7 Choose Your Own Adventure Templates And Prompts

Below are some choose your own adventure E-book templates and prompts I made. These are all public domain. So you can share them and profit off them freely. Click each link, download the Word Document and follow the instructions to create your very own choose your own adventure story.

This template is 2-pronged. Each step has 2 choices, which means you have few stories, but they’re longer. More 2-pronged templates will be coming soon.

130-page blank template

The following templates are 3-pronged. Each step has 3 choices, which means you have more, shorter stories.

120-page template with exploration themed prompts (Start here)

46 page Reader Friendly Template (more reader-friendly but less author-friendly)

120-page blank template

125 page blank reader-friendly template (more reader-friendly but less author-friendly)

370-page blank template

The 36 Adventures of Captain Buigardo (A 1-page inspirational plot map)

I’ve pasted portions of some of the tables of contents below to give you an idea of what you’re getting into:

Blank Table of Contents

  • Introduction
  • A:
    • A1:
      • A11:
        • A111
        • A112
        • A113
      • A12:
        • A121
        • A122
        • A123
      • A13
        • A131
        • A132
        • A133
      • A2:
        • A21
          • A211
          • A212
          • A213
        • A22
          • A221
          • A222
          • A223
        • A23
          • A231
          • A232
          • A233
        • A3:
          • A31
            • A311
            • A312
            • A313
          • A32
            • A321
            • A322
            • A323
          • A33
            • A331
            • A332
            • A333

Exploration Themed Table of Contents

  • Introduction and Cataclysm
  • A: Explore “Feature A”
    • A1: Explore “Subfeature A1”
      • A11: Employ “Solution A11”
        • A111: Employ “Solution A111”
        • A112: Employ “Solution A112”
        • A113: Employ “Solution A113”
      • A12: Employ “Solution A12”
        • A121: Employ “Solution A121”
        • A122: Employ “Solution A122”
        • A123: Employ “Solution A123
      • A13: Employ “Solution A13”
        • A131: Employ “Solution A131”
        • A132: Employ “Solution A132”
        • A133: Employ “Solution A33”
      • A2: Explore “Subfeature A2”
        • A21: Employ “Solution A21”
          • A211: Employ “Solution A211”
          • A212: Employ “Solution A212”
          • A213: Employ “Solution A213”
        • A22: Employ “Solution A22”
          • A221: Employ “Solution A221”
          • A222: Employ “Solution A222”
          • A223: Employ “Solution A223”
        • A23: Employ “Solution A23”
          • A231: Employ “Solution A231”
          • A232: Employ “Solution A232”
          • A233: Employ “Solution A233”
        • A3: Explore “Subfeature A3”
          • A31: Employ “Solution A31”
            • A311: Employ “Solution A311”
            • A312: Employ “Solution A312”
            • A313: Employ “Solution A313”
          • A32: Employ “Solution A32”
            • A321: Employ “Solution A321”
            • A322: Employ “Solution A322”
            • A323: Employ “Solution A323”
          • A33: Employ “Solution A33”
            • A331: Employ “Solution A331”
            • A332: Employ “Solution A332”
            • A333: Employ “Solution A333”


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