The 36 Adventures Of Captain Buigardo (A Choose Your Own Adventure Story Template)

Captain Buigardo's choose your own adventure formula plot story boardPick an Introduction:

  1. Capt. B is a successful pirate. Everything goes right for him.
  2. Capt. B is a failed pirate. His crew is on the verge of mutiny.
  3. Capt. B is a lovesick pirate trying to earn enough money to return to his lover in a faraway land.
  4. Capt. B is running from his past. He throws himself into his work and blocks everything else out.

Pick a Cataclysm:

  1. Capt. B tries to sell pirated records but is arrested and thrown in jail.
  2. Capt. B saves a beautiful woman from going to jail by going to jail in her place.
  3. Capt. B and his crew celebrate in a tavern and get into a brawl. Capt. B is arrested and sent to jail.
  4. Capt. b tries to double cross a crime lord. He’s caught and sent to a corrupt prison.

Pick a Vow:

  1. The prison is an underground pig farm where life is cheap. so Capt. B vows to escape.
  2. Capt. B has slept with many of the inmates’ sisters and many want him dead. So he vows to escape.
  3. Capt. B is appalled by the inhumane conditions of the corrupt prison and vows to escape and set right the wrongs.
  4. Capt. B realizes all the prisoners have lovers waiting for them on the outside. So he vows to set them all free.

Pick a Plan:

  1. Capt. B convinces the prison theater leader to help him use a formula plot template to write prisoner’s stories.
  2. Capt. B’s cellmate, a copy editor, inspires him to use a formula plot template to write prisoner’s stories.
  3. Capt. B conspires with the crooked chaplain to us a formula plot template to write prisoner’s stories.
  4. Capt. B is swept into an ongoing secret initiative to use a formula plot template to write prisoner’s stories.

Pick an Attack:

  1. Capt. B uses the prison theater to spread instructions to inmates and collect stories.
  2. Capt. B pesters the gang leaders and gets beat up until they go along with his plan.
  3. Capt. B gives a rousing speech to the inmates and inspires all of them to join him.
  4. The inmates take to Capt. B’s plan like bees to honey and get carried away with it.

Pick a Finishing Move:

  1. They put the stories in bottles and dump them into the bay just before the guards could catch them.
  2. They put the stories in bottles and hide them in a truck that sneaks them out of prison and dumps them downtown.
  3. They put the stories in bottles and flush them out of the prison into the bay with their sewage.
  4. they fold their stories into paper planes and throw them out the windows on a perfectly breezy day.

Pick a Prize:

  1. The people gather the stories and then riot at the prison gates and set all but the worst prisoners free.
  2. The stories make national news and the politicians sack the warden and institute prison reform.
  3. the mafia inmates hid a secret code in the stories organizing an attack on the prison that sets the inmates free.
  4. The stories reach Capt. B’s lover. Her father is a politician and pulls strings to bring down the corrupt prison.

Pick a Reckoning:

  1. After being freed Capt. B races back to his boat and flees with his crew before anyone finds out what else they did.
  2. After being freed many inmates move onto Capt. B’s ship where they start a mobile publishing house.
  3. Capt. B’s lover returns to him and they… make up for lost time.
  4. Capt. B opens a cabaret on his ship and makes a fancy living off of tourists and dock workers.

Pick a Sunset:

  1. Capt. B has many more absurd adventures before dying a very unlikely death at a very old age.
  2. Capt. B returns to the prison one year later and buys it.
  3. Capt. B is thrown back in prison a year later for doing the same thing that got him there in the first place.
  4. A year later Capt. B hangs up his pirate hat and settles down as Mr. B


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