviancy. He’s been married three times, which isn’t a big deal, but his current wife is a nude model (Not Safe For Work Link), who he cheated on with a porn star, who he paid $150,000 to keep their affair a secret.

Would you really be comfortable leaving Trump alone with any woman in your family? If not, then you must not be aware he’s been accused by four women of walking into the Miss Teen USA dressing room where underage girls were completely naked.

I wasn’t there. So I can’t say for sure if he did, but I do know people are the product of the company they keep. You can tell more about a person by the friends they hang out with than by the clothes they wear. And Donald Trump was friends with Jeffrey Epstein, the notorious pedophile sex trafficker.

Trump even once said in public, “I’ve known Jeff for fifteen years. Terrific guy. He’s a lot of fun to be with. It is even said that he likes beautiful women as much as I do, and many of them are on the younger side.”

On top of all that, Trump has a long history of acting creepy around his own daughter. He even said on a TV interview, “If Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”

You might dismiss all of this evidence as circumstantial, but it’s enough that I wouldn’t be comfortable leaving him alone with any woman in my family. His sexual history is enough to make me not trust him to do the right thing in general.

He surrounds himself with criminals.

People naturally tend to surround themselves with people who share their values and goals. Sometimes you can’t pick who is in your life, but when you’re as rich as Trump, you have that power.

In addition to saying pedophile rapist, Jeffrey Epstein, was a terrific guy, Trump also said that he and serial murderer, Kim Jong Un “fell in love.” I can appreciate that Trump tried diplomacy in North Korea, but Kim Jong Un is probably the most evil person in the world right now. His country is a dystopian hell. Nobody in their right mind likes Kim Jong Un. The fact that Trump does says something terrible about his priorities.

Trump promised to “drain the swamp” in Washington D.C., but instead, he flooded it with shady characters and staffed high level positions with rich people who weren’t qualified.

On the other side of the coin, dozens of high level officials have quit working for the Trump administration due to concerns of his unacceptable behavior, and the number keeps growing.

Why should I trust Trump when I can’t trust the people he surrounds himself with? And if good people are jumping ship all around him, why should I believe they’re all crazy when Trump is the common denominator?

The people around him have horrible things to say about him.

Ever since Trump became president, people close to him have been leaking reports about how unstable and irrational he is. His staff claims they give him short explanations of world events and include his name in his briefings as frequently as possible because seeing his own name holds his attention.

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. So far there have been 8 books written by members of Trump’s staff or journalists who interviewed them, describing him as mentally unstable:

How many bad reports about Trump need to get leaked before it raises suspicion about his character?

He’s not a Christian, and he doesn’t care about the poor.

I’m not a Christian, and I don’t really care if Trump is either, but one of the reasons he appeals to Christian voters is because he says he is. However, his actions consistently say otherwise.

In addition to his sexual history, he’s also a billionaire, and in Matthew 19:23-24, Jesus says, “Truly I tell you, it is hard for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of heaven. Again I tell you, it is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle than for someone who is rich to enter the kingdom of God.”

In Matthew 19:21, Jesus says, “If you want to be perfect, go, sell your possessions and give to the poor, and you will have treasure in heaven. Then come, follow me.”

Trump made most of his money as a landlord, but he has also built a portfolio of shady business, including a fake university. He did run a charity, the Donald J. Trump Foundation, but he was forced to pay $2 million in fines and close it for a long list of reasons, which mainly amount to diverting funds earmarked for charities to be used for the Trump family’s personal benefit.

Now, Trump’s latest budget for the country appears to cut funding to the Meals on Wheels program, which delivers food to disabled elderly people.

More than anyone else, his presidency has helped the ultra rich the most. His 2017 budget significantly reduced the taxes for the 1%, after which, he bragged to his rich friends at his exclusive Mar-a-Lago resort, “You all just got a lot richer.”

Trump supporters like to boast that he donates all of his presidential salary to charity, but as a billionaire, that’s pocket change to him. It’s a wise investment in his public image…. an image that is tarnished by the fact that his frequent golf trips have cost the American tax payers over $127 million.

Trump claims to be a “man of the people,” but so far his actions have shown more concern for the ultra rich than the common man. This does not reflect the values of Christ, which makes him a liar and fraud.

He is an opportunistic, disingenuous racist.

During Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign, he made a lot of vague promises like, “making America great again,” but like most politicians, he didn’t offer many hard details. The one specific promise he made repeatedly was to keep illegal immigrants out of America by building a $21 billion wall.

It always amazes me when Trump supporters act surprised, hurt, and oppressed when people assume they’re racist. You voted for a guy whose primary campaign promise was to keep America white. If that’s what he wants, then he’s racist. If that’s what you want, then how are you not racist?

The obvious rebuttal to this claim is that prejudice towards Mexicans is warranted, but don’t all racists believe their prejudice is warranted? And is it really warranted? Most illegal immigrants come to America legally and overstay their visas. Most of the people hiking across the border are seasonal workers coming to serve as slaves in America’s agricultural industry so Americans can enjoy the cheapest produce in the world.

Given Trump’s lack of ethics and love of money, it should come as no surprise that he, himself hires illegal aliens at his businesses to take advantage of cheap labor. It could come as a little bit of a surprise, since he based his presidency on demonizing undocumented workers, but only if you’ve completely shut your eyes and ears to what kind of a person he is.

I’m fairly confident Trump doesn’t actually hate Mexicans or illegal immigrants. Much like the starving people in North Korea, I’m sure he doesn’t care about them at all. He just knows how easily you can manipulate voters by pointing to an enemy who can’t defend themselves and promise to save your country from them. Somehow, being a disingenuous racist seems even worse than being an actual racist.

He has a clear pattern of corruption.

Long before Trump became president, he avoided serving his country during the Vietnam War by falsely claiming to have bone spurs in his feet. This isn’t a conspiracy theory. His lawyer admitted it.

As a businessman, he brazenly committed fraud and exploited tax loopholes so he could keep more money for himself instead of giving it to the common good.

During his 2016 campaign, he was accused of colluding with Russians to help him win the election and later obstructing justice to prevent law enforcement from proving what he’d done. This whole ordeal resulted in a 400 page report by the director of the F.B.I., Robert Mueller.

Trump supporters will say this was a politically motivated hoax, but those 400 pages aren’t filled with nothing. They show an orgy of collusion and obstruction that resulted in 34 indictments and at least five people closely associated with Trump going to prison for collusion and obstruction.

After the infamous Mueller Report, Trump was impeached for withholding military aid to Ukraine until they agreed to provide damning evidence against his political rival, Joe Biden, to sabotage his 2020 presidential campaign.

Multiple associates of Trump have been arrested and testified that the charges against him are true. Former Secretary of State, John Bolton also corroborates their testimony, as does Trump’s own personal lawyer, Rudy Guliani.

The Senate voted not to remove Trump from office, but that doesn’t prove he’s innocent. Before the trial, the Republican leader of the Senate promised not to have an impartial trail, and all but one of his fellow Republicans obeyed him and voted to acquit Trump, and that lone wolf was a billionaire with nothing to lose.

For some reason, almost as if they were coerced or blackmailed, Republican senators refused to allow witnesses or new evidence to be admitted in the trial. Common sense should tell you, if they didn’t have anything to hide, they wouldn’t have hidden it. Blocking evidence should be evidence of guilt, and rigging a trial should be evidence of corruption.

A scientific thinker respects the fact the simplest explanation of a mystery is usually the best. If Trump isn’t guilty of years of corruption, then there’s a massive conspiracy to fabricate evidence against him… yet the evidence has already put multiple people close to Trump behind bars. The simplest explanation of why Trump and his closest associates keeps getting in trouble is because where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

He speaks incoherently.

I’ve honestly considered the possibility there’s a conspiracy against Trump, but he consistently demonstrates a clear and consistent pattern of selfishness and immoral behavior that lends credence to the accusations against him.

His pattern of irrational behavior extends all the way down to the way he talks. If he came to me for a job interview, I wouldn’t hire him based solely on the fact that his words don’t make any sense.

There are hours of footage on Youtube of him raving like a madman. At some point, you have to ask yourself why he speaks so incoherently. Is it because he’s a genius or he’s suffering some kind of mental illness?

A group of 27 psychiatrists and mental health experts wrote an entire book analyzing his behavior and coming to the conclusion he’s an unstable liability to America and peace on Earth.

His rhetoric is toxic and hateful.

The longer Trump has been president, the more I’ve seen regular people on conservative forums refer to Democrats with the derogatory monikers Trump invented, like “Crooked Hillary,” “Shifty Schiff,” Crazy Joe Biden,” Crazy Nancy,” “Crazy Bernie,” etc., etc., etc.

Name-calling isn’t adult, let alone presidential. He insults and defames anyone who opposes him on anything. If you’re right, and someone else is wrong, then some form of pushback is warranted, but Trump is downright childish in his hate-mongering. This isn’t productive, and it’s inspiring his followers to unleash their inner child.

I’m no fan of Obama, but he got shit on by Republicans for eight years, and he didn’t resort to unrestrained, insult-filled tantrums the entire time. At least he did that right.

Trump acts like a school yard bully who can’t accept responsibility for his actions and beats up everyone who doesn’t enable his toxic behavior. It’s nauseating to watch, and it sets a toxic precedent for the rest of America. Trump says he wants to make America great again, but sowing discord between Americans for your own personal gain isn’t what’s best for the country.

His policies are bad for the environment.

I don’t hate the fossil fuel industry. Everything I own has plastic in it, and I drive my car everywhere I go. Without fossil fuels, I would be living in a grass hut, killing squirrels with a spear.

However, I would like to limit pollution. I would also like to keep as many animals alive as possible and preserve our dwindling natural wilderness. Trump cares more about money than the future, and his policies reflect that.

Trump has rolled back protections for endangered species, clean water, and clean air. He also withdrew America’s participation in the Paris Climate Agreement, whose main goal is to reduce carbon dioxide in the air despite the fact that CO2 levels in the atmosphere are at the highest level they’ve ever been in human history.

His concern for the environment is further demonstrated by the fact that his Secretary of Energy was Rick Perry, a corrupt politician who was unqualified for the job and quit to work for an oil pipeline company.

Trump has also spent months insulting a 16 year old girl for having the audacity to suggest we should protect the environment. You can tell a lot about a hero by the villains they choose to fight. Trump chose a 16 year old girl who wants to reduce pollution. That tells me he’s not the hero we need.

The list of good things he hasn’t done is even longer than the bad things he has.

In 2012 I wrote a blog titled “10 Things Obama Won’t Change In His Second Term,” and I predicted that no other president in my lifetime would change them either. They are:

  • 1: Campaign finance reform
  • 2: Holding politicians accountable
  • 3: Using police to crush protests
  • 4: Reforming the U.C.M.J.
  • 5: Ending ethnic cleansing in Israel
  • 6: Ending predatory lending
  • 7: Ending manipulation in the media
  • 8: Setting fair wages and prices
  • 9: Ending the war on drugs
  • 10: Improving equal rights for all

So far, I’ve been correct. There are extremely important issues that Trump hasn’t even addressed. Instead, he’s spent his time golfing, giving tax cuts to the rich, building a wall, demonizing his enemies, and normalizing hate.

I’ve seen Trump supporters defend his record by pointing out that the economy is doing great and the unemployment rate is super low. They quote mathematical metrics published by political think tanks to justify these claims, but I don’t see it on the grimy streets of Houston.

Have you gotten a massive raise at work lately? Has your rent gone down? Do you ever expect it to? Can you afford to take a vacation? Do you have enough time off to take a vacation? Can you afford to see a doctor? Can you afford to save for retirement? Do you see fewer homeless people begging at street corners? What about everyone else you know? Are they stressed? Are they on antidepressants? Are they perpetually smiling? The people in the income brackets I associate with aren’t living the dream no matter how hard they work.

That’s why I don’t want to pay for any more of Trump’s golf trips. I’m just not seeing a good return on investment for the country.

The enemy of your enemy is not always your friend.

I haven’t said anything in this post that Trump supporters haven’t heard already. They know he’s not perfect, but they accept him. Every time I talk to Trump supporters in real life about their leader’s flaws, they immediately resort to bashing left wing liberal culture and Democratic politicians.

Every single day, they watch Fox News and listen to right wing radio, where they learn that liberals and Democrats are trying to destroy America, and the only thing holding back the army of Satan are strong, conservative, Republican leaders. Trump supporters love the fact that he stands up to their enemies and gives them shit every day. I believe that’s the main reason they let him get away with murder.

I don’t like social justice warriors or Nancy Pelosi either, but in the case of Donald Trump, the enemy of my enemy is not my friend. Trump doesn’t care about rural conservative Christians. Has he ever even been to a farm? He lives in a golden bubble surrounded by rich, coastal elites. His reality is so far removed from the Average American’s, he doesn’t even know how dishwashers work.

I’m not a liberal shill. I’ve tried to analyze Trump’s record objectively, and based on the evidence, I’ve come to the logical conclusion that I wouldn’t trust him to babysit my enemy’s children, let alone make America great again.

If you think I’m crazy, consider that most of the rest of the world agrees with me. When foreigners look at America without red or blue colored glasses, all they have to base their opinions on are the facts. From the outside looking in, they see a deranged idiot, and they’re baffled why any American would be proud to let Trump represent them. I’m not saying we should listen to foreigners because they know more about America than you do. I’m just saying, if everyone in the world thinks you’re crazy, you might want to reevaluate your beliefs.

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4 responses to “Why I’m Not Voting For Trump

  • Anonymous

    I have friends that love Trump and some that hate him. I don’t understand either.

    I find most of what the pundits call lies are based on opinion. If Trump says the glass is half full the Trump haters call him a liar because anyone can see that it is half empty. In my opinion they all lie, Trump just talks too much in a braggadocio style that draws more attention.

    As a sexual predator I’m a little slow to be an accuser. Chasing skirt was the main drive in almost all of us in our younger years. Copping a feel wasn’t as big a deal in the past as it is today. It was the responsibility of the woman to say no because the horny young man wasn’t going to. So I’m not so sure I would have done differently than Trump given the same temptations- surrounded by beautiful, willing women. Locker room talk is a real thing and bragging about sexual exploits was a common thing when Trump was young.

    I live in a very rural area of Oregon (100 miles from Medford) and though as you say Trump probably hasn’t been on a farm the farmers love him. The environmental laws have gone overboard the last few years- one guy was fined because he caught rain water in a barrel instead of letting it run naturally off the roof and into the ground. Half of Oregon is owned by the federal gov.t as is much of the west. I don’t see our national wilderness as dwindling and I feel that many of the bureaucratic laws do more harm than good to the environment.

    It’s rural America that likes Trump. The country folk seem to like his frank, straightforward style as compared to the silver tongued devils.

    As far as raises, vacations, doctor visits I’d have to say no to any improvement, but that wasn’t improved through the last 3 administrations either.

    I probably won’t vote for Trump either but I do think he has done some things that are good. I think the last few presidents have done things just as bad or worse but were not as hated.


  • Kat

    When trump went on TV to invite Russia to find HRC emails, that was it for me. The influence of putin’s army remains on social media today. I am attacked frequently, even though I am a veteran and believer, because I do not support trump. And for all the reasons you mention above I will never vote or support trump. He represents the worst of what America has to offer. Arrogance and spitefulness tell me all I need to know about DJT. No thank you.


  • Dee Martin

    Gah…all of the above. Thank you for being logical and clear.


  • Ginger Sisco Cook

    What a cogent stream of consciousnesses. Thanks for putting your thoughts out there for us to consider and digest. The weakest area of your analysis of Trump is the issue of the purported strength of the American economy in the Spring of 2020. If there had not been an economic recovery from the George W Bush presidency by Obama, Trump would not have inherited a strong economy going forward . Bush crippled our economy with two wars, a 9.9% unemployment struggle, a housing bubble debacle, the subprime mortgage crisis, and the Great Recession aftermath. When Obama left office, Trump inherited a strong economy. Although the Dow is not a measure of the economy, during Obama’s administration the Dow rose from 8,280 to 12,696, a growth of 65 percent. To date, in the Trump administration the Dow has risen 31%. Not a bad showing but certainly not outstanding. Basically speaking the Dow measures the wagers of the wealthy class betting their current wealth with predictions on future wealth. The Trump policies are putting the wealthiest of the wealthy into position to increase their current positions. The real question is, “have real wages of the common man risen under Trump’s leadership”? The answer is not really. Under Trump the average wage increase is somewhere around .08% with the average under Obama compared to the same time frame in their presidencies of about 1.3%. Under President Bill Clinton, real wages of the lower and middle classes went up by 6.4%. In my opinion, that is real growth. A family could afford to buy a house, pay for health insurance, save for their future, and pay for college. In 2020, middle and low income families are not able to do any of those things. Many are one pay check from homelessness. On the other hand, corporate profits are rising sharply and are at an 85 year high. Mr. Trump’s tax cuts for individual Americans was regressive, helping the rich more than middle-class Americans and did not help the lowest wage earners at all. Most lower level and middle level Americans have not received a wage increase despite higher corporate profits. I am a baby-boomer so there is much discussion among my homies about how well we are able to live off our social security since we are in our late 60s and 70s. One-third of boomers (33%) rely on Social Security for over 90% of their income. Nationally, the median married couple or individual recipient age 65 and over relies on Social Security for 67% of income. I can tell you that for my family and my friends, the Trump proposed cuts in Social Security will have a very large effect on our living standards. My husband I bet that our savings would increase with interest rates over the years after retirement. However, the rate of savings is at historically low levels of 0-1%. We are betting that as we go into our 70s and 80s that our medical costs are going to compound faster than our savings interest rates and if that happens, our quality of life will take a nose dive. My annual social security checks are lower than the 100% poverty level of $12,760. I have a graduate degree and have been teaching at a university for the past seven years and I have not had one raise and my salary is less than the poverty level. On the whole, my husband and I will become economically vulnerable if social security is reduced. Please keep in mind that I have been paying into the social security system since I was 14. I invested 50 years into the Social Security system and now I am scared that my trusting the system is going to bite me in the proverbial ass. So, no, I do not feel that I am better off under the Trump administration. My wages have not increased, my buying power has not increased, my savings have not increased, and my Social Security is at great risk. I am scared for the future. Trump policies are not cutting it for the bread and butter politics of ordinary Americans.

    Liked by 1 person

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