Funny Anthropomorphic Illustrations Of Common Dinners

My identical twin brother works as a chef on a boat that stays out at sea for months. He started drawing pictures illustrating the meals on the menu in the cafeteria, and people started taking photos of them to send to their friends and families every day. Try to guess what the picture is depicting before reading the menu. You can also find the answer by mousing over the picture or scrolling down to the caption below each one.

Some of the whiteboards say, “Visitors sign in, please,” which may make you ask, how/why does a boat have visitors? It was docked for a while getting repaired.

Drawing of a framed portrait of Mona Lisa, except she has a chicken face.
Chicken Parmesan
Picture of a pig wearing a ninja uniform, karate-chopping an apple on a table
Pork chops with apples
Picture of a fish wearing swim shorts, laying on a blanket on a beach. The scales on his back are red, and there is a bright shining sun above
Seared tilapia
Picture of a female broccoli stalk holding a baby cow. Next to her is a male broccoli stalk looking suspicious and angry at her.
Beef and broccoli
The Hamburgler is holding an empty bag and pointing a gun a Ronald McDonald, who is frowning
Godzilla is crushing a city and breathing fire from his mouth. Little potatoes are running away from the city past a sign that says, "Welcome to Potatoville"
Mashed potatoes
Picture of a bumble bee + the board game, "Risk" + Pennywise, the evil clown = ?
Picture of a pig dressed like a pirate, standing next to a treasure chest, holding a gold medallion
Pork medallions
Two fish dressed like a bride and groom standing next to a large wedding cake
Fish cakes
Picture of a large taco with the head and legs of a frowning cow
Beef tacos
A pizza is taking a picture of another pizza, who is posing in front of the Leaning Tower of Pisa
Picture of a bean, dressed in a sailor outfit, standing on the deck of a military battle ship
Navy beans
A male ear of corn is holding a Spanish guitar and throwing a rose to a female ear of corn in a flowing red dress, dancing Salsa-style
Spicy corn
Picture of a stalk of broccoli surfing on a large wave
California veggies
The character "Sweet Pea" from the "Popeye" franchise, who is a cute baby, sitting happily in a baby stroller
Sweet peas
Picture of a large cow, who is saying, "Wise man say... anger is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies."
Beef tips
Picture of a female chicken soaking in a hot bath tub
Smothered chicken breast
Picture of a fish with a cat's head
Picture of a chicken wearing a baseball cap backwards and smiling, revealing elaborately jeweled teeth
Grilled chicken
Picture of "The Colonel," mascot of the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant chain. In this picture, he has the head of a chicken and is holding a bucket of fried chicken
Fried chicken
Picture of the mascot for the Little Ceaser's pizza restaurant chain. He is a cartoonish man wearing a toga, holding a piece of pizza
Picture of a peach using a hammer to fix an old fashioned shoe. Above him is a sign that reads, "Ye Olde Cobbler Shop."
Peach cobbler
Picture a male and female chicken sitting on a park bench watching the sunset and holding hands
Chicken tenders
Picture of a salmon holding a fork, preparing to stick it in an electric socket
Blackened salmon
Picture of a dancing taco who is smiling and wearing a sombrero
Picture of a chicken, wearing boxing shorts and boxing gloves. He is laying on the ground with a black eye, missing teeth and stars spinning around his head
Blackened chicken
Picture of a giant pepper shaker, shaking out little cows with parachutes
Peppered steak
Picture of a cow sitting in a chair laughing next to a chicken standing at a podium that has the sing on the front, which says, "Comedy Central"
Roasted beef
Picture of a French fry wearing a scarf and beret, smoking a cigarette and riding a Vespa past the Eiffel Tower
French fries
Picture of a chicken standing on a Venetian canoe, pushing it through the canals of Venice
Chicken alfredo
Rib cage + eye ball + wooden stake = ?
Rib-eye steak
Picture of a boxing match poster with two chickens dressed like boxers on it. Above them it says, "Iron Horse Presents: Rumble in the Gulf." Below them it says, "Sunday 14: Glazed Ham vs Fried Chicken
Glazed ham and friend chicken
Picture of a pizza painting a self portrait by looking at himself in a mirror
Artisan pizza
Picture of a chicken dressed like Alice from "Alice in Wonderland"
Alice spring chicken
Picture of a sad shrimp sitting on a blanket with a cup in front of him, holding a sign that says, "Hungry. Please help."
Shrimp po boys
Picture of the chihuaha mascot of the Taco Bell restaurant chain. He is saying, "Yo quiero per diem."
Picture of a chicken that looks like a mob boss, specifically "The God Father."
Chicken scallopini
Picture of a fish wearing a Soviet hat with a red star on it, swimming past iconic churches in Moscow
Red snapper
Picture of a male potato handing a heart to a female potato, who is clapping her hands with joy
Sweet potatoes
Picture of a cat fishing in a small boat. In the water below is a giant fish grinning with sharp teeth


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