Why Using Proper Grammar Is Important


Society doesn’t respect proper grammar as much as it used to. Rappers and valley girls think it’s cool to use improper grammar. The fact that we have the term “grammar Nazi” just goes to show how little society respects grammar. But just because something is popular or chic, doesn’t mean it’s useful. There are consequences to using improper grammar. It affects how we understand the world and communicate ideas.

Your language shapes the way you think. Your thoughts shape your understanding of reality. Your reality shapes who you are. The more words you know the more you can articulate explanations of how the world works, why it works the way it does, who you are and what you are. The more complete your vocabulary is the more complete of a mind you can have and thus the more complete of a person you can be. The framework that supports the whole structure is grammar. Grammar is the thread that holds your reality together. The looser that thread is, the less capable you’ll be of forming coherent, linear thoughts. Thus, the less coherent and linear your mind will be. Thus the less of a person you will be. Plus, the less control you have over your thoughts the less control you’ll have over your actions.

That’s not to say you’re going to drive your car over a cliff, but if you look at the most successful people who live with the most purpose you’ll notice they hold themselves with a sense of purpose and dignity. They speak clearly, articulately and use proper grammar. Their internal and external lives came together because their thoughts came together, and their thoughts were able to come together fluidly because their thoughts were organized using time-tested methods of refining the use of symbolic language (aka proper grammar).

The reality you live in, the person you are and the success you have in life are all built on the framework of language. The present state of humanity, as well as its future, rests on our ability to communicate and improve ideas. Allowing our language to atrophy will cause our world and our future to atrophy. By allowing our children to use improper grammar we’re lowering their potential. Even if it only lowers their potential by one to five percent, you have to ask yourself how precious their lives are? How much do your children deserve? How much lost potential is too much? What’s worth sacrificing their potential for? How much is sounding cool to idiots worth? Is it worth your mind?


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