10 Things Obama Won’t Change In His Second Term

Photo of Iraqi children standing in rubble, with the caption, "Did you hear? Americans have just voted on whether the person firing the drone missiles at us is a democrat or a republican."


Note: This post was originally written on November 7, 2012

Barack Obama just won another four years as president of the United States, and I’d be excited about that, but as we all know, he hasn’t lived up to his 2008 campaign slogan of “hope and change.” Part of the blame lies with Republican politicians and the influence of Fox News for holding the Obama’s administration, the American political system, the American people, and to some extent, the world, hostage with their stubbornness and ignorance. However, Obama didn’t take a strong stance against a great many injustices. In the next four years, he’ll continue standing by idly while the rich get richer, the poor get poorer and humanity slides closer to extinction.

Here’s a list of things Obama won’t change in the next four years. In fact, these are all things that no Democrat or Republican candidate would have or will take a strong stance against for the foreseeable future. So remember this list every time you go to the polls.


1: Campaign finance reform

The main reason the world can’t expect to see America change or even move forward is because millionaires and billionaires fund politicians’ campaigns. As a result, American politicians are compromised before they even enter office. If they don’t play ball with the big political financiers then that money will go to fund their opponent in the next election cycle.

The rich only want their politicians to do one thing for them: make them richer at the expense of the poor. The richer the rich get, the more political power they can afford. The poorer the poor get, the less political power they can afford. Politicians know this, but they won’t put an end to it, because they’ll lose their career (and possibly their life) if they so much as talk about how important it is to take away rich people’s ability to unofficially buy political power through campaign contributions.


2: Holding politicians accountable

Politicians don’t have to take the same competency exams that soldiers have to take before enlisting. They don’t have to pass the same exams foreigners have to take before immigrating to America. They don’t have to take the same drug tests janitors have to take. When politicians prove their incompetency they don’t lose their job like teachers do. When they break laws, they rarely go to jail like voters do. When they go senile with old age, they’re not forced into retirement. They can even get convicted of corruption specifically and still be able to stay in office and run for higher offices. There’s no motivation for them to care, and since no politician is going to instate stricter standards for politicians they’re going to keep not caring about you.


3: Crushing protests

It would be hard to send a clearer message to the world that hope will be crushed and change will not be tolerated than ordering police to beat, mace, taze, arrest and disperse protesters. The American government sent that message to the world when the Occupy Wall Street protesters were terrorized by the police and discredited by the media. There’s no reason to expect any American politician will act any differently now.


4: The U.C.M.J

The Uniform Code of Military Justice violates the Constitution, the Bill of Rights and the Declaration of Human Rights. The American public will continue spending trillions of dollars in taxes to support this inhumane document because no American politician will stand up against it.


5: Ethnic cleansing in Israel

What the Israeli government is doing to the Palestinians is ethnic cleansing at best. Given enough time it will be genocide, and the Israeli government will have all the time they need to exterminate the few Palestinians who remain in the concentration camps they’ve been corralled into because Israel has the full support of the United States government.


6: Predatory lending

Do you know why interest rates on loans are so expensive? Because that’s how bankers get rich. The higher interest rates are set on mortgages and business loans, the more landlords and business owners have to charge their poor customers to cover the cost. Banks are bleeding humanity to death so a few people can get obscenely rich, and they’re going to keep bleeding humanity to death because no American politician will stand up to big banks.


7: Manipulation in the media

Fox News argued and won a court case in Florida saying they have no obligation to tell the truth. They’ve been lying through their teeth ever since and have crippled their fans’ ability to think or act rationally. Now insanity is the norm in America.

Even less biased media outlets still bombard their audiences with commercial propaganda that convinces them to act on their base instincts and spend money they don’t have on products they don’t need. The media in America is more Orwellian than even George Orwell could have predicted. Every generation of American children is going to grow up getting mind-fucked because no American politicians will intervene on their behalf.


8: Fair wages and prices

The standard business model all around the world is for companies to pay their workers as little, and charge their customers as much, as possible so the owners can keep the lion’s share of the profit. Billions of people don’t live in abject poverty because they’re lazy and stupid. They’re poor because the only way the rich can get richer is to take more money from the poor. The rich are going to keep bleeding the poor to death with the consent of the politicians they’ve bought… politicians like Barack Obama.


9: The war on drugs

The war on drugs is a misnomer. It’s really a war on people. It’s an obvious and well-established fact the war on people is hurting more people than it helps. The only people it really helps are criminal kingpins and war profiteers like the gun and prison industries. While the poor live in fear and rot in jail, there are a lot of rich people getting richer, and they’re going to keep getting richer because no president will stand up for what’s right.


10: Equal rights for all

It’s still illegal for women to take their shirts off in the same places as men, which makes women second-class citizens. Obama isn’t going to fix that, I guess because equal rights aren’t as important as bailing out predatory lending institutions.

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