Geometric and Mandala-esque Celtic Knotwork Sketches I Drew During School

All but one of these are Celtic knots I drew in my notebook during college classes over the course of the 2015 school year. At the end of the year, I gave the best ones to my teachers and the rest to my classmates. I hope they kept them. They’re going to be worth a lot someday.

I used Prisma Colors to make the Mandala Sunflower design at the bottom of the page, which was a birthday present to my supportive and patient girlfriend.

Two concentric circles with over/under-lapping arches of ribbons woven between them and each other
Two concentric squares with two more, rotated at a 90 degree angle and interlaced between them The same concentric square Celtic knot design as above, but with shading under the places where lines overlap Four concentric circles, with arches of ribbons woven between them in a Mandala patternThe same four concentric circles, with arches of ribbons woven between them in a Mandala pattern, but with the background colored in black Complicated Celtic knotwork Mandala with overlapping circles, arches and stars Two concentric "8's" framed by Celtic-style loops and angled linesTwo concentric diamond shapes connected by traditional Celtic knots, with a black background and white circle in the middle A four-pointed star made of 6 overlapping diamond-shaped polygons One line that loops in and out of itself. It looks like a donut-shaped bowl of soup. The background is not shaded in the bottom left quarter of the donut, and the overlapping lines there have not been erased to look overlapping IMG_1561 A large, serrated triangle made from one line that spirals into a concentric series of polygons, making a smaller triangle in the center from the negative space between the lines

A star made from angled loops that connect to/framed by a wide, square band of traditional Celtic knots containing alternating Trinity symbols and hearts

Very simple outline of a human skull with eye sockets, a nose socket and teethThe same basic skull outline as above, but with the lines turned into ribbons and the outline of a bird added; the skull's nose socket makes the tail feathers; the wings wrap over the top of the eyebrows, and the head of the bird is at the top center of the skull's forehead

The same skull as above, but with the background behind the eyes, bird and the peripheral of the skull shaded-in A four-pointed star made from four diamond shaped ribbons woven together and embellished with spiral designs in the negatives spaces. Laying on top of the paper is a real cigarette lighter with a picture of a glowing gofer on it.

Four circles in a clover pattern, with six concentric circles inside the clover

The same Celtic clover of circles with concentric circles inside it. The background has been shaded to look like a bullseye. A basic Mandala circle, but where the lines meet at the edge of the circle, they extend outward to make the shapes of sunflower leaves.

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