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Why Did Americans Vote For Trump?

On November 9th, 2016, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America. Now the rest of the world is wondering how it happened, what it means for the future and what the public should do now.

Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama both urged Americans to unite behind Trump and support his policies, but that advice is profoundly controversial, which is perfectly illustrated by footage of conservatives celebrating Trump’s victory in bars and auditoriums while liberals protested and rioted in the streets, shouting slogans like, “Not my president.”

Although 60 million people trusted Trump enough to vote for him, the stock market dropped the moment the election results came out as investors panicked. Around the world, non-Americans reacted with extreme degrees of fear, joy, and confusion. How can so many people see the same man so differently? And what does it say about Americans that the majority voted for him?

It’s difficult to find useful answers to these questions, especially for anyone living outside of the USA. As an American who spent over 10 years living overseas, and who doesn’t identify with Trump, Clinton, Republicans, Democrats, conservatives or liberals, I can offer an insider’s explanation of American culture to outsiders, that isn’t clouded by reverence for the left or right.

The first thing non-Americans need to understand, before they jump to any conclusions about the American people based on Trump’s victory, is that he had the lowest approval rating of any presidential candidates in modern history, second only to Hillary Clinton, and he won with only 60 million votes in a country of over 300 million people.

Most Americans didn’t vote. So if you’re going to negatively stereotype Americans based on how they vote, then you can label about 20% of them as poor, rural, gun-clinging, Christian conservatives. About 20%, privileged, liberal, neo-hippie, social justice warriors. 10%, conspiracy theorists, anarchists and other reactionary idealists. The other half of America is made up of people who either didn’t have the freedom to take off work on election day, weren’t allowed to vote, or don’t give a shit about voting, because they have no faith left in the system. Based on that, if you must stereotype Americans, then label them oppressed and dejected.



Of those who did vote for Trump, most of them were older, white men who say they voted for Trump because he’s anti-establishment, and they’re tired of being marginalized by big government and naive liberal do-gooders. These statements may be true, but they’re not the whole truth.

It’s no secret that many people voted for Trump simply because he’s not Hillary Clinton, who has earned herself a reputation for lying, corruption, incompetence, and malevolence for decades. If you only read American conservative news sources, you might get the impression America is divided into Trump supporters and Clinton supporters, but the percentage of Americans who voted for Clinton says otherwise. The paradoxical fact that Hillary lost to the least popular presidential candidate in modern history, just goes to show how much the rest of America dislikes her.

Some liberals fear her so much, they voted for Trump as the lesser of two evils, just to prevent the inevitable 4-8 years of standardized corruption she would bring to the White House. Why would they vote for someone they didn’t want? Because from their point of view, it was their patriotic duty. It’s a mainstream belief in America that voting for the lesser of two evils is less evil than not voting.

On a similar note, it’s fair to say a major reason why some conservatives voted for Trump is because he was the Republican party’s candidate and not the Democrat’s. To be fair, Democrats are guilty of this too. Loyal Clinton and Obama supporters dismissed, ignored and made excuses for just as many of their leaders’ flaws as Trump and George Bush Jr.’s followers. Not all Americans are so closed-minded, but this mentality is mainstream because America’s two-party political system has indoctrinated Americans to view political affiliation in terms of “us versus them.



In order to understand the conservative American mindset, you have to understand that the main source conservatives get their news from is Fox News and its echo chambers, which couldn’t exist before 1987, when the FCC repealed the Fairness Doctrine, which required media broadcasters to present fair and balanced political editorial. Despite Fox News’s claim to be “fair and balanced,” their journalism is patently subjective, one-sided, sensationalized, fear mongering and dubious. To be fair, all American news companies have become entertainment-centric, but Fox News is the only one whose CEO and reporters have openly admitted it.

Ironically, Americans still rank Fox as their most trusted news source. The inevitable result is that Fox’s most loyal followers trust anything Republican and vilify anything Democratic with an intensity proportional to the sensationalism of the “news” they watch. This is why they defended Bush while he was doing everything they want Trump to fix, and why they smeared Obama for 8 years, even though none of their apocalyptic predictions about him came true. If Trump had run as a Democrat, or if Obama had done any of the questionable things Trump has done, conservatives would have run either of them out of town.

Blind faith in the conservative/Republican identity blinded many voters to Trump’s character, which partly explains why people who believe in family values support a misogynist who has been accused of sexual assault. People who believe in less government support a fascist who has repeatedly advocated oppressing minorities. People who want money out of politics support a billionaire who has admitted to bribing politicians. People who want a strong businessman support a CEO who has bankrupted multiple businesses, exploited legal loopholes and swindled his customers remorselessly. People who feel disenfranchised support a political opportunist who made a name for himself by disenfranchising minorities.

Not every Trump supporter has looked at these issues straight on and used logical fallacies to reverse engineer excuses for them. I’ve personally asked Trump supporters what they think about Trump’s failings, and they expressed surprise and disbelief because it was the first time they’d heard of them. Some of these individuals were ignorant of this information because they’d never done any research, and others had done plenty of research, but they never looked at any sources outside of the conservative echo chamber.

The same can be said about many Clinton supporters, who only watch CNN or MSNBC, as well as foreigners who are trying to understand Trump and his followers by watching their local news stations.

Watching Trump’s hate speech and seeing Americans respond to it euphorically, it’s easy to stereotype Americans, or at least Trump supporters, as ignorant, racist, misogynistic, homophobic xenophobes who voted for a man who represents their bigotry.

I personally know people who voted for Trump and are none of those things. However, the internet is full of evidence that many bigots did vote for Trump because they were inspired by the racist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic things he’s said and done. You can find other conservatives claiming to be egalitarian and peace-loving while praising Trump’s divisive policies using thinly veiled hate speech.

To say the conservative base doesn’t have a racism problem requires ignoring eight years of prejudice against Barack Obama. Not every conservative called him a nigger, but he got called that every day for the past 8 years.

It’s crucial to understand that conservative American racism is just a symptom of a bigger issue that was of paramount importance in this election. In the past 20 years, America has become increasingly more politically correct and tolerant of diversity. In the past 8 years, America got its first black president, legalized gay marriage, partially legalized marijuana, created laws protecting transgender people, embraced atheist celebrities, flirted with socialism and rejected American exceptionalism.

These are all signs that conservative Christians have lost their chokehold on American culture, and with it, the political power to force their values on everyone else. They view this as a sign that they’re being persecuted and America’s moral fiber is decaying, and Trump’s promise to “make America great again” is a euphemism for returning America to its conservative Christian roots. So when some people voted for Trump, they were voting to save their culture and were so desperate for hope, they put their faith in Trump’s hands.



Given all the different types of people who voted for Trump and all their nuanced reasons, if you’re not a little confused, you’re probably not looking at all the information. There are two things everyone who voted for Trump have in common though. They either ignored information that contradicted their preconceived conclusion, or they didn’t have all the information. Many people will take offense to that accusation, but based on the evidence, it’s frankly impossible to come to the conclusion that Donald Trump is the best man to lead America, especially conservative Christians.

This isn’t to say Hillary Clinton was preferable. The problem isn’t that Americans voted for the wrong candidate. The problem is America’s two-party system is so flawed and corrupt, it weeds out politicians who aren’t corrupt sociopaths. The solution to a broken system isn’t to vote for the lesser of two evils. The solution is political reform. Americans shouldn’t have voted at all in 2016. Instead, they should have been protesting outside the White House for the right to choose their own candidates instead of waiting to see who the DNC and RNC let them vote between.

There are millions of other potential candidates who conservatives would have voted for over Trump if they were given the opportunity, and there are millions of candidates who liberals would have voted for en mass to defeat Trump if they were given opportunity.

If Hillary Clinton hadn’t committed voter fraud, and if the DNC hadn’t conspired to help her defeat Bernie Sanders for the Democratic nomination, Americans probably would have voted overwhelmingly for him against Donald Trump. So if you’re going to praise or blame anyone for Trump’s victory, the people who deserve it most are the leaders of the DNC and RNC, who designed and manage the presidential primaries.

Those second most responsible for Trump’s victory are all the major news companies in America who gave him more airtime than any other candidate, allowed the DNC and RNC to dictate how they covered the election, sensationalized their editorials and led Americans to believe the whole charade was completely normal and legit by going along with it and never questioning the rotten fundamentals that led to two of the worst Americans alive competing for the most powerful political position in the world.

The third group that tipped the scale in Trump’s favor is the far left: radical feminists, social justice warriors and all of Hillary Clinton’s supporters who refused to look at her flaws objectively. They were so concerned with getting a woman in the White House, they refused to acknowledge how deplorable the person attached to the vagina was. Their heart was in a good place, but their short-sightedness caused them to nominate the one candidate in America who could lose to Donald Trump. If Donald Trump had a vagina, they would have followed him to the grave too and smugly taken the rest of America with them.



In my next blog post, I’ll discuss what Trump’s presidency means for the future of American, the rest of the world, and how that will affect the chances of Americans fixing their political system.

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What Will Trump Do Now That He’s President?


On November 9th, 2016, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America. Now the rest of the world is wondering how it happened, what it means for the future and what the public should do now.

Predicting the behavior of American presidents is historically impossible because they never keep their promises. Regardless of their political affiliation, they tend to just maintain the status quo. Even Obama, who epitomized hope and change, acted like a lame duck president for 8 years. Democrats might explain his behavior by pointing out that Congress made it their number one priority to make sure he accomplished nothing, but Obama barely tried. His biggest accomplishment, Obamacare, exemplifies how the American government works because it was mostly written by insurance companies, signed off by politicians and forced on the public, who didn’t want it.

If Hillary Clinton became president, we could have expected her to slowly give more rights to corporations while whittling away consumer and worker protections. She’d pass a few minor laws protecting minorities based on whatever social justice issue is trending at the time, but she’d also pass a few major laws that turn America into more of a police state. She would have kept America at war at the behest of the military-industrial complex. The size of the middle class would have gotten little smaller. The lower class would have gotten a little bigger, and the 1% would have gotten a lot richer. Historically, that’s exactly what you can expect from any American president.

Everybody knew Hillary Clinton worked for big businesses before she entered the presidential race, but Barack Obama’s 180-degree turn leads me to suspect someone used leverage over him to force him to change his priorities and ethics. I don’t know if that’s true, but I do know if history repeats itself, Trump will be a mildly pro-corporate, lame-duck politician. During Obama’s presidency I often mused that if someone of his poise couldn’t change America, nobody could, but I never expected someone like Donald Trump to become president. There are several key differences between Trump and every other president in recent history that may affect how he conducts himself:

1: He’s not a career politician.

Trump can’t be corrupted by money and fame because he’s already been corrupted by them. He doesn’t need to compromise with lobbyists to keep his job or secure a god-like retirement because he already lives like a Roman emperor. He can’t be strong-armed by politicians who have sold out to the 1% because he’s been donating to congressional campaigns for years. So he’ll be working with a Congress full of puppets who have already sold out to him. Plus, he still has enough money to buy off everyone he ever meets.

Chances are, Trump knows he’s going to be a one-term president. So he has even less motivation to play ball according to the old rules. The only reason he ran for president was to make a name for himself. He doesn’t have anything more pressing to do than shaking things up. So it will be profoundly interesting to see how he takes advantage of his freedom and leverage.


2: He’s certifiably insane.

You don’t need a degree in psychology to figure out Donald Trump isn’t normal. He exhibits all the symptoms of a narcissistic psychopath, pathological liar, and philanderer who suffers from a severe thought disorder and affluenza. Sane people can be reasoned with, and they respond to fear predictably, which makes them possible to control. Donald Trump isn’t bound by the conventional rules of motivation. So he could do anything.



3: He’s entering office with the lowest approval rating of any American president.

Even if Trump weren’t a narcissist, we could expect him to do something drastic solely for the purpose of boosting his popularity. When George Bush Jr.’s approval rating dropped below 50%, he started a war with Iraq, and his popularity surged… for a while. War didn’t help Obama out of his slump, and if Trump starts another war, it will only vindicate his critics. Trump’s only hope for attaining the glory he so desperately seeks is to do something that actually matters within his first 100 days of office.  Beyond that, America is his sandbox for at least four years, and he’s not the type to sit idly. The question isn’t, will he change anything, but how sane will his changes be?


4: Many of his campaign promises violated the Declaration of Human Rights, common sense, and basic human decency.

Some of the policies Trump laid out in his Contract with the American Voter are great. Americans desperately need someone to put term limits on Congress, limit the power of lobbyists and monitor the ethics of politicians. I support Trump doing those things, and I will applaud him if he does. However, they would be empty victories if he implements his worst promises.

If Trump keeps the promises he made in campaign speeches, we can expect him to build a $30 billion wall between Mexico and America, and force the Mexican government to pay for it, bomb the families of known terrorist, waterboard enemies of the state, deport every illegal immigrant, and ban all Muslims from immigrating to the USA. President Trump will have to pay lip service to his voters by using illegal immigrants as a scapegoat, but he can’t deport all of them or build the wall between Mexico he promised. Both of those activities are impossible, and they would cause food, construction and landscaping prices to skyrocket, which will make Americans hate him. So, it should come as no surprise that he’s already back-pedaling on some of these promises.

In order to look tough and appeal to patriots, Trump will undoubtedly keep his promises to increase military and law enforcement funding, which will make life a little harder for the average American by diverting funding from agencies that help people, to ones that hunt people. This won’t turn rural America into a full-on police state, but it may turn the ghetto into one, which would inflame racial tensions worse than they already are. That would lead to more riots but probably wouldn’t incite a race war. However, if anyone could start a civil war, Trump’s the man to do it.

I don’t know if Trump is evil enough to do that, but I do know there are millions of minorities who are already scared enough of him to want him dead. So he’s going to have to try very hard not to get assassinated. No matter how bad of a president he is, I firmly believe his assassination would cause America more problems than it would solve. So I hope Trump loves himself enough not to poke the bear with a stick too hard.


5: He has an entourage of known extremists and criminals.

Even if Trump never passes any deplorable laws, he’s promised to staff his administration with homophobes, xenophobes, religious extremists and climate-change deniers. If these men get their way, America will become more of a Christian police state with a slave-based economy than it already is.



Trump is way over his head, and the only asset he stands to lose from being the worst president in history is the value of his brand, which is what his entire life revolves around. He may have won the presidency by appealing to bigots, but his brand won’t survive if he continues acting like Hitler. His cabinet might devote their careers to taking America back to the dark ages, but I predict the main theme of Trump’s presidency won’t be scapegoating minorities.

You can’t predict what a pathological liar will do, but you can make educated predictions about someone’s behavior if you know their prime prerogative, and Trump’s highest priority in life is making money. He was born into the 1%, and raised to believe their philosophy, which is that the world exists to make the rich richer by any means.

Trump has never, and will never, spend a day living among the poor. After leaving office, he’ll wind down the rest of his years rubbing shoulders with the financial elite, and if he doesn’t want to be ostracized at the Kentucky Derby, he needs to give the rich what they want, which is the same thing he wants: money. This is why I don’t believe his promises to get out of NAFTA or the TPP, anger China, prevent outsourcing jobs or increase tariffs on imports. All of these actions would cut into American billionaires’ profit margins.



Every billionaire earned their fortune the exact same way. In order to make money, you have to either own or work for a business that sells a product. If you work for someone else, you’ll only have one stream of income, which isn’t enough to become a billionaire. To get filthy rich, you have to own a business, because when you do that, every employee either becomes or facilitates an additional revenue stream for the owner.

The goal of business is to make as much profit as possible. The formula for maximizing profit is to sell your product at the lowest cost to you and the highest cost to as many customers as possible, as frequently as possible. The perfect product would be something that doesn’t cost you anything to produce, and that customers have to pay a huge percentage of their salary for, every month. This product doesn’t exist because there’s always a cost to do business, but the goal is to get as close to the mark as possible. The three most perfect products are stocks, insurance, and real estate.

Stocks don’t cost anything to produce, and they don’t represent ownership of anything. They’re just collector’s items. Think of them as virtual baseball cards. This is free money for companies that issue them. Investment firms that sell stocks, are just middlemen, passing on one party’s empty promises to another in exchange for a significant fee. Nobody has to buy stocks, but there will always be a high demand for get-rich-quick schemes.

Insurance is a service you have to pay for monthly, which is designed to give customers the lowest return on investment legally possible. Plus, the government forces almost everyone to have car and health insurance. So customers can’t stop buying the product even if they wanted to. They could go to a competitor, but there are enough victims to go around.

Real estate is expensive, but if you inherited $20 million and a business worth $200 million, then spending $5 million on a piece of property you’ll never live in would impact your quality of life less than a minimum wage earner spending $50 on groceries. Once a property is paid off, you have to pay upkeep, but the cost is negligible because you’re selling empty space to desperate customers for at least one-third of their monthly income. Then you just sit back and watch the nation’s wealth pour upward into your bank account. The more property you buy, the scarcer it becomes, and the higher rent you can charge.

This is Donald Trump’s formula for success. It’s the premise of his entire life. Knowing that, we should be able to accurately predict that President Trump will make it drastically easier for businesses to lower the cost of making/selling products and increase businesses’ ability to extort their customers.

This explains why Trump is a climate change denier and why the global-warming-denial movement started in the first place. Anyone smart enough to run a billion-dollar company is smart enough to trust the 99% of scientists who say global warming is real. Exxon’s own scientists proved it before their board of directors started spending millions denying climate change and bribing politicians to endorse their agenda.

Climate change denial is a lie on par with claiming smoking doesn’t cause cancer. It was invented by business owners, because environmental protection raises the cost of producing consumer products, which lowers profit margins, which, according to the 1%’s ethical code, is the evilest thing you can do.

People are already trying to convince Donald Trump to accept climate change is real, but he already knows and doesn’t care. All he cares about are profits. So he’s going to do as much as he can to lower environmental protection laws wherever possible. I wouldn’t be surprised if he passes a law making it a criminal offense to protest in any manner that halts the construction of oil pipelines.



We should expect Trump to loosen restrictions on businesses anywhere he can. His Contract with the American Voter already states his unsurprising intention to lower business’s tax rate from 35% to 15%, but he doesn’t mention how he’s going to “fix” the biggest expense of running a business: paying your employees a living wage.

At the very least, it’s safe to say Trump will never increase the minimum wage, vacation time, sick time, mandatory rest breaks, or guarantee maternity leave. He won’t support free education or lower interest rates on student loans, credit cards or mortgages. Instead of fighting for meaningful bank reform, he’ll loosen banking regulations and consumer protection laws. Trump has already stated his intention of removing safety regulations that prevent drug companies from selling poison to customers, and that will become a metaphor for his presidency.

We can expect Trump to demonize and neuter unions by writing policies with the same spirit as “right to work laws.” I don’t know how much further he’ll slave-ify workers, but I would be shocked if, four years from now, standard employee contracts aren’t a page longer and twice as harsh as they are now.



The bittersweet irony of Trump’s addiction to profit is that making businesses more profitable will improve the economy. As companies make more money, they’ll hire more workers, which will make the unemployment rate go down. Businesses will have more money to pay employees with, and some will, but the golden rule of business is to keep as much money for yourself as you can. So, even though some workers’ lives will be improved, most won’t. Statistically, if you work at McDonald’s right now, life is as good as it’s going to get for you.



The stock market dipped the moment Trump was elected as investors panicked, but “The Oracle of Omaha,” Warren Buffet, a man who once criticized Trump’s racism, is now gleefully endorsing him, because he knows eliminating regulations will cause the profits of publicly traded companies to surge, which will raise the worth of his existing portfolio. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out he’s already planning on making new investments in whatever industries Trump cuts the most red tape for, like drugs and energy.

Conservatives will point to the impending stock market boom as proof Trump’s policies are working. However, even though investors at every income level will get richer, the bigger the bull market, the bigger the bubble it leads to. If Trump can manage to create a new golden era, it will be immediately followed by a financial crisis. Donald Trump isn’t responsible for individuals making speculative investments, but after the bottom falls out, and millions lose their life savings, they’ll have to re-enter the workforce, which was already tantamount to slavery before Trump got elected, and will likely get worse during his tenure.

For the next four years, the poorest of the poor may get more job opportunities, but those will be dead-end jobs. Even if Trump raised the minimum wage to $15 per hour, it won’t be enough to keep up with the cost of living, because the cost of products are based on supply and demand. Theoretically, this means competition drives prices down to the lowest price possible. However, customers are always willing to pay a price equal to how badly they need a product. Everybody needs a home, groceries, electricity, water, gas, education, furniture, vehicles, medical care, clothing, computers, phones, stationery, appliances, tools, and entertainment. When every business sets their price as high as their customer’s desperation level, then the average cost of the products you buy most, represents the average amount business owners can get away with extorting you.

As long as everything is as expensive as possible, it doesn’t matter how many individuals Trump’s policies make rich. Most Americans will still be trapped in the same state of perpetual debt slavery they were born into. One day they’ll come home exhausted from work, carrying $50 of generic, poisonous groceries. They’ll collapse onto their couch, turn on their television and see reporters panicking because the stock market bubble just popped, but they won’t bat an eye because to them, it was just another regular day in Hell, same as yesterday and tomorrow.

Lowering the poverty and unemployment rates isn’t an accomplishment presidents should even brag about, because if governments did what they’re supposed to, there would be no poverty or unemployment. Reducing them is tantamount to securing their continued existence. Worse than that, when a capitalist economy has an economic boom, it means more products are being sold, which means humans are consuming more of the Earth’s resources, faster. The faster we consume, the faster we turn the planet into an uninhabitable garbage dump. If Trump puts his foot down on the gas pedal of the economy, he’ll drive humanity straight towards extinction, and that’s the worst thing a human being can be successful at.




Cartoon of a man and some children sitting in a cave by a fire. The man is saying, "Yes, the planet got destroyed, but for a beautiful moment in time we created a lot of value for shareholders."

Click image to view source


100 years from now, nobody will praise Trump for momentarily boosting investor returns. If his policies don’t turn the Earth into a toxic, scorching landfill, he’ll be remembered as a greedy fool who strengthened the fundamental flaws in the economy that create and sustain poverty. That will be Trump’s legacy.

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What Should Non-Americans Do About Trump?

On November 9th, 2016, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America. Now the rest of the world is wondering how it happened, what it means for the future and what the public should do now.



Ultimately, the fate of America, and thus, the world, depends on what the American people do over the next four years. They have a lot of responsibilities and not a lot of time to fulfill them. One of the big reasons they’re in this predicament is because they’ve either been inactive, or active in the wrong ways. So if we can predict Americans’ future behavior based on their past history, we can expect them to watch TV, complain, and shop, and that will yield negative consequences for them.

The rest of the world has been feeling the consequences of Americans’ inaction for decades. America’s problems are everyone’s’, which make them everybody’s responsibility. It’s unfair for an American to tell foreigners they have a responsibility to help the country that has been taking so much from them for so long, but necessity dictates it. I’m sorry.

You wouldn’t actually be helping the people who hurt you. Now, more than ever, it should be obvious the American people don’t control their government. They’re as much victims of America’s internal policies as the Middle East is a victim of its foreign policies. America may have turned the Middle East into a fiery graveyard, but life is just as bad in many American cities as it is in any war zone. And no matter what country you live in, at least you can say you don’t live in the place with the highest prison population. Life for most Americans is less like Keeping up with the Kardashians and more like The Grapes of Wrath.



The world shares a common cause with America’s lower and middle-class population, and the American people owe a debt to everyone else for letting their government devolve to the state it’s in, but how can people on other sides of the globe help each other?

Foreigners have an abundance of something Americans lack. They need to give to Americans, who need to accept it. That thing is perspective.

64% of Americans have never left the USA, and most of them get their news from biased and sensationalized sources. If Americans seem crazy and single-minded, it’s because most of them only know one way of life, and every human’s DNA is programmed to defend our worldview and reject ideas that don’t fit into it. Like everybody else, Americans tend to get tunnel vision, which wouldn’t be a big deal, except Donald Trump just got elected president, and Hillary Clinton almost did.

Most Americans don’t know what capitalism, socialism, and communism are. They don’t know what America’s foreign policies are or how they’ve affected the rest of the world. They don’t know how broken their system is or what their options for fixing it are. They’ve already proven they won’t listen to each other, which wouldn’t help anyway because they’re fighting over which side of the same coin is best.

Behavior stems from thoughts, and Americans can’t change their behavior without changing their thoughts. They can’t do that by recalculating the same information. They need new information, and if they won’t seek it out, someone needs to give to them.

Organize with your countrymen to flood America’s social media feeds and the comment sections of major news sites with advice on how and why Americans should fix their government. When they lecture you for butting your head in their business, lecture them about how the American government has butted its head in your country’s business for the past century.

But don’t insult and accuse Americans. That only shuts conversation down and reinforces xenophobia. Tell Americans what they’re doing wrong, but come with a spirit of love and hope. If you don’t know how to solve America’s political or economic problems, just tell Americans to stop fighting and blaming each other. Tell them to open their minds and consider new ideas. Tell them how the rest of the world sees them and why. Send them a link to Omar Kamel’s blog post, “I’m Arab And Many Of Us Are Glad That Trump Won.”

Most importantly, tell them to turn off their televisions. American politics wouldn’t be the circus it is if all the major news networks hadn’t hypernormalised its insanity. Tell them what they’re watching shouldn’t be normal.



If you believe America is the Great Satan, and you want to see it end, then sit back and do nothing. You might think it would be tactical to attack America while tensions are fragile or before things get any worse, but many Americans are desperately looking for a scapegoat. They’ve put their differences aside to focus on war before, and if you give them an excuse, they’ll do it again. That will cause loss of innocent life on both sides and strengthen America’s military-industrial complex. Ultimately, all it will accomplish is delaying meaningful change.

It would be better for the world if America is repaired, not destroyed. In order for that to happen, the American people need to be repaired, not destroyed. To the extent you’re scared of Donald Trump, or whoever comes after him, you should be motivated to enlighten the American people by reaching out to them over the internet.

In my next two blogs, I’ll talk about what conservative and liberal Americans need to do to truly make America great again.

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What Should Racists Do About Trump?

Cartoon of Donald Trump made to look like Pepe the Frog


Not all Trump fans are racists. This is an open letter to Trump supporters who are.

Dear Racist,

I come in peace. Hear me out.

I’m a white, blonde-haired, blue-eyed male, born and raised in small Texas towns where racism was so common and casual, children, like me, took it for granted. I was raised in a trailer… by a racist, surrounded by racists. I used to be with you, but I’m not anymore because I joined the military after high school and got stationed overseas for seven years. I learned some perspective-changing facts about the world in that time.

Watching American television will give you the impression America is more racist than anywhere else, but that’s just because America’s problems get more airtime. America’s racism isn’t exceptional. Everyone in the world is a little racist, because stereotypes are exaggerations of facts. So every racist is a little bit right, but since everybody is doing something wrong, your enemies are equally justified in their criticisms of you too.

None of us are perfect, and most of us aren’t that bad. We’re all trying to do what’s right, even if our concept of right/wrong is deplorable. We all suck at being good, because life didn’t come with an instruction book. Every race is struggling, but we’re in this together. We’re literally family, and this is the only one we’ve got. The only way we can make the most of our life is together.

After learning these truths, I met two white supremacists in my travels who I became good friends with. I debated boycotting them from my friend list, but I compared them to everyone else I knew and realized if I refused to associate with anyone who believed and did things I think are stupid, then I couldn’t be friends with anyone. Nobody could. We’re all too different and too big of fuck ups. The bottom line is, we’re on the same team.

We also have a common enemy. Nobody’s life sucks because other races are bad. Everyone’s lives suck because of poverty. Think about this next sentence for as long as you stay racist: Every bad stereotype races create for themselves, are symptoms of poverty.

Poor, white rural people voted en mass for Trump because they’re living in trailers, eating generic food and still can’t afford to save money. They’re working at grueling, low paying jobs, and when they turn on the television after a hard day’s work, they see Black Lives Matters protesters rioting and killing police, complaining about being stereotyped as dangerous. To exhausted, white Americans who have never been to a black ghetto, this looks like proof African-Americans are bad.

The bigger picture is, ghettos will make anyone angry and desperate. Just look what it did to Eminem. America’s ghettos are full of every race acting like caged rats. The only reason inner city violence is epidemic, is because ghettos are economic dead zones, just like rural America.

White country folk cope with poverty by drinking, using drugs, fighting, petty theft and broken marriages. If you think that’s prejudice of me to say, then you should be more upset at the country music stars who sing all your favorite songs about those topics. And you should be upset at rappers who sing about the same topics for the same reasons.

Black intercity gangsters, white country folk, and anyone else who lives in poverty suffer the same symptoms. They just haven’t talked to each other enough to realize they have the same problems.



Black on black shootings are evidence of one thing only: that resources are damn scarce in the ghetto. It’s wrong for black people to hate cops for all the same reasons it’s wrong for white people to hate blacks. The only reason life sucks, and it feels like we’re at war, is because in a capitalist economy, business is war, and war is hell.

If everybody had the necessities of life guaranteed, we would all just get on with our lives. If Trump kicks out all the illegal immigrants and builds walls around every ghetto, it won’t change the fact that you’re drowning in debt and can’t afford to put real food on the table for your children. Your life will still suck for all the same reasons, which have nothing to do with other races. The group of people most responsible for your suffering is the 1%.

There’s no reason for us to be fighting among ourselves. The only reason we are is because capitalists convinced us to. This is as true today as it was 250 years ago. The concept that Africans are inferior, was invented by plantation owners, who may have been white, but they didn’t invent slavery because white people are evil. They did it because they were rich, and had become so addicted to money and privilege, they’d do anything to get more.

Today, most of the anti-immigrant, anti-Black Lives Matter rhetoric on television comes from Fox News, which is owned by a billionaire, who isn’t above lying to his fans and sowing racial discord to boost ratings so he can make more money selling commercials to advertisers and gold to the audience he’s convinced to prepare for the end of the world.

Racism doesn’t help anybody. It wastes the owner’s life fuming over the actions of scapegoats, and it fails to address the root of the problem, which ensures its continued existence. Trump’s victory wasn’t a win for the Alt-Right. Trump is a pied piper leading us all to a rich man’s paradise, which looks like Upton Sinclair’s, The Jungle.



The most powerful thing the Alt-Right could do in 2017 to solve the root of their problems, is to join the Black Lives Matter movement, on the condition they stop scapegoating cops and work solely towards holding the 1% accountable for poverty. I’d like to see that happen, but I’d be shocked if it did.

If you want to live in Whitopia, your only option is to build a private city. That sounds almost as crazy as the KKK and BLM becoming BFFs, but a lot of fringe groups have made their own intentional communities. The Alt-Right already has a close-knit, well-connected online social network. You already have established leaders who have organized rallies before. Start talking about having a “Rally to Preserve Racial Purity” where your charismatic leaders give rousing speeches and then pass around a collection plate. Then buy half the land in Utah, build a wall around it and get on with your life while the rest of America drowns in its impure bloodlines. I don’t expect you to take that idea seriously either, but if you can’t stop a tidal wave, and you won’t leave, then building a wall around you is your only hope of surviving the flood.

The other option is to admit that you already have friends from different races. You’ve been getting along with other races all along. They may have some ticks that bug you, but you’ve got family members you’re ashamed of too. Life is going to be full of people of different colors. That’s how it’s always been, and that’s how it’s always going to be.

Racism is nothing more than a recipe for an anxiety attack. The moment you stop taking the pill is the moment you get to stop living in an apocalyptic war that doesn’t exist. Life is better when you let go and don’t support people like Trump.

For what it’s worth,

The Wise Sloth


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What Should Xenophobes Do About Trump?

Picture of Trump saying, "Companies are not going to leave the U.S. anymore without consequences," with a picture of children working in the factory in Shenqzhou, China that makes Donald Trump's MAGA hats.


Trump’s campaign slogan, “Make America Great Again,” means something different to each of his supporters. Some want America to be white again. Others want it more Christian. Most, at least don’t want into to change any more than it already has. Anyone who identifies as a conservative wants to preserve their traditions. That’s what the word means.

Unfortunately, this is the worst time in history to be conservative, because the internet has changed our lives exponentially faster than anything any of our ancestors ever experienced. Cultural evolution that once took a lifetime now happens in a year. After the internet age is over, and we move into the space age, culture probably won’t evolve this fast again. It will level out eventually, but humanity is waking up from history right now and suffering rapid growing pains.

Dismantling traditions and installing new cultural foundations is existentially traumatizing for everyone, but the more you base your identity on your affiliation with tradition, the harder it is. The internet remembers how conservatives reacted to gay marriage, the end of “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell,” trans-gender acceptance, drug legalization, the New Atheist movement, religious equality, and a black president.


"Remember how furiously hateful conservatives reacted to marriage, gender, religious, and racial equality? Pepperidge Farm Remembers."


Conservatives have been pissed. So it’s unsurprising many who don’t even like Trump as a person, still voted for him. He was the only candidate promising to bring back the good old days, but Trump can’t stop cultural evolution, and it wouldn’t benefit humanity if he could. In order for society to grow, it must change.

Society is just the sum of the individuals within it. So for society to grow, the individual must change. The reasons humans tend to resist change is because our brains are designed to reward us for repeating the past and rejecting the unknown. This is an evolutionary instinct that has helped humanity survive by guiding us to do what experience has taught us works, but traditions aren’t sacred. They’re man-made tools that become obsolete the moment the environment we invented them to survive in, changes. Conservatives’ hearts are in the right place, but we live in a new world that requires new tools.

The truth is, America was never a white, Christian nation. It’s always been a melting pot, and now that the internet is streaming global ideas into American’s smartphones twenty-four hours per day, our minds are more diverse than ever. The radical feminists on the left who demonize cultural appropriation are just as wrong as conservatives who want to force all Americans to live by their parents’ values. Cultural diffusion takes the best aspects of multiple cultures and infuses them into a more complete one.

Cultural isolationism isn’t the answer to a changing world. It’s resisting progress at best. At worst, it’s mentally oppressive to the person holding onto tradition, and literally oppressive to those who aren’t allowed to live on their own terms.

You don’t have to believe my theory on cultural evolution, but you owe it to humanity to look at yourself from your enemy’s point of view. To put this in a way American patriots can understand, Trump’s red MAGA hat is the new red coat. That’s how it looks to homosexuals, transgender people, Atheists, and Muslims.

Conservatives are literally fighting to take their freedoms away and acting like the victims because they’re losing the freedom to repress other cultures. Modern Americans can’t abide being legally side-lined any more than America’s colonists could endure taxation without representation. Those fighting for a multicultural nation are on the right side of history, and America will never be great as long as conservatives are waging a perpetual cold civil war against everyone who isn’t exactly like them.

Frankly, the culture war is already over. Tradition lost, as it always does on a long enough timescale, but it’s not dead, just diffused into the melting pot. Hank Williams Sr. is never going to top the country music charts again, not because liberals are holding white culture back, but because young white people can’t relate to it. The country Millennials grew up in looks and sounds like Bro Country. The Baby Boomers aren’t carrying the torch anymore. These guys are:



Living in the past won’t stop what’s already happening, and there will be no savior coming to reanimate the conservative dream, especially not Donald Trump. If you think he represents conservative values, then wishful thinking has clouded your judgment. He blatantly doesn’t hold any conservative values, which is to be expected, because he wasn’t raised in conservative culture. Baby Donald grew up in the land of the financial elite, and his values reflect theirs. Trump’s whole life is a testament to the gospel of money. His track record indicates his prime prerogative is to make the rich richer again, and the team of financial elites he’s assembled from his (not your) good ol’ boy network to serve in his (not your) administration confirms it.

Trump will lower taxes, but he’ll cover the cost by increasing the national debt. That will create jobs, but they’ll be dead-end ones. This will make investors rich by stimulating the economy, but most of the economic gain will get sucked up into the bank accounts of his friends, leaving anyone currently living in a trailer house, stuck there struggling to pay off their last car repair bill, let alone save money for a real home, which they’ll never be able to afford because of the government’s mortgage laws that Trump won’t change.


Losing your culture means losing your way of life, which feels like death, but losing your savings means losing your ability to live, which quickly leads to death. Arguing about issues as important as gun control, abortion, and illegal immigration is like colonial slaves arguing morality in between their never-ending trips to the cotton fields.

The culture war is a distraction from the economic war the 1% are waging on everybody else. If conservatives hope to save that which is most important to them, they need to lay down their arms and unite with their fellow debt slaves.

The power of a group is only as good as its leaders. Right now, conservatives don’t need cultural representatives. They need economic representatives: intellectuals from the working class who know how to fix poverty. Seriously, you could walk into any small town bar and find someone more intelligent, moral and in-touch with the working class, than Sarah Palin or Donald Trump. But the DNC and RNC will never nominate your hometown geniuses for any election unless they sell out. Expect the system to keep giving you leaders like Sarah Palin, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama. If conservatives want to see good change in America, they should stop giving money and support to the RNC and encourage liberals to boycott the DNC for not representing their values or needs either.

Conservatives are pissed for all the same reasons the Occupy Wall Street protesters were. Possibly the best way these two factions can solve their mutual problem is to come together in an Occupy Main Street protest, where, instead of trying to create a movement without leaders, they focus on finding the best and brightest minds from the city and the country to be the common man’s voice. Then, before the 2020 presidential primaries, stage a unified Occupy-style protest at the White House so large, there isn’t enough tear gas in the police’s war chest to disperse it. Then we tell the RNC and DNC that they don’t get to tell us who their nominees are anymore. From now on, the people will be endorsing their own nominees.

Think about this for as long as you defend Trump. You may have won by electing Trump over Clinton, but if the RNC had let you pick the presidential nominees, there are a million people you would have voted for over Trump. In that regards, you didn’t win an election. You fell for a bait-and-switch scam.

The problem isn’t you. America keeps falling for the RNC’s and DNC’s two-man con game. The question isn’t, which victim is more wrong, but how many times are we going to keep falling for the same trick?



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4 Reasons Americans Shouldn’t Accept Trump As President

1: The election system is corrupt.

In a fair and free election, the presidential candidates would be selected from the general population, but America’s system only allows the DNC and RNC to nominate candidates from within their good old boy network, leaving voters to pick between the lesser of two evils.

To make the system even less representative, the entire voting population is divided into 50 arbitrary groups and forced to register with one of the ruling political parties. When people vote, they don’t actually vote for the president. They vote for a member of the Electoral College to hopefully vote for their party’s representative.



During the presidential primaries, voters who register with the DNC had to compete with superdelegates to determine who the DNC’s presidential candidate would be. Superdelegates are former politicians who get to cast special votes equal to several hundred thousand regular votes, which is a blatant form of corruption meant to water down regular people’s ability to influence the result of the presidential primary election.

Hillary Clinton wouldn’t have beat Bernie Sanders without the help of superdelegates, and Donald Trump wouldn’t have beat Hillary Clinton without the help of the Electoral College. So the regular voters’ choices were dismissed multiple times through the course of the election process. In the end, they didn’t get to pick who they wanted to run for president. The American people shouldn’t honor any presidential candidate who is selected for them using this convoluted system.


2: Hillary Clinton should have been disqualified.

In order for a presidential candidate’s victory to be legitimate, he/she must run against a legitimate candidate, and Hillary Clinton should have been disqualified before the final vote for several reasons.

In 2016, whistleblowers revealed the DNC colluded with Hillary Clinton to undermine Bernie Sanders’ campaign despite the fact that Sanders was more popular with the voting public. Plus, investigators found evidence of voter fraud in several states that helped Clinton beat Sanders. For these reasons alone, she should have been disqualified.

Clinton’s private charity, The Clinton Foundation, was found guilty of fraud and accepting money from foreign investors who Clinton has political and economic ties too. This creates a conflict of interest that would have prevented her from representing the will of the people.

She was also under investigation for illegally operating an unsecured top secret E-mail server in her private residence. The FBI found her guilty of wrongdoing but not criminal activity, but the American people deserve candidates who aren’t currently under investigation by the FBI. The fact that she wasn’t punished for breaking the rules, just illustrates that people with enough political power are above the law.



Anyone who says Clinton’s E-mail scandal got blown out of proportion, probably never had a top secret security clearance. I had a top secret security clearance for seven years because I configured, installed, networked and administered classified E-mail servers for the U.S. Air Force. In the intelligence community, the words “top secret” mean “zero tolerance.” Mishandling any classified material is tantamount to selling secrets to the enemy. If anyone else did what Clinton did, they would be sent to military prison, and at the very least, lose their security clearance. Since I would have been disqualified from running for president if I’d mishandled classified information the way she did, then she should have lost her opportunity as well.

Even without all that, Clinton has been caught lying to the public countless times and holding private meetings with rich and powerful investors who make fortunes fleecing the poor. Leaked documents revealed her telling these investors to have a public and a private persona. Even though this isn’t illegal, it proves she lacks the integrity to hold a security clearance or represent the American people.



Before Trump is allowed to take office, he should have to compete against a legitimate candidate. As it stands, he may as well have run against a cardboard cutout of Lord Voldemort.


3: Trump should have been disqualified.

Donald Trump should also be disqualified because of his character. I guarantee he wouldn’t be able to pass the same polygraph tests Edward Snowden took to get his top secret security clearance, because he swindled customers using unethical business practices, bribed politicians, exploited legal loopholes for personal gain, had sex with married women and admitted to being unable to stop himself from committing sexual assault. These behaviors aren’t excusable. They’d disqualify him from working at Kunia and should bar him from working at The White House as well.



Trump’s behavior is abnormal to the point of qualifying him as clinically insane. He’s a pathological liar with no moral compass. Instead of swearing him in as president, we should be hosting a new election and requiring candidates to pass a rigorous psychological screening, lie detector test, and competency exam.



4: Some voters should have been disqualified.

Objective statistics show the majority of Trump’s supporters are senile or uneducated. The whole point of the Electoral College is supposedly to prevent fools from electing fools, and that system failed in 2016.

As un-American as barring individuals from voting may seem, we already do it to felons and anyone without the right ID card. The 2016 election proved we need to have a serious conversation about requiring voters to meet higher benchmarks to qualify for the right to vote. It might serve the country best if we required citizens to earn the right by serving in the military or Peace Corp… but only after we stop brainwashing military recruits.

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What Should Minorities Do About Trump?

Before you listen to anything I have to say, you may be wondering what right a blonde-haired, blue-eyed, white descendant of slave owners has to give minorities advice on anything. In which case, I’m glad you theoretically asked. It’s because the truth of my words isn’t dependent on the color of any of my skin.

If you don’t buy that because you’ve already judged me, the problem is you need to acknowledge I didn’t ask for the colors of any of my body parts. The lottery of fate just shat me out looking the way I do. If you’re going to hold people accountable for the crimes of their bloodlines, you’d be more justified hating the actors in the video below for exterminating the Moriori than blaming me for oppressing American minorities.



The closest thing to slave owners in my family tree were French aristocrats who fled to America penniless during the French Revolution to escape getting beheaded by the poor, angry white people they exploited. All of my American-born ancestors were poor, just like me.

I grew up in barrios and ghettos where I couldn’t walk the streets at night because I’d get jumped for being white. Since graduating high school I’ve lived with at least seven African-American housemates. Every single one has explained to me in detail how their culture views white people as the enemy, and I can corroborate their testimony by pulling up Youtube videos all day of minorities advocating killing white people.

Anything I say to convince people not to revenge-kill me over crimes I had nothing to do with is warranted, but that point pales in comparison to the following facts: We’re all human. We’re all family, and I have more in common with poor minorities than white people like Donald Trump. I might not get terrorized by cops quite as much as my darker friends, but that hardly makes me privileged if I work my ass off and still can’t afford rent because I can’t afford my car repair bills because I can’t afford my dental bills because I don’t qualify for the same financial assistance as other races.

I’m not a plantation owner telling you how to live your life. I’m a fellow wage slave pontificating on how we can solve our mutual problem.

End of disclaimer


Donald Trump won the 2016 presidential election by energizing disenfranchised white voters with a year’s worth of hate speeches against minorities. The results of the election surprised and terrified me, but my terror wasn’t mixed with surprise when I saw protesters rioting across America while Mexican Americans and Muslims posted blogs questioning if it’s safe for them to stay in America.

The circumstances behind Trump’s victory almost make me believe there’s a conspiracy to start a race war. At the same time as the Black Lives Matter movement has been burning cars and inspiring murder, the American government nominated a racist to run against the most famously corrupt and unlikable politician in America. Then the mainstream media legitimized him, and the Electoral College system determined him the winner before he lost the popular vote.

This absurd series of events seems too convenient to have happened by chance, until you look at the American government’s track record of screwing up everything it does. The chaos surrounding the 2016 election conclusively proves one thing. Americans can’t count on their government to do anything for them except make their problems worse. If the government keeps solving problems at its current success rate, it’s only a matter of time before the consequences of its failures spark more race riots.


"Government: If you think the problems we create are bad, just wait until you see our solution."


I could be overly optimistic. The fact that rich business owners manipulated black and whites into hating each other by institutionalizing slavery 250+ years ago sets a historical precedent for the financial elite orchestrating racial tension among the common people. However, this just makes it all the more tragically ironic that some minorities are interpreting Trump’s popularity as more proof that all white people are evil and complicit in a grand conspiracy to oppress other races.

Black and white racists are unwittingly blaming each other for the exact same problems. Both sides are embroiled in a witch hunt for scapegoats that’s distracting them from uniting against their common enemy. Neither side sees what they’re doing, because they’ve been living in relative cultural isolation. If they weren’t too poor to travel, and could extract themselves from the trees to see the forest, they’d see the financial elite are oppressing every race.

Trump may be white, but his actions aren’t motivated by skin color. When he looks at poor people, all he sees are suckers to be exploited, and he has black, Hispanic and Asian friends in the 1% who view the working class with the same green tinted glasses.

The current president-elect is neither the first, nor the only color of, rich political candidate to pander to extremists for the guaranteed support they’ll receive. It doesn’t take a psychic to predict he won’t be the last.

Listed below are steps minorities could take to fight poverty directly in lieu of voting on the next rich asshole who represents the lesser of two evils:


1: Stop hating white people.

The best hope minorities have of breaking the chains holding them below the poverty line is to end the cold war they’re waging against their broke white neighbors and unite with them. Even without joining forces, this would free minorities from wasting their lives hating innocent scapegoats and empower them to focus their attention on the real culprits responsible for their suffering.


2: Protest in the 1%’s neighborhoods.

In March 2016 a rapper and Black Lives Matter advocate named Tef Poe, tweeted, “Dear white people if Trump wins young niggas such as myself are fully hell-bent on inciting riots everywhere we go. Just so you know.”

Attacking people will only justify martial law, which will only lead to more suffering. The only affect it will have on the poverty creators is giving them something fun to watch on television. If you must protest and riot, don’t attack local business and ethnic diversity. Take your grievances to America’s richest neighborhoods, and protest there.

Show them the problems they’re creating won’t stay safely tucked away in the ghetto. Leave notes on their doors saying they can have their peace and quiet back as soon as they raise wages and lower prices at the business they’re sucking up the nation’s wealth through. This will probably get the National Guard called on you, but at least it will send a message to the right people.


3: Boycott economic oppressors.

Black and white businessmen and women have made fortunes convincing poor people to buy their overpriced brands. Instead of wearing gold chains, gangsters should wear nooses around their necks, because the rich are metaphorically selling them the rope to hang themselves with. Boycotting the rope-sellers will save poor people money they desperately need and force billionaires to switch to selling products that actually benefit their customers.



Every street corner in the ghetto has a liquor store, gun store and payday loan office, all of which bring nothing to the community except poverty. The government won’t stop the flow of economic oppression into the ghetto, but the people can by boycotting these businesses.



4: Convert gangs into legitimate business networks.

The reason gun violence is epidemic in ghettos is, resources are scarce. Gangs resort to selling drugs on the black market because it’s usually the most lucrative (if not the only) job available to young adults. To the individual, the risk analysis of selling drugs adds up, but the cost to the community outweighs the benefit. In the end, you’re selling overpriced poison to people with a crippling medical condition who are trying to ease the pain of living in poverty and numb the fear of being caught in the crossfire between you and your competitors battling to the death over market share.

So the only reason gangs exist, is because scarce resources drove street kids to earn money by joining illegal businesses, which sell products that are in high demand. This puts gangs in the perfect position to solve the problem that created them. All they have to do is sell their customers the things they need most instead of the thing they need least.

For example, if pizza restaurants won’t deliver to the ghetto, gangs could make a profit by filling the untapped pizza delivery market. Their slogan could be, “We sell food, not fear.” They could also provide a service like “Uber” to help shuttle people without cars to jobs outside the ghetto. It might not be as lucrative as selling crack, but you can make a living without worrying about earning a place in Hall.

Gangs could take this business model to the next level by purchasing crack houses, fixing them up and providing low-income housing that keeps rent money in the community. In addition, gangs could build farms and sell fresh produce to customers who would otherwise have to pay extortionate markups for food at “convenience stores.”

If gangs don’t fill these needs, churches could. If clergymen won’t, then congregations should start their own churches that invest all their donations to providing members with the necessities of life instead of providing its leaders with expensive suits, cars and houses.



5: Improve education locally.

The biggest hurdle to escaping poverty is lack of education. It’s almost impossible for students to receive a quality education at dangerous, underfunded public schools, but gangs, churches, and community organizations could solve this by providing security for students on and/or off campus.

Alternately, they could cut out the middleman by proving homeschooling services right in the projects.

The cost of a higher education is so inflated, it would be impossible to give every street kid grants to attend college, but it’s not too expensive to send high school graduates to trade schools, especially if students have the opportunity to pay back their benefactors by working for them, providing plumbing, HVAC and other skills to customers in low-income areas.


6: Source representation locally.

In 2016, African-American voters had the “opportunity” to choose between two white presidential candidates who have never lived in a ghetto and are committed to increasing the profits of the ruling class. Neither candidate would have represented the will of the poor any more than Barack Obama, Herman Cain or Ben Carson.

Latino Americans had the “opportunity” to vote in the 2016 presidential primaries for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, neither of whom represented anyone’s interests but their own, and who achieved what little popularity they had by channeling their archaic interpretation of Christianity into hate speech on par with Donald Trump’s.

It should be obvious at this point that it’s futile to elect ethnically diverse members of the 1%. If minorities hope to be represented in government, they need to find, endorse and support the best and brightest minds from the streets.

Congress would be more representative of the people if seats were assigned according to race instead of state. That would also guarantee them minority representation, but they would have more representation than the current system that staffs the government with rich people who are good at pandering to the people they’ve made their fortunes exploiting.

Without solid leaders, race-based movements like Black Lives Matter, won’t accomplish anything other than inflaming racial tensions. So more than anything else, the call to action raised by the 2016 presidential election, should be for racial minorities to source their own leaders to challenge the status quo.


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Why I’m Glad Trump Won

Up until November 9th, I was dead certain Hillary Clinton would be America’s next president, but not because I wanted her to. I dreaded a Clinton presidency, because it would be like living under the reign of a female George Bush, except instead of having to watch four years of news clips of a goofy, folksy puppet act like he’s not selling off America to his corporate friends, I’d have to watch a soulless android sci-fi villain do it gloatingly.



To be honest, I’m glad Trump won if for no other reason than knowing it wiped that smug smile off of Hillary’s face. She was so sure she’d pulled all the right strings to anoint herself, Ruler of America, whether the public wanted her or not. Now, instead of getting to laugh at the poor suckers under her control, we get to laugh at her losing her one shot at fulfilling her narcissistic dream. I wish I could have taken a selfie with her the moment Trump crushed her life’s goal and broke her abysmal, roach-infested heart. I like to believe Bill Clinton feels the same way.

I accurately predicted Obama would win both his terms. When Obamamania was sweeping the nation, I was saying, “Eh, he’s just going to be George Bush 3.0, and the president after him will be George Bush 4.0.”



So I almost had a heart attack from being not surprised when Hillary Clinton won the DNC presidential primaries. I felt even more confident the system was shoehorning her into the White House when she got caught cheating and didn’t get disqualified.



The only thing that surprised me about the outcome of the 2016 presidential primaries was that the RNC and DNC picked such a low ranking amateur like Trump to be Hillary’s fall guy. I could see him taking a dive to let a more convincing opponent get knocked out in the final round, but when it turned out to be him, I thought, “Man, they’re not even trying to pretend this is real anymore.”

I explained all of this to a friend of mine in September, who responded, “Exactly. That’s why I’m voting for Trump. I know he’s crazy, but if an apocalypse is what it’s going to take to change anything, I’ll press the red button. Fuck it. I’m tired of this shit.”

I agreed and even said, “Yeah. You know, a Trump apocalypse would be better than a Hillary apocalypse. At least it would be quick, and the sooner we get this over with, the sooner we can start moving towards the future instead of orbiting the same old black hole.”

However, I also told him I wasn’t voting, because the ballot box is just a dummy switch. The machine is going to do what it’s going to do, no matter how many times you press the “Emergency” button.

It blew my mind when Trump won. I spent election night re-assessing everything I believed about American politics and what the future holds. As horrified as I was to see Trump win, I’ve come to believe it was for the best. If the government held a recount between Trump and Hillary, I’d hope Trump would win again for several reasons.


1: Trump can make Americans great again by freeing Americans of the delusion of patriotism.

During George Bush Jr.’s reign, I wondered how much worse our presidents would have to get before Americans finally said enough is enough. After the government found Barack Obama to be their next smooth talking spokesperson, I assumed they’d learned their lesson, and we could expect decades of wolves in sheep’s clothing to placate the masses. So I was relieved when Trump got elected. I assumed they’d have more foresight than to put an un-ignorable clown in power so soon, but instead of pushing George Bush 4.0 on the American people, the government jumped straight to George Bush 10.0.

This won’t make America great for anyone except the ultra-wealthy. Life for everyone else will feel ten times more like living in a financial meat grinder than it already does. The wonderful thing about that is, it will force Americans to change their minds. When that happens, then they will be able to change America.

Over the past sixteen years, America has become a police state whose primary goal seems to be increasing income inequality. Whenever Republicans made things worse, conservatives would scream at liberals not to question the government. When Democrats made life worse, liberals would defend the government’s crimes with the same appeal to patriotism.

In a country of 300 million people, only 6% voted for Trump, and just as few voted for Hillary because, at this point, Americans have figured out it’s ludicrous to vote on politicians with blind faith. Most liberals aren’t even falling back on the excuse that Hillary would have been better. Voter turn-out proves they believe arguing which candidate is the lesser of two evils is like arguing whether to drop the Fat Man or Little Boy bomb on American soil.

The 2016 election proved the RNC, DNC and the election system they created are too broken and corrupt to trust. Now more than ever, Americans should be asking themselves, “Why am I defending a system that keeps screwing me over? Why should I bend over backward for a system that only exists because I fund it to do a job for me?”

Defending the system isn’t heroic. That’s being a willing slave. It’s like hiring a butler to clean your house, but instead, they move in, make you clean for them and pay them for the privilege. Then, when your family complains, you scream at them to be proud to serve your tyrannical servant.

That was never good enough, but Americans couldn’t see it because they were too brainwashed with American exceptionalism. Well, now that we have the least exceptional president ever, we’ve been liberated from our delusion. Not all Americans have seen the light yet, but after four years of a Trump presidency, they will, and that moment can’t come soon enough.


2: Trump’s policies and staff picks are impossible to ignore.

I worried Trump might be a lame duck president and just spend four years smiling for the cameras and kissing babies while America got a little bit worse… but not bad enough to make Americans throw in the towel. However, Trump is staffing his cabinet with religious fanatics, wealthy members of his social class, and under-qualified politicians he owes favors to. It’s like he’s trying to prove the point that the election system is designed to fill the government with swamp monsters.


3: Trump is helping America talk about race.

Trump is promising to build a pointless wall on the Mexican border, ban Muslims from entering the country, practically declare martial law in the ghetto and turn the police force into immigrant-hunting hit squads. Given the way he treats women, they’ll probably suffer under his presidency too.

This is a bad time to be a white man, because we’ll be assumed guilty of all Trump’s racial offences by association, but as bad as racial tensions are in America right now, the worse they get, the more people talk about race, and that’s the only way America will resolve its racial tension.

The golden age of white guilt is finally over. The more social justice warriors use white men as a scapegoat for the problems created by the 1%, the more backlash they’re creating. People are slowly wising up to the fact that white people aren’t the problem. The more common knowledge that becomes, the quicker society will come to the conclusion every race should be fighting alongside each other against their real common enemy.


4: The impossible is possible.

One of the first things I thought when Trump won the presidency was, “Well, it’s official. America is hopelessly stupid.”

Most of the rest of the world agreed with me, and they were glad Trump won, because he’s the president America deserves. They are happy to watch us wallow in our shit and die of hepatitis.

After having time to think about America’s plight, I’m more optimistic. The upside to America’s mistake is that the first step to recovery is to hit rock bottom. America has done that. Now that we fully see where our addiction to Republicans and Democrats has gotten us, we can start over.

It’s counter-intuitive to believe an addict will change because the point of addiction is you can’t stop. Americans need to stop what they’re doing and change so drastically I wouldn’t believe it possible… if Trump hadn’t just been elected president. For the rest of my life, anytime someone tells me something isn’t possible, I’m going to respond, “If Donald Trump can be president, anything can happen.”

If Trump isn’t the catalyst that finally smacks Americans out of their suburban consumer daydream, he’s a gargantuan push in the right direction, and I’m sincerely thankful for that.

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How Donald Trump Changed My Understanding Of American Politics



For years I’ve been growing more and more convinced America doesn’t have fair and free presidential elections. I believed Hillary Clinton would win the 2016 presidential election since 2012. So Donald Trump’s victory made me reconsider all my assumptions about how America’s government works. It also inspired people who don’t follow politics to ask themselves, what the hell is going on in Washington? I’ll offer my new theory, but first I need to explain my original one and how I came to it.

The only president in American history who wasn’t a member of the two-party political system was George Washington, because they designed the election system to favor them by creating the Electoral College, Gerrymandering, superdelegates, voter registration laws, campaign finance laws, nomination requirements and mutually-beneficial agreements with the major media outlets.

The end result is career politicians have to play ball with the RNC and DNC in order to become president. Since all these deals happen behind closed doors, the public doesn’t know who exactly politicians have to impress, or what they have to do, to earn the presidential nomination.

I don’t know the answers to those questions, but I do know Hillary Clinton moved to New York in 2001 to become a senator to set herself up to run for president. In 2012 she lost to Barack Obama in the DNC presidential primaries, and John McCain ran such a poor campaign, it looked like he threw the race. Then Hillary got promoted to Secretary of State until she ran for president again in 2016. She got caught cheating in the primaries while she was under investigation by the FBI, who let her off the hook way too easy.

Everything pointed to the conclusion she was being set up to win. I didn’t think the RNC and DNC were even going to count the votes in the 2016 presidential election. They were just going to announce some numbers and tell us who their preconceived winner was.

I understand this is a huge conspiracy theory, and I feel guilty for putting so much stock in it, because I’m an extremely skeptical person. That’s why I’ve never blamed any specific individuals for leading this shadow government that seems to be pulling the strings.

I’ve researched and considered all the popular conspiracy theories about who’s running the world: The Bilderberg Group, Bohemian Grove, Illuminati, Free Masons, Reptilians, etc. Millions of people believe in these theories because they’re based on grains of truth, but the blanks are filled in with speculation and falsehoods. Plus, they still leave unanswered questions.



There are thousands of years of historical records proving various groups of powerful people have been influencing the world’s most powerful governments, and that’s not crazy. It’s just how society works. People get together and do stuff.

Someone is the most powerful person in the world. That would be true no matter what. Likewise, there’s one good old boy network with the most influence, but each of the world’s superpowers has their own networks, and many parts of the world are power vacuums.

The world is not one single ship with one captain. It’s an ocean full of ships, and America just happens to be the largest right now. We know there are various semi-secret societies wielding power in America’s government, but the fact that there are multiple good old boy networks slapping the steering wheel, points to the conclusion there isn’t one supreme ruler.

Occam’s Razor says, “The simplest solution is usually the correct one,” and the easiest way to explain American politics would be to blame a single entity for running everything. However, Hanzlon’s Razor says, “Never attribute to evil, that which can be attributed to stupidity.”

The war in Iraq led me to suspect Hanzlon’s Razor may be more useful than Occam’s in explaining America’s behavior. It was obviously orchestrated. So there must have been some kind of plan behind it, but the entire fiasco was so disorganized and short-sighted, it couldn’t possibly be part of a solid master plan created by geniuses. The only thing the war accomplished was making companies with lobbyists richer. It was a smash and grab for American taxpayer dollars and Iraqi oil. That’s not a master plan. It’s just a bunch of greedy monkeys slapping a steering wheel.

If you look at how the Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Education, Food and Drug Administration, and every other major organization in the American government have sold out the American people, it looks like there’s a master plan to screw the population, but every piece of legislation that whittled away the integrity of these agencies was signed by politicians who received money from companies who benefited from them. There are a million money trails, all leading to rich people in different business sectors. This isn’t a centrally orchestrated strategy. It’s a public auction.

If Hillary Clinton would have won the 2016 presidential election, I would have taken that as confirmation there really is a group with god-like control over the system, because the FBI and DNC were obviously working together to pave the way for her. I would be more confused why she lost, except James Comey, the head of the FBI, and the person who publicly absolved her of breaking the law during the primaries, stabbed her in the back right before the general election by reopening her case and announcing the FBI would endorse Trump, which the FBI doesn’t do. Obviously, Trump compromised Comey somehow, which means Comey isn’t part of a grand conspiracy. He’s just for sale like the rest of the government, and Trump outbid Clinton.

I can believe a master genius would choose Hillary to be his puppet, but not Trump. You could even see the sadness in the faces of every politician at Trump’s acceptance speech; they were just as shell-shocked as the rest of the world. The fact that he won means the general election wasn’t rigged, even if the DNC primaries were.

The only explanation for Trump’s victory, is the system is a rudderless cluster fuck. Since Trump is such a wealthy cluster fuck of a human being, the system was practically designed to let people like him sidestep through the cracks into office.



As depressing as that is, it gives me more hope than the alternative. There’s a popular saying in the U.S. military, “You can’t fix stupid,” but ISIS has taught us it’s more impossible to fix evil. At least this scenario gives Americans something we can resolve without a violent revolution, and it tells us exactly what we need to demand. If the root of the problem is money in politics, then all we need to demand is corruption reform.

Americans have known for years that money in politics is a major problem, but Donald Trump conclusively proved it’s the entirety of the problem. Hopefully, the worse Trump makes America, the more people will focus their protests, riots, letters to politicians and internet chatter on taking money out of politics. We just need to find a better strategy than the Occupy Wall Street movement.

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What Should Republicans And Democrats Do About Trump?

Cartoon of a red and blue person fighting. Each person's body is made of red and blue states.


There are millions of Americans who identify as Republicans and Democrats so strongly they cover their cars with political bumper stickers and vote for their party in every election, regardless of who the candidates are.

The most extreme Republicans and Democrats effectively see life in America as a perpetual civil war between the left and the right. They’ve been stereotyping, slandering and blaming the other side for decades while acting like innocent victims after every round of mudslinging. Since the invention of the internet, the infighting has gone viral and grown more sensational and hypocritical every year.

It only took until 2016, for the far right and left to become so blinded by their hatred for each other, they voted for Godzilla and Lady Godzilla respectively. Both parties argued over which candidate was the lesser of two evils and then found ways to justify why their monster should be the leader of the most powerful country in history, but there’s no rational way to justify voting for a male or female Godzilla.

It’s illogical to blindly vote along your party line, make excuses for your candidates’ flaws, give your candidate the benefit of the doubt, obsess over your opponents’ flaws, or reflexively disagree with them. Yet these actions are par for the course in American political news coverage and voter behavior.

Americans want change, but they’re acting like street gangs who shoot anyone they see wearing red or blue. If you can see the absurdity in the feud between the Bloods and the Crips, you should be able to see the travesty in dividing American populace into two arbitrary groups that lump David Duke’s followers with Mother Theresa’s, and radical feminists with autistic atheist scientists, and then forcing those two groups to fight to the death for representation.. and then staffing the government with lawyers and CEOs regardless of the outcome of any battle.

Some Americans are so used to living in this dystopian bubble, it never occurred to them, the source of their country’s political drama is that the election/representation system is fundamentally broken. Others know it, and yet still vote anyway, hoping like a gambling addict, this time will be different.

Well, it’s official now. The 2016 election wasn’t a race, but the final breakdown of an obsolete vehicle. Every vote for Donald or Hillary amounted to nothing more than a vote to keep in place the system that nominates monsters. That’s all your vote means now, and unless you do something different, it won’t be worth any more in 2020.

The source of the problem is the existence of the RNC and DNC, but you’re not going to hear about that on television, because every major news network is owned by billionaires who lobby politicians and have insider relationships with the DNC and RNC. The TV and cable stations you’re watching now, are the same ones that normalized the 2016 election between Godzilla and Lady Godzilla, and have been profiting from selling all the conservative vs. liberal propaganda that has been dividing the nation since the invention of television. As long as Americans keep following these pied pipers, they’ll keep being led into nonsensical feuds against their neighbors. America can’t heal or think straight until it turns the television off.

As long as Americans’ lives revolve around getting screwed out of money by billionaires and complaining about politicians who work them, life will still fundamentally suck, whether or not there are guns, gays, Bibles, Confederate flags, abortions or American flags burning on every street corner.

Americans can go back to arguing over philosophy and religion anytime, but in times of life and death, you need to put abstract arguments aside and focus on survival, and 2016 is the year America handed Godzilla the keys to the economy.

The least Americans could do to prevent another Trumpocalypse is collaborate on the following goals:

  1. Boycott the RNC and DNC.
  2. Boycott major news organizations.
  3. Stop attacking the other side, and start asking each other what would work better than the current, broken election and representation process America has now.
  4. Find the smartest spokesmen from outside the DNC and RNC.
  5. Demand politicians be fired if they fail to meet performance benchmarks
  6. Demand political candidates have to pass an intelligence test.
  7. Demand political candidates have to pass a psychiatric evaluation.
  8. Demand the right to veto politicians out of office.
  9. Demand the right to veto any legislation or policy the government creates.
  10. Demand an end to superdelegates.
  11. Demand an end to the Electoral College.
  12. Demand an end to staged presidential debates.
  13. Demand mandatory drug testing for politicians.
  14. Demand an end to all lobbying and campaign financing.
  15. Demand to make corruption punishable as treason.
  16. Demand total and publicly available surveillance of all politicians’ finances and unclassified digital history for the rest of their lives.
  17. Demand the taxes you pay, be spent providing you the minimum housing, food, water, utilities and health care necessary to survive, before you fund anything else.
  18. Demand the right to dictate what your taxes are spent on

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