Tweets by The Wise Sloth #26: Social Justice Warriors, Radical Feminism, Fat Acceptance and Political Correctness

Cartoon image of a sloth sitting on a mountain top. He is wearing a yellow robe. His head is bowed with his eyes shut, and beams of light shine from around his head. With his left arm, he is holding one finger in the air. Above him are the words, "Tweets by The Wise Sloth."

There are more white men in the tech industry for the same reason there are more white men at Weird Al Yancovic concerts.

Our culture is a patriarchy designed to oppress and degrade women, said no florist on Valentine’s Day ever.

Expect a man to do recurring yard work and nobody bats an eye. Expect a woman to do any housework and everybody loses their mind.

Feminism had me at gender equality but lost me at kill all the white men.

We need yard work appreciation day, where he who does all the yard work relaxes while his family experiences his pain for one day each year.

It’s not male politicians holding women’s liberation back. It’s religious politicians.

Masculinity is toxic, said no feminist to their mechanics, plumbers, or soldiers ever.

The statement, “The more money you have, the better life is,” is truer than the statement, “The more male you are, the better life is.”

Google’s tech staff isn’t diverse for the same reason America’s World of Warcraft guilds aren’t. It’s not because white nerds are bigots.

There aren’t more women in the tech industry for the same reason there aren’t more women in live action role playing tournaments.

Don’t bitch out a white person or man for having white privilege or male privilege until you’ve bitched out a white, homeless veteran.

We promote and incentivize women getting in STEM fields for equality, but where’s the push for gender equality in all the most deadly jobs?

In 1993 John Grey said, “Men are from Mars, women are from Venus,” and got rich. In 2017 James Damore said the same thing and got demonized.

Demanding that the 1% pay reparations to the poor would be more accurate than demanding white men pay reparations to everyone.

I don’t want a white history month, but if we’re going to have a double standard, let’s admit it officially with a white bashing month.

Anyone pissed about white privilege would have their jealousy cured by spending a week living with me in my trailer by the train tracks.

The statement, “The more money you have, the better life is,” is truer than the statement, “The more white you are, the better life is.”

The world is not divided into #blacklivesmatter and #whitelivesmatter, but between #poorlivesmatter and #richlivesmatter.

Social justice warriors have given us 50 names for sexual orientations, but if you put anyone alone on an island for the rest of their life with anything, they’ll fuck it.

We can accept you being fat, but no amount of social justice awareness can convince your organs to.

Everyone deserves respect, but the fat acceptance movement is morally equivalent to a smoker’s acceptance movement.

If you’re enrolled in a liberal arts college and can afford to protest, you’re in the top 10% of most privileged people in the world.

Imagine if social justice warriors put as much effort into fighting hunger, homelessness and slavery as they do sheltering their feelings.

The pickier of an eater you are, the more privileged your life must be.

The more worried you are what labels other people use, the more likely you’re too privileged to know the war the rich are waging on the poor.

The longer you complain about being a victim, but have no plan to fix anything, the more likely you just have a delusional victim complex.

Radical feminists most likely to angrily demand more empowered female leads in movies, are most likely to play the victim card in real life.

No female politician is “for women’s rights” as long as it’s illegal for women to take their shirt off.

If anyone gives a fuck about your feelings, you’re one of the most privileged people on Earth.

If everyone’s emotions were valid, there’d be no psychologists. None of us are finished growing. We’re all incomplete. Get over it, and get on with growing yourself up.

More people bitch louder about tiny injustices, than they do about the big injustices from which the little ones stem.

No superpower would attack America while it’s embroiled in a thousand civil wars. Why kill the eagle if you can wait for it to eat itself?

Every social justice warrior’s posts on social media are made on devices invented by men, assembled by slaves, bought from capitalists.

Lucky for me, living in the ghetto shelters me from meeting anyone pretentious enough to tell a complete stranger to check their privilege.

It might save the world if everyone criticizes three things about their group every time they criticize one thing about another group.

Radical SJWs and feminists need to embrace Abraham Lincoln’s words, “Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?”

If we protect people from hunger as zealously as we protect them from having their feelings hurt, we’d all love life and probably each other.

Just once I’d like to hear an American president tell all Americans to not act like victims and throw tantrums when their flaws are exposed.

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