Buy A Better World By Donating Dividends

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Many people give away a percentage of their income to charities each year. The more of a percentage of your income you give away, the more I believe this idea would help create the effect you’re looking to accomplish, which is to make the world a better place.

Instead of just outright giving away your money, find a company on the stock market engaged in doing something you feel is worthwhile. This could be companies that make products and services that help the poorest of the poor directly, like desalinization technology, or ones that help indirectly, like cell phone manufacturers. Find one that pays dividends, and invest in that company. Then donate your dividends to charity to help those who can’t wait for technology or the economy to catch up to their plight.

Going this route, your initial investment will grow and allow you to give away more money in the long run in addition to helping a needed business grow. When you’re ready to cash out and retire, you can sell off all your stocks so you don’t become destitute yourself.


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2 thoughts on “Buy A Better World By Donating Dividends

  1. So give your money to your local neighborhood homeless people holding those signs on the streets and sidewalks? Buy some mutual funds that invest in Rubbermaid, ConAgra, Western Digital to benefits people. Also, throw the poor people some packs of condoms so they won’t breed more kids they can’t support, which can save them over $100K in the long run. They will not be poor any more when they have $100K. lol

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