Wise Sloth Video List: American Subcultures vs. American Subcultures

I prefer watching educational videos on YouTube more than watching television, but it’s tedious digging for good content, and I’ve already seen most of the good stuff while searching for videos to put in my blogs. In case anyone else is looking for entertaining educational videos on YouTube, I made a series of posts with all the ones I’ve used on The Wise Sloth, organized by topic, with links to the posts they appear in. You’re bound to be enlightentained, and if you need help exploring the 600+ essays on The Wise Sloth, these video lists offer a quick overview that practically summarize my philosophies.

This list comes mostly from my essays on American pop culture and focuses on the mini-cultural civil wars happening in America, including trending conflicts between women vs. men, conservatives vs. liberals, African Americans vs. whites, and elders vs. the youth.

14 reasons it’s insane to say all men are evil

My theory on social justice warriors

An open letter to liberal Americans

An open letter to conservative America

Conservatives, stop talking about overthrowing the government

Right wing entertainment news is making America worse

My theory on why Fox News acts so biased and evil

14 ways American parents created the children they complain about

Hating white people isn’t logical or helpful

Everyone is a little racist and what we should do about it

A white man explains the Black Lives Matter movement

9 reasons foreigners look down on Americans


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