How Can I Improve The Wise Sloth?

In 2017, The Wise Sloth blog turned 10 years old. I celebrated its birthday by moving it to a new domain provider and totally renovating the layout and structure. Unfortunately, this required me to ask my E-mail subscribers to resubscribe because I couldn’t export/import their E-mail addresses. Only about half renewed, which gave me a sad face at first, but I realized I probably just culled out people who stopped reading anyway. Now they won’t be bothered with notifications anymore, and I know how many dedicated fans I have. So thank you for sticking with me. I appreciate every one of you.

I haven’t been posting much lately because I’ve been working tirelessly on creating the ultimate story plot formula engine by breaking down popular movies and analyzing and comparing their component parts. I’m creating a tool that will allow anyone to easily write a story as well-structured as Avatar. More importantly, it will allow you to easily explain how to accomplish a goal, which will allow you to teach people how to accomplish goals. If everyone could write professional quality screenplays that teach useful information, it could end the intellectual drought in Hollywood.


Sheets of paper taped together and laid out across the floor containing my movie plot break downs

Movie Plot Break Downs I wrote and am analyzing


I’m still dedicated to writing blogs, and I want to give my 1,900 super fans exactly what you all want. It would hurt my soul if any of you left because you’re not finding what you’re looking for. So let’s help each other. Tell me what you like most/least about my posts. Do you like my essays, comics, or lists best? What are your most/least favorite topics I talk about? Are there any general or specific topics or issues I haven’t covered that you want to hear my perspective on? What would you like me to write more/less about? Is there anything else I can do to improve your Wise Sloth experience?

If you’ve never commented, now is the perfect time to join the tribe and leave your mark. Post a comment below letting me and your fellow sloths know what you think about this experience we’re all sharing.

To help jog your memory, here’s a list of the topics I’ve written about with links to lists of those blogs:

  1. Autobiographical posts
  2. Saving the World
  3. Sex, Dating, and Relationships
  4. Self-Help
  5. Philosophy
  6. Religion
  7. The U.S. Military and Police
  8. American Politics
  9. Education
  10. Economics
  11. Writing and Creativity
  12. Comics
  13. American Pop Culture
  14. Tweets

Again, thank you, everyone, for reading. I love you.




Travis Haan

The Wise Sloth

5 responses to “How Can I Improve The Wise Sloth?

  • Amy

    Hi 🙂 Just want you to know your blog has had a big impact on me and has answered a lot of questions I had about the world. Your topics I’ve enjoyed reading about the most are religion, economics, especially predatory economics and consumerism, and the autobiographical stories. I like the comics too. The only thing I could think of to improve is, I wish there were more new blog posts added, but no pressure, lol.

    There are some topics I’d be interested to in hearing what you have to say about.
    – the rise of the gig economy
    – the record-high mental illness rate among millennials. Do you think the stress of predatory economics could be causing it?
    – social media and how it changes society, how we interact, the lack of privacy, if it adds to stress, etc.
    – the end of net neutrality
    – what kind of activism is effective in practicality, versus what kinds of activism activities just keep people busy and let them feel a sense of power over a situation, but don’t really have an effect. For instance, does it really do anything to call Congress about net neutrality or to sign petitions?

    Well, that’s all I’ve got. Thanks for your blog, and keep up the great work!


  • Fred

    I enjoy the comics and discussion on politics and religion. I am curious of your thoughts n gun control.


    • The Wise Sloth

      I wrote these two blogs about gun control:

      My theory on gun control
      Stop talking about guns and start talking about poverty

      Basically, as long as long as the majority of Americans can’t afford the cost of living, life for most people will still be hopeless drudgery with or without guns. Plus, desperation and stress will drive criminals to get guns even if they’re illegal. If we could fix poverty, then the fear and pressure that wears down armed robbers’ and mass-shooters’ sanity and drives them over the edge, won’t exist. After poverty is fixed, we could give everyone a gun for all I care.


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