Buy A Better World By Donating Dividends

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Many people give away a percentage of their income to charities each year. The more of a percentage of your income you give away the more I think this idea would help create the effect you’re looking to accomplish, which is to make the world a better place.

Instead of just outright giving away your money I suggest first finding a company on the stock market that is engaged in doing something you feel is worthwhile. this could be anything. Cell phones have improved the lives of many impoverished people. Robotics will help everyone in the future. Farms feed people. etc. etc. etc. Anyway, instead of just giving your money away, invest it in one of these companies and help them grow and improve their product. That, in and of itself will help people. Then, give away the dividends to charity.

Going this route your initial investment will grow and allow you to give away more money in the long run (in addition to helping a needed business grow). If you do this for say 40 years in the end your investments might be worth a shit load. At that point you can sell off all your stock and give it all away. However, if you find that your life sucks now and you’re in need of help yourself, you can spend that money yourself, which will in turn mean that the people who love you the most won’t have to burden so much of the weight (if any) of caring for you. So at that point you’re basically giving the money you spend on yourself to your relatives in the sense that you’re saving them from having to spend their money on you.

The only problem with this theory is that the company you invest in may go tits up. In that case you may feel like your money went to waste. That’s true in one sense, but you can rarely ever be sure if the money you give to charity is doing good. Many famous charities are infamous (to those who know) for using their donations to line the pockets of their administrators or wasting it on golden decorations for their headquarters. When you spend your money helping a company grow you’re more likely to…well, help that company grow. Sure, some of it might go to administrators, but that’s true with self-proclaimed charity. At least this way there’s a chance it’ll improve technologies that will help more people in the long run. You can give a man a fish and feed him for a day, but help fund the design of a robotic fishing machine, and you feed everyone in the world for life. At any rate, you tried, which is the as much as you can hope for anyway.

But what about the starving people who are dying right now? If that’s what you’re worried about then give your money directly to a starving person. Or give the dividends of the money you’ve invested directly to a starving person. Don’t give it to a middle man who is going to take a slice off the top to help him buy a new jet ski for his spoiled kids or send a bunch of upper middle class girl scouts or youth group students on a ski trip to Aspen.

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  1. So give your money to your local neighborhood homeless people holding those signs on the streets and sidewalks? Buy some mutual funds that invest in Rubbermaid, ConAgra, Western Digital to benefits people. Also, throw the poor people some packs of condoms so they won’t breed more kids they can’t support, which can save them over $100K in the long run. They will not be poor any more when they have $100K. lol

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