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meaning of life

Why: An Agnostic Perspective on the Meaning of Life: This book is the result of obsessing over the meaning of life for ten years. It asks what the meaning of life would be depending on whether or not there is a God or an afterlife, and it comes to the conclusion that regardless of which scenario is true the end result is that we have an opportunity and a responsibility to achieve self-actualization and make the most out of life. Then it provides food for thought on how to do that.

philosophies by the wise sloth

Philosophies Of The Wise Sloth: A collection of essays from this site about life, death, God, the universe, ethics, personal growth, and happiness.

Advice on sexual positions techniques and romance

Practical Advice On Sex Positions, Techniques, and Romance: A collection of essays from this blog that represent my lifelong quest to understand sex.


The Bible is Mythology: A collection of essays from The Wise Sloth blog about how Christianity is mythology and does more harm than good in society.

why you should not join the us military

Why You Should Not Join The U.S. Military: A collection of essays from The Wise Sloth blog about the United States military. The central argument is that the military is a cult that violates the troops’ basic human rights.

Click to take the Rotten Apple adventure

The Rotten Apple Interactive Adventure Book: A choose your own adventure book about a real hostel in New Zealand that helps backpackers find work in the local fruit industry. In the story you stay at the Rotten Apple Backpacker Hostel in Hastings, New Zealand for several months. Links within the book allow you to choose how the story unfolds by making decisions, such as what size room to stay in, where to work, where to hang out, and who to sleep with. The story takes you to real places around Hastings and has you do things that real people do there. Embedded within the text are links that connect you with more information about those places and activities.

last (1)

The Last Transcript: A psychological thriller about life after the zombie apocalypse written in the form of a transcript of a Skype conversation. Several years after the zombie apocalypse, 9 survivors trapped in different safe houses around the world share a Skype call on Thanksgiving.  Not all of them survive. The story is also a script for a super low budget movie or play.

"An Old Man From Jersey Explains Life"

An Old Man From Jersey Explains Life: A 67 page comic about an eccentric old man sitting on his porch steps explaining life to a little boy. It’s basically a summary of one of my other books, “Why: An Agnostic Perspective on the Meaning of Life.” This comic delves into complex philosophical concepts in a lighthearted way that’s easy to understand but will still make you think.

Occupy LOL Street: Volume 1

Occupy LOL Street: Volume 1: 140-page collection of six dark, surreal comics about three cats who get involved in the Occupy LOL Street protests in Zucchini park and try to find solutions to America’s problems.

Occupy LOL Street: Volume 2

Occupy LOL Street: Volume 2: 114-page collection of 6 more LOL Street comics.

2 conservative women - Copy (2)

Two Conservative Ladies script: A script for a very dark humored, cynical play or stand-up comedy act in which two conservative ladies stand around and talk about American politics and conservative values. It’s a scathing analysis of conservative American culture.

State of the Union: Volume 1

State of the Union Volume 1: 75 pages of poignant, slightly dark and surreal political comics previously posted on The Wise Sloth website.

State of the Union: Volume 2

State of the Union Volume 2: 88 pages of poignant, slightly dark and surreal political comics previously posted on The Wise Sloth website.

Monk and Punk: Book 1

Monk and Punk: Book 1: A very dark, crude comic book about a monk who gets kicked out of his monastery and teams up with an alcoholic punk to pull of a get-rich-quick scheme involving assembly line pulp fiction writing with the goal of building their own monastery. The story is also a business plan, and it comes with a free formula plot template.

Monk and Punk: Book 2

Monk and Punk: Book 2: Following the events of book 1, Monk and Punk adapt their plans to build a monastery after a series of disasters and end up building a hollow, floating island with a concrete hull that they use as a sustainable houseboat to live on and operate their growing independent publishing house out of. Oh, and there’s narwhals.



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