Resources For Writers Obsessed With Plot Structure

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been working relentlessly on creating the ultimate story plot structure outline tool. In the process, I’ve looked at almost every article, video, and image related to plot structure on the internet. It has been a slow, painful process slogging through the slush pile of advice out there. So, to save other aspiring plotters time researching, I’ve compiled all the most useful content I’ve found into the list below.

46+ Popular Story Structure Graphs In 3 jpgs:

Videos Of The Hero’s Journey and Dan Harmon’s Adaptation:

Videos On Hollywood-Style Plot Structures:

Scene Structure:

Film Courage Interviews:

Kurt Vonnegut’s Formulas:

Character Development Arcs:

Writing 101: Four W’s For Character Development

How The Antagonist Affects Character Arc

The 3 Types of Character Arc – Change, Growth, And Fall

The Eggshell Hero – How To Build A Story Upon A Dramatic Character Arc

How To Write Character Arcs

Plotting And Structure:

The Eight Sequences

Plot Your Novel In 7 Steps

How To Brainstorm Your Story Idea Into A Working Concept

The Yes-But Method of Deepening The Plot

Story Structure 101: Super Basic Shit

Story Structure: 10 Simple Keys to Effective Plot Structure

Story Structure With Michael Hague

7 Point Plot Structure Story Mapping Template


Structuring And Outlining

How To Add Subplots To Your Story

Tighten Thy Subplots

Subplot Ideas: 5 Tips For Writing Better Subplots


Writing 101: Internal vs External Conflict

Writing 101: Conflict Lock

Conflict Basics

The Inner Struggle: Guides For Using Inner Conflict That Make Sense

Building Your Core: Internal And External Core Conflicts

Depicting Internal Conflicts

The Internal Conflict Formula That Generates Plot Points And Strengthens Them

Goals, Conflict, Tension, And Stakes

Lists For Brainstorming:

50 High Stake Plot Ideas!

TV Tropes

123 Ideas For Character Flaws

Top 100 Traits And Behaviors Of Personality-Disordered Individuals

Huge List Of Vices

Huge List Of Virtues

The Master List Of Virtues (pdf)

What Is The Classification Of Character Strengths And Virtues?

Wikipedia Articles You Should Read:




Homo Economicus

Personality Types

Trait Theory


List of story writing software #1

List of story writing software #2

List of story writing software #3

Inklewriter (CYOA writing)

Quest (CYOA writing)

Twine (CYOA writing)

Ginko (Lists and notecard organization)

Mindmeister (Mind mapping)

The (Storyboards)

Frameforge (Storyboards)

Boords (Storyboards)

Articles About Story Structure By The Wise Sloth:

Screenwriting For Movies:
Screenwriting For TV:
Short Stories:
Choose Your Own Adventure:
Movie Plot Break Downs:
TV Plot Break Downs:
Free Story Prompts:

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