What Should Non-Americans Do About Trump?

On November 9th, 2016, Donald Trump was elected president of the United States of America. Now the rest of the world is wondering how it happened, what it means for the future and what the public should do now.



Ultimately, the fate of America, and thus, the world, depends on what the American people do over the next four years. They have a lot of responsibilities and not a lot of time to fulfill them. One of the big reasons they’re in this predicament is because they’ve either been inactive, or active in the wrong ways. So if we can predict Americans’ future behavior based on their past history, we can expect them to watch TV, complain, and shop, and that will yield negative consequences for them.

The rest of the world has been feeling the consequences of Americans’ inaction for decades. America’s problems are everyone’s’, which make them everybody’s responsibility. It’s unfair for an American to tell foreigners they have a responsibility to help the country that has been taking so much from them for so long, but necessity dictates it. I’m sorry.

You wouldn’t actually be helping the people who hurt you. Now, more than ever, it should be obvious the American people don’t control their government. They’re as much victims of America’s internal policies as the Middle East is a victim of its foreign policies. America may have turned the Middle East into a fiery graveyard, but life is just as bad in many American cities as it is in any war zone. And no matter what country you live in, at least you can say you don’t live in the place with the highest prison population. Life for most Americans is less like Keeping up with the Kardashians and more like The Grapes of Wrath.



The world shares a common cause with America’s lower and middle-class population, and the American people owe a debt to everyone else for letting their government devolve to the state it’s in, but how can people on other sides of the globe help each other?

Foreigners have an abundance of something Americans lack. They need to give to Americans, who need to accept it. That thing is perspective.

64% of Americans have never left the USA, and most of them get their news from biased and sensationalized sources. If Americans seem crazy and single-minded, it’s because most of them only know one way of life, and every human’s DNA is programmed to defend our worldview and reject ideas that don’t fit into it. Like everybody else, Americans tend to get tunnel vision, which wouldn’t be a big deal, except Donald Trump just got elected president, and Hillary Clinton almost did.

Most Americans don’t know what capitalism, socialism, and communism are. They don’t know what America’s foreign policies are or how they’ve affected the rest of the world. They don’t know how broken their system is or what their options for fixing it are. They’ve already proven they won’t listen to each other, which wouldn’t help anyway because they’re fighting over which side of the same coin is best.

Behavior stems from thoughts, and Americans can’t change their behavior without changing their thoughts. They can’t do that by recalculating the same information. They need new information, and if they won’t seek it out, someone needs to give to them.

Organize with your countrymen to flood America’s social media feeds and the comment sections of major news sites with advice on how and why Americans should fix their government. When they lecture you for butting your head in their business, lecture them about how the American government has butted its head in your country’s business for the past century.

But don’t insult and accuse Americans. That only shuts conversation down and reinforces xenophobia. Tell Americans what they’re doing wrong, but come with a spirit of love and hope. If you don’t know how to solve America’s political or economic problems, just tell Americans to stop fighting and blaming each other. Tell them to open their minds and consider new ideas. Tell them how the rest of the world sees them and why. Send them a link to Omar Kamel’s blog post, “I’m Arab And Many Of Us Are Glad That Trump Won.”

Most importantly, tell them to turn off their televisions. American politics wouldn’t be the circus it is if all the major news networks hadn’t hypernormalised its insanity. Tell them what they’re watching shouldn’t be normal.



If you believe America is the Great Satan, and you want to see it end, then sit back and do nothing. You might think it would be tactical to attack America while tensions are fragile or before things get any worse, but many Americans are desperately looking for a scapegoat. They’ve put their differences aside to focus on war before, and if you give them an excuse, they’ll do it again. That will cause loss of innocent life on both sides and strengthen America’s military-industrial complex. Ultimately, all it will accomplish is delaying meaningful change.

It would be better for the world if America is repaired, not destroyed. In order for that to happen, the American people need to be repaired, not destroyed. To the extent you’re scared of Donald Trump, or whoever comes after him, you should be motivated to enlighten the American people by reaching out to them over the internet.

In my next two blogs, I’ll talk about what conservative and liberal Americans need to do to truly make America great again.

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