An old man from Jersey explains: the chicken and the egg


An old man sits on the steps to a dingy apartment building reading a newspaper. A ten year old boy stand on the grass nearby about to ask a question.

So I was sitting on the front steps to my apartment building the other day watching the people walk by when this kid comes up to me and says, “Hey mister.”

I say, “What do you want, kid?”

He says, “I just want to know, what came first, the chicken or the egg?”

I say to him, “Well, that’s a tough one. You see, if the existence of one requires the other to predate it then neither of them could have created the other.”

“Well then how do they exist?”

“I was just getting to that. You see, they could both exist if time doesn’t flow in a straight line from beginning to end, but in a never ending cyclical loop like the symbol for infinity. Then they could have both  predated the other.”

“I don’t get it.”

“That’s okay, kid. Neither do I, but don’t worry about it too much because there’s another possibility. They could have both came into existence at the same time. The chicken is the egg, and the egg is the chicken.”

“I don’t get that one either.”

“Yeah, me neither.”

“Well, I guess it answers my next question anyway.”

“And what’s that then?”

“If God created the universe then who created God?”

“Well there you go.”

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