What Should Republicans And Democrats Do About Trump?

Cartoon of a red and blue person fighting. Each person's body is made of red and blue states.


There are millions of Americans who identify as Republicans and Democrats so strongly they cover their cars with political bumper stickers and vote for their party in every election, regardless of who the candidates are.

The most extreme Republicans and Democrats effectively see life in America as a perpetual civil war between the left and the right. They’ve been stereotyping, slandering and blaming the other side for decades while acting like innocent victims after every round of mudslinging. Since the invention of the internet, the infighting has gone viral and grown more sensational and hypocritical every year.

It only took until 2016, for the far right and left to become so blinded by their hatred for each other, they voted for Godzilla and Lady Godzilla respectively. Both parties argued over which candidate was the lesser of two evils and then found ways to justify why their monster should be the leader of the most powerful country in history, but there’s no rational way to justify voting for a male or female Godzilla.

It’s illogical to blindly vote along your party line, make excuses for your candidates’ flaws, give your candidate the benefit of the doubt, obsess over your opponents’ flaws, or reflexively disagree with them. Yet these actions are par for the course in American political news coverage and voter behavior.

Americans want change, but they’re acting like street gangs who shoot anyone they see wearing red or blue. If you can see the absurdity in the feud between the Bloods and the Crips, you should be able to see the travesty in dividing American populace into two arbitrary groups that lump David Duke’s followers with Mother Theresa’s, and radical feminists with autistic atheist scientists, and then forcing those two groups to fight to the death for representation.. and then staffing the government with lawyers and CEOs regardless of the outcome of any battle.

Some Americans are so used to living in this dystopian bubble, it never occurred to them, the source of their country’s political drama is that the election/representation system is fundamentally broken. Others know it, and yet still vote anyway, hoping like a gambling addict, this time will be different.

Well, it’s official now. The 2016 election wasn’t a race, but the final breakdown of an obsolete vehicle. Every vote for Donald or Hillary amounted to nothing more than a vote to keep in place the system that nominates monsters. That’s all your vote means now, and unless you do something different, it won’t be worth any more in 2020.

The source of the problem is the existence of the RNC and DNC, but you’re not going to hear about that on television, because every major news network is owned by billionaires who lobby politicians and have insider relationships with the DNC and RNC. The TV and cable stations you’re watching now, are the same ones that normalized the 2016 election between Godzilla and Lady Godzilla, and have been profiting from selling all the conservative vs. liberal propaganda that has been dividing the nation since the invention of television. As long as Americans keep following these pied pipers, they’ll keep being led into nonsensical feuds against their neighbors. America can’t heal or think straight until it turns the television off.

As long as Americans’ lives revolve around getting screwed out of money by billionaires and complaining about politicians who work them, life will still fundamentally suck, whether or not there are guns, gays, Bibles, Confederate flags, abortions or American flags burning on every street corner.

Americans can go back to arguing over philosophy and religion anytime, but in times of life and death, you need to put abstract arguments aside and focus on survival, and 2016 is the year America handed Godzilla the keys to the economy.

The least Americans could do to prevent another Trumpocalypse is collaborate on the following goals:

  1. Boycott the RNC and DNC.
  2. Boycott major news organizations.
  3. Stop attacking the other side, and start asking each other what would work better than the current, broken election and representation process America has now.
  4. Find the smartest spokesmen from outside the DNC and RNC.
  5. Demand politicians be fired if they fail to meet performance benchmarks
  6. Demand political candidates have to pass an intelligence test.
  7. Demand political candidates have to pass a psychiatric evaluation.
  8. Demand the right to veto politicians out of office.
  9. Demand the right to veto any legislation or policy the government creates.
  10. Demand an end to superdelegates.
  11. Demand an end to the Electoral College.
  12. Demand an end to staged presidential debates.
  13. Demand mandatory drug testing for politicians.
  14. Demand an end to all lobbying and campaign financing.
  15. Demand to make corruption punishable as treason.
  16. Demand total and publicly available surveillance of all politicians’ finances and unclassified digital history for the rest of their lives.
  17. Demand the taxes you pay, be spent providing you the minimum housing, food, water, utilities and health care necessary to survive, before you fund anything else.
  18. Demand the right to dictate what your taxes are spent on

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