My theory on age-based accountability laws

Definition of the word, "Discrimination," The prejudicial treatment or consideration of a person, racial group or minority based on category rather than individual merit, excluding or restricting members on the grounds of race, sex or age."

The way things work today, you reach certain ages where you’ve given certain rights you didn’t use to have, like driving, drinking, fucking, and voting. At some of these milestones you’re held to a higher level of responsibility. At the age of 17 you can be tried as an adult in a court of law. At other milestones you’re held to a lower level of responsibility. At age 18 you’re free to smoke all the cigarettes you want and watch all the porn you can because you’re all of a sudden mature enough to handle it.  And then there’s the age of consent, which is just confusing. If you’re 17 years old you can fuck all the 17 year olds in the country. If you’re 18 years old, fucking a 17 year old is one of the worst crimes you can commit.

This is a broken system that isn’t based on any solid logic. The reason it’s still being used is because it involves taboos that nobody wants to touch with a 10 foot pole. Plus, it seems to be generally accepted that the system works well enough. So why mess with it? The reason is because the system works well enough…except for those it doesn’t work for.

Here’s what I propose. Get rid of all age restrictions as they stand. Then make it to where you can start applying for rights around the age of 14 or 15…because honestly, we all know what’s going on by 14 or 15. At that point you can apply for the right to drive, the right to sexual freedom, the right to vote, the right to use mind altering substances, etc.

There’s three catches though. First, you have to prove you’re responsible enough to use these rights. To drive you have to pass a driving class. To vote you have to pass a government class. To have legally consensual sex under the age of 18 you have to pass a sexual awareness class. To use drugs you have to pass a drug awareness class. etc. etc.

The second catch is that you’re held to a higher level of accountability (when applicable). You can be tried in adult court. You’re no longer protected by statutory “rape” laws. The penalties for drinking and driving go up. Health insurance goes up. Stuff like that.

The third catch is that you can have your rights taken away (when applicable) if you demonstrate that you’re not responsible enough to use them…responsibly…just like how you can get your driver’s license taken away.

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